Travel within Raseborg

Welcome to the diverse and beautiful Raseborg, the most geographically vast city in the region of Uusimaa in southern Finland. Here you will find the most important services for traveling within Raseborg.

Within Raseborg, distances are often long and therefore the easiest way to travel from one place to another is by, for example, a car or a rental car or motorcycle. Good news is that you completely avoid parking fees in Raseborg. In other words, you can park your car for free in all the places where parking is allowed!

Public transport is also a good means of transport. Within Raseborg there is a regional train between Karis and Ekenäs and selected bus routes, for example, from Karis to Fiskars Village (sometimes via Pojo). In spring, summer and early autumn, cycling is also a great way to travel along Raseborg’s versatile cycling routes.

If you happen to have your own boat, you should make a journey of discovery out in our labyrinthine archipelago, where you can anchor in natural harbours or in one of our nice guest harbours in, for example, Ekenäs, Bromarv, Sommaröstrand, Sandnäsudd or out on the former mining island of Jussarö.

Railway stations

Karis railway station
Alingsåsgatan 37, 10300 Karis

Ekenäs railway station
Järnvägsgatan 4, 10600 Ekenäs 

Bosse-Public Transport System

With the new public transportation system Bosse, you can easily get around in Raseborg. Check timetables and plan your route using the travel guide. Bus tickets are easily purchased by downloading the free Waltti mobile app. Reloadable travel cards can also be purchased from Luckan in Karis or ordered from the Waltti online store.

Bus stations

Karis bus station
Centralgatan 90, 10300 Karis

Ekenäs bus station
Järnvägsgatan 4, 10600 Ekenäs

Bus companies

Amper, Pojo,
Hangö Trafik (Friman), Hangö,
Raseborgs Taxi & Buss, Ekenäs,
Tilausliikenne Raasepori, Karis, 
Wikströms Busstrafik, Bromarv,






Guest harbours

Electric vehicle charging points

Lähitaksi Taxi Services

Taxi services in Raseborg.

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Taxi services in Raseborg.

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Taxi Service Hafström Roger

1-7 persons. Tel. +358 400 201 992.

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Ekenäs Däckmarket Car Rental

Car rental and tires for sale.

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Taxi Boat Myggen III

Cruises according to previous agreement between Hanko, Ekenäs and Inkoo

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Boat Taxi Mirella

Cruises between Helsinki and Hanko during the ice-free season

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Boat Rentals

Explore the region’s stunning waters and landscapes on your own!

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Pojo raisable span bridge

Open to traffic throughout the year if ice conditions allow. Opens only by reservation

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Skåldö Ferry

Runs schedule 5am-12am.. At night and during rush hours as needed.

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