Whether you are interested in riding along nature trails, paved roads or more challenging terrain, Raseborg has something to offer for all kinds of cyclists. Explore Raseborg's town centres, villages and hidden gems, and enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside while rolling amidst fields and forests with views over the lakes and the archipelago. If you want to try a longer cycling tour in southern Finland, you should definitely experience the Coastal Route. Thanks to a new boat connection with M/S Norrskär, the biking route connects Finland's southernmost town Hanko with the Kimito Islands close to Turku and Salo areas. The Coasatl Route runs through four historical Ironworks villages and offers some of the most beautiful nature experiences of Finland. Note that the complete route is accessible only in summer: the boats usually stop running in the middle af August. You can start the route in Ekenäs in Raseborg, cycle towards Hanko, where you an catch to boat to Kasnäs.