Culture Route

The nature and culture path takes you through the beautiful scenery of Pumpviken to Billnäs, but also familiarizes you with the eventful history and culture of the area.

The Culture Route is a 2 km long cycling and hiking path aiming to bring the history of Billnäs Ironworks closer to both locals and tourists. The route starts from Pumpviken in Karis and ends in the centre of Billnäs Village. The history of Billnäs Village reaches nearly 400 years back in time. The industries of the village have in the past produced everything from iron bars to furniture and exotic fruits, and the signs of the lively industrial history are still clearly visible.

The highlight of the route is the bridge built over the Svartån river right next to the fishway in the dam. The bridge has a vantage point from which you can admire the village in all its beauty, and perhaps even spot a fish climbing up the fishway during migration season!

There are nine information signs on the bridge teaching visitors about the efforts made to restore the population of freshwater pearl mussels in Svartån, and of the work being done to ease the journey of migratory fish up the river. The material has been compiled by historians Kim Björklund and Aapo Roselius.

The path is suitable for both bikers and hikers. Billnäs is also a part of Raseborg’s city bike network, so the path can easily be linked with for example the beautiful Railbank route reaching all the way to Åminnefors and Fiskars. There are also several resting points with tables and chairs along the route.