Raseborg is a paradise for swimmers with its beautiful beaches. We have multiple beautiful beaches on the shores of both lakes, rivers and the sea. For example in Ekenäs you'll have a hard time choosing from the several beaches right next to the city center.

With a little bit of luck, you’ll end up having the beach to yourself. Along many of our hiking paths there are also resting points on the shores of lakes. In Västerby outdoor recreation center you can stay for the night in a lean-to and start your day with a fresh morning swim. Padva beach located in Bromarv has even been named as one of the most beautiful beaches southern Finland. On most beaches, you’ll find changing stalls, dry toilets, and a dock or lifebuoy.

If you visit in the fall, winter, or spring, just head to the public swimming pool in Ekenäs for a good time. Raseborg also hosts some yearly swimming competitions, such as the national championship of swimming in open waters.