The lovely, labyrinthine archipelago of Raseborg is formed by 1,300 islands with its bays and beaches, glittering open waters and distant horizons. It is one of the most stunning sea areas in Finland. Here you can enjoy complete silence or do various water sports. During winter the archipelago turns into a magical grey and white outdoor experience with a unique soundscape.

On an archipelago excursion you will go boating along the narrow waterways, admire the authentic nature and its various birds, old fisherman’s farms with their beach granaries, and enjoy a packed lunch while lazing on the rocks. Unforgettable experiences can also be accessed without a boat of your own by joining an archipelago guide or by getting on a taxi boat or on the deck of a steamship.

You can get a feel for the archipelago at the summer markets and midsummer festivities in Bromarv, Sandnäsudd or Sommaröstrand. At the same time you can get acquainted with authentic insular shops and feast on seafood in the restaurants in the villages. You can get a proper feel of the life in the archipelago by renting a summer cottage. Ekenäs archipelago is, as a matter of fact, a popular summer cottage area. There are approx. 6, 000 cottages and summer villas here.

Nice trip destinations by boat

Byxholmen is located right next to the Ekenäs Archipelago National Park in the middle of the sea lanes. There is a good well, toilet, and campfire places on the island. A free sauna that works on a self-service basis lies in the northern side.

Tallholmen, the small, unbuilt rock island in Snappertuna right by the sea lane suits well as a destination for a walk. There are flat rock beaches on the east side of the island. The west side, in turn, is steeper and the beach is deeper.

Trip destinations by car and boat

Långösund is located in Sandnäsudd and is part of a former seaside farm, with a beautiful view of the Långösund strait and the Långö island. It is possible to rent a rowing boat for crossing the strait from the nearby Sandis insular shop and café.

Views of the Bolaxfjärden open up from the old seaside farm Sandviken in Bromarv, which connects with the southern part of the Turku archipelago and with the Finnish Archipelago Sea, which is known for its beauty. The shallow sandy beach of the recreation area is the perfect spot for sunbathing and swimming. There is a jetty that can accommodate 2-4 boats at the end of the jetty. The depth at the end is approx. 1.5 m.

More trip destinations can be found on the website of the Uusimaa recreation association, Uudenmaan virkistysalueyhdistys.

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