Frontline Route

This route begins and ends on the same spot, Ekenäs traffic centre. Cycling the battle front route, you'll learn about the war history of the area and see unique historical monuments and remains dating back from the Crimean War to the Second World War. The route is approx. 46km long and half of it travels through gravel roads.

Turn from the main road 25 after approx. 4 kilometers from Ekenäs to Leksvallsvägen. After a 6km ride, the first sight of the route, Dagmar park conservation area (in signs look for Källviken) is in front of you. The park is a beautiful forest area with a fascinating history and a natural spring. You’ll need to step off the road and leave your bicycle behind for a while.

A short 4 kilometers from here lies the next stop, Vitsand, a battle site from the Crimean War. Here you’ll also have to step off the bike for a bit. After Vitsand the route continues through the historical village Skogby, where you can see the remnants of large wartime anti-tank defence lines. There’s also a coffee and lunch opportunity in Villa Kosthåll in Skogby.

The next stop is the bunker museum Irma in Harparskog, 13km from the start. The museum is an Irma 302 -bunker, that has been restored and opened for the public. The Harparskog defence line was massively strengthened during the Second World War, designed to stop a presumed Soviet attack from Hanko. Hanko was leased to the Soviet Union during the years 1940-41 after the Winter War between Finland and the Soviet Union in years 1939-40. The bunker has preserved most of its original equipment and thus has a unique atmosphere.

The next historical sight on the route is Mannerheim Memorial Stone, about a kilometer from the bunker. The memorial is placed on the location where marshal Mannerheim greeted the troops that retrieved Hanko in 15.12.1941.

After this, the trail continues along Mannerheimsvägen, turning to main road no. 25 towards Lappvik and Hanko Front Museum, the last historical site on the route. The impressive museum describes life during the wars on the area, with permanent exhibitions, bunkers and trenches.

After visiting the museum, you have several alternatives on where to continue. You can pedal towards Hanko and turn to Öbyvägen, and bike through the charming Öby and Vimonböle villages before turning to Prästkullavägen, which leads you back to Ekenäs. You can also turn back from the museum and return to Ekenäs via the same route you came or continue straight from the Front museum to Finland’s southernmost point, the beautiful seaside city of Hanko.

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