Ironworks Village Route

This route is filled with history and idyllic views. Traveling along it you will, depending on your choice, get to see five or six ironworks villages, and it thus teaches you about the fascinating industrial history of the area.

The route begins and ends in Karis. From Karis the journey sets out along the new Railroad Bank recreation route, which connects Billnäs, Åminnefors, Pojo and Fiskars. After the first four kilometers you’re in the first ironworks village, Billnäs. The village is situated on both banks of the Svartån river, where the ironworks workers used to live in the beautiful buildings made of red bricks.

The trail continues along the Railroad Bank route through Åminnefors ironworks (8km from the start) to Fiskars Village (14km), which is one of the most famous ironworks in whole Finland. The village, in addition to its historical value, is nowadays known as the center of Finnish design and arts. Here you’ll also find several biker-friendly restaurants with local high-quality food.

After Fiskars, the route sets out to the paved road 104 towards the ironworks of Antskog (20km). Prepare for lots of both up- and downhill on this beautiful winding road! From Antskog the route goes along the road 102, and after Linhamarsträsket it turns right to a gravel road. Here we begin the only gravel road part of the route, cycling along Lönnhammarvägen and Kuusiantie. After 5km of pedaling the track turns to road 186, where it continues until you reach Svartå ironworks after some 10km. Svartå is the oldest ironworks in Finland. Don’t forget to visit the magnificent Svartå Manor and its beautiful garden!

From Mustio we head back to road 186, from which you turn to road 25 (25km from beginning). Now it’s time to choose whether you’ll continue on the slightly busy main road straight to Karis or take the longer way by continuing south through countryside on road 186. If you pick the longer way, cycle on 186 until you reach the old King’s Road at 56km. The winding road leads you to the last ironworks of the whole track, beautiful Fagervik. From there you cycle on King’s Road towards road 1103, that will take you back to Karis. The length of the whole route is 73km.

Navigate with the Ride With GPS app: 57km, 5 ironworks villages, 79km, 6 ironworks villages.

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