Hiking & Backpacking

The beautiful outdoors is never far away in Raseborg. You can roam around in impressive, lush forests, on the nature trails, by lakes and in the wonderful archipelago. Not only does Raseborg have numerous breathtaking landscapes, but most of the recreational areas also have historical significance. Here we have listed some of the best hiking destinations in Raseborg.

Combine physical training and meditative forest therapy: try hiking or backpacking on one of Raseborg’s many nature trails.

Along most nature trails there are places to rest and even fireplaces. In Västerby Outdoor Recreation Centre, Ovanmalm and the Rissla Forest Trail you can also stay the night in a lean-to shelter. Please remember that you should bring your own firewood to Ovanmalm.

The Uusimaa outdoors association Uuvi maintains nine recreational areas in Raseborg. Out of these, Kajsas in Pojo, Kolaholm, Långösund and Lövö in Snappertuna, Korpudden in Svartå, and Sandviken in Bromarv are easy to reach by car. For more information about the recreational areas, please check out the website of Uuvi.

The Gullö Flower Valley

Celebrate the arrival of spring by admiring 35,000 daffodils along a short walk

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Bird and nature experiences. Views over Heimlax bird conservation area

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Vaktkojberget Nature Trail

A 2 km long trail that ascends to the village’s 60m-high peak

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Kopparö Nature Trail

A stunning 3.2 km nature trail with a suspension bridge and numerous fire pits.

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Gumnäs Nature Path

4 km trail that stretches along Gumnäs event site, beach, and Klobben peninsula

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Västerby outdoor recreation centre

Locals’ meeting spot, scenic area with diverse trails and ski tracks

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The cultural and environmental path of Läppträsket lake

2.3 km long trail along a valuable bird lake, plenty of ancient remains and natural attractions

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The Dagmar Park

A large nature reserve by the sea, known for its history and popular beach.

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Forest park Ramsholmen

Scenic area with rich flora and fauna and beautiful wood anemones during spring

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The Tree Species Path

Explore the path and get to know 23 tree species, including a 365 year old oak

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The Rissla forest trail

The trail leads through Fiskars’ nearby forests with beautiful areas and historical sites.

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Historical oasis by the Svartå river, popular for taking walks and picnics

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Öudden’s arboretum

Follow the fairy tale path on Fåfängön, discover the hidden pond, and enjoy nature’s beauty.

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Malmbacka nature trail

Discover the silence in the charcoal forest. Learn about nature and animals along the trail.

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