The nature, archipelago and historic surroundings of Raseborg offer beautiful scenery for outings and various activities all year round. Take a walk in the forest and enjoy the peace and quiet - anywhere you go in Raseborg, nature is right around the corner. The scenic nature trails and recreation areas are perfect for hikes and picnics, you can rest or stay the night at a lean-to. Pick berries and mushroom or go on a fishing trip. If you like hiking in cultural and historic landscapes, we recommend the picturesque villages and castle milieus of for example Fiskars, Billnäs, Svartå, Raseborg Castle Ruins and the Old town in Ekenäs. Every village and part of the municipality has its own fascinating history, which is why we recommend hiring a professional guide or participating in a guided tour to learn all about their interesting stories.

Outdoors & Sports

On a summer day, pack your picnic basket and head over to one of the numerous beaches found in every corner of Raseborg. The best Raseborg tips for families can be found here. Three golf tracks as well as a wide range of other activities offer something for everyone. Why not have a go at horse riding, frisbee golf, paddling, SUP-paddling or fishing? One of the best ways to discover Raseborg’s vast and shifting landscapes is by bike.

Local food & Inspiration

If you are interested in locally produced food and countryside views, have a look at our section on marketplaces and locally produced food. For more inspiration, check our Tips & Ideas with various articles on what to see and do in Raseborg.

Useful websites for hikes and outdoor activities: