Railbank route

This route, that starts from Karis sports center and ends up in Fiskars, was opened in May 2019. The picturesque trail takes you through cultural countryside landscapes while traveling past the villages of Billnäs, Åminnefors, Pojo and Fiskars.

The incentive for this route came from Billnäs riding company (local riding club), that wished for a safe and fun riding route. The city of Raseborg answered, and as a result we now present a unique trail fit for walking, jogging, biking and riding. In its entirety, the length of the route is 11,3 km.

Between Karis and Pojo the trail follows the old railroad base of the coastal railway, which was retired from use some 30 years ago. After leaving Karis, during the first two kilometers, the road is paved with asphalt, otherwise with gravel. From Pojo to Fiskars Village the route continues along the old Pässinrata, a narrow-railed railroad that used to connect Fiskars with Pojo harbor.

Distance markers are situated on the route to mark every kilometer. Along the trail are also tables and benches perfect for a picnic while enjoying the sights of Fiskars and Svartå rivers.

Open the map in Ride with GPS -app or download a gpx-document here.

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