Raseborg for children and teenagers

Visiting Raseborg with the family? That's great! Here you stretch your legs on our nature trails, try out our playgrounds, sunbathe and swim on numerous beaches or visit the public pool in Ekenäs. Quite a few historical places also offer program for kids, try Fiskars Museum or different activities at the Raseborg castle in summer.

Top Top 5 Things to Do with Kids in Raseborg

1. Events for children

Raseborg offers a wide range of events for kids of all ages, all year round. You can find a list of current and upcoming events for kids in our events calendar. Beyond those, there are many educational and fun activities to choose from. Try a do-it-yourself workshop at the Fiskars Museum, or time travel to medieval scenes at the mysterious Raseborg Castle ruins.

2. Nature trails

Go explore the beautiful nature of Raseborg! Along the Troll Forest trail you can pick blueberries, roast sausages by the lean-to, or take a dip in the lake.

At the Öudden arboretum, you can spot all kinds of fairy tale figures along the Fairy tale path. There are over 50 magical wooden sculptures by Estonian artists, tucked away in clever places for you to discover.

If you have budding biologists on your hands, take a walk through the lush Ramsholmen nature park in Ekenäs. Walk along the paths and discover over 20 species of trees, cute forest mammals, and almost 30 species of birds! Here, the diversity of the flora and fauna rivals any other major nature park in the country. Pick up a Ramsholmen guide from the Raseborg Tourist Information point and go on a scavenger hunt—the guide contains a clear map of the paths, a registry over the plant and animal life, and plenty of information about the beautiful park.

3. Playgrounds and skate parks

Raseborg has many great playgrounds: in Ekenäs, you can climb the famous ‘Ant’ at the wildly popular Lion Park. The Lion Park is located by the seaside in Stallörsparken within walking distance of the market square and Tourist Office. The park has swings and climbing frames for children of all ages. Remember also to try out the new playground near Skepparträdsgården park! If you’re heading to Fiskars, you can become the captain of the pirate ship on Fiskars playground! Fiskars playground lies right in the heart of the village and was designed by one of the world’s leading manufacturers of playgrounds, Lappset, together with families living in Fiskars Village. The fun skate parks in Fiskars and Karis offer challenges for the older ones as well.

4. The Old Water Tower in Ekenäs

Climbing the 164 steps of the old water tower is not for the faint of heart! The brave are rewarded with a 360-degree view over Ekenäs. Pick up the keys from the Raseborg Museum, Gustav Wasas gata 11.

5. Swimming

Raseborg is a paradise for swimmers with its beautiful beaches and public swimming pool. With a little bit of luck, you’ll end up having the beach to yourself. Remember to pack some sandwiches and plenty of drinks in your picnic basket! If you visit during fall, winter, or spring, just head to the public swimming pool for a good time.

On most beaches, you’ll find changing stalls, dry toilets, and a dock or lifebuoy.

Bonus tips for a rainy day

On a rainy day, head over to the The Bowling alley, or the world of books and comic books in the library. Round up the day with a movie in the cinemas in Karis or Ekenäs