Castle Route

The theme of this 50 km long route is Raseborg's ancient castles and manors, or rather the ruins that remain to testify the region's interesting history. Hop on the bike and explore Raseborg's history!

The start and end point of the route, which mainly runs along paved roads, is Karis travel center. After just over a kilometer of treading you will find the remains of the waterway Grabbes canal, which is believed to have connected Svartån with Läppträsket and thus the sea during the Middle Ages. The route continues via Grabbacka Castle Ruins (4 km) and a section of gravel road (7-9 km) to the historically significant King’s Road.

The King’s Road takes us to the village of Snappertuna with its beautiful church (12 km) and Raseborg Castle Ruins (13 km) with the adjacent Slottsknekten’s hut that serves as a restaurant and café. Thereafter, head west and take on the second and longest gravel road section of the route (17-21 km), Norrbyvägen. Along Norrbyvägen, which runs through traditional agricultural landscapes, there are, among other things, Malmbacka cottage village (18 km) and Norrby gård (20 km).

After about 28 km you approach Ekenäs center from the south and follow the route along the shoreline. The route passes through the old wooden houses of Brackens headland (31 km), Ekenäs church (32 km), the old pedestrian street Kungsgatan (33 km) and Slottsbacken (33 km). Hereafter you can choose to cycle on to the end point Karis travel center. Alternatively if you feel you have cycled enough, you can steer to Ekenäs travel center (railway station) and from there take the rail bus, which runs about once an hour, to Karis railway station.

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