Ideas and activities for teenagers

Raseborg has much to offer for teenage visitors! As nature is always near in Raseborg, you have a lot to choose from when it comes to outdoor activities.

Sports and activities

In Raseborg you can find several disc golf courses of varying lengths, all in magnificent scenery. There are disc golf courses for example in Karis, Skogby, Västerby Outdoor Recreation Center, as well as Bromarv. You can lend your frisbee from Raseborg’s tourist info in Raseborg’s Museum.

Have you yet to try mountain biking? Here in Raseborg we have two centers for mountain biking, one in Fiskars Village and one in Påminne, near Billnäs. In Fiskars Village Trail Center (link in Finnish) you’ll find a versatile network of paths, varying from easier to more challenging routes. In Påminne Bike Park you can try downhill biking, and when you’re done with that you can hop onto a soapbox car instead.

In Karis and Fiskars Village you can test your skateboarding skills in our skateparks, and in Karis you should also check out the parkour park. In Ekenäs you should pick some ice cream from the kiosk and head next to the minigolf track in Stallörsparken. There are minigolf tracks also in the archipelago harbors of Sommaröstrand and Sandnäsudd.

The sports opportunities do not end here, as for example several padel fields have recently been opened in Raseborg. You can find padel fields from Nordcenter Golf Club, Fiskars and Ekenäs. In Ekenäs you can also have a good time bowling!

Nature and outings

Looking for a place to take a refreshing swim? There are plenty of beautiful beaches in Raseborg. You could for example rent a bike from Ekenäs and pedal to the charming Dagmar’s Park beach a few kilometres from Ekenäs towards Hanko. No need to pack water with you – the freshwater spring right beside the beach has got you covered! You can find all our beaches listed here.

If you find lying in the beach boring, you should rent a SUP board and make your swimming trip more exciting. You can rent SUP boards for example in Ekenäs Motel Marine and head right to Knipans beach next to it. SUP boards can also be rented from Svartå.

There are a multitude of events organized in Raseborg, many of which are specifically arranged for youth. How do for example Augustinatten festival or Ekenäs Autumn Fair sound like? Check all the upcoming events from Raseborg’s event calendar.