Welcome to Raseborg!

Raseborg, on the Finnish south coast midway between the cities of Helsinki and Turku, is closer than you might think. The journey takes just over an hour from those cities, but when you arrive, you step into a different world.
Here you can really experience tranquility, easy living and small town charm. The municipality of Raseborg was named by a medieval castle with the same name, and there a plenty of other historical places to visit. Discover the popular artisan villages of Fiskars and Billnäs, stroll down the narrow alleys by wooden houses in Old town Ekenäs or find peace and quiet by the stately Svartå Manor. If you prefer nature you can cycle in beautiful landscapes, take a meditative walk in the woods and pick berries and mushrooms. Breathe the fresh sea air on a beach in the archipelago or go on canoeing trip. Enjoy local artisan foods and drinks at cozy cafes or restaurants and buy fine ingredients at markets and farms. Raseborg is perfect for a day trip, but in order to get the full experience, we recommend that you stay overnight or maybe for a whole week. Rent a cottage and enjoy the summer markets, the sights of the archipelago, and glorious sunsets. If you are looking for events and activities there are plenty to choose from.

Welcome to Raseborg. Close. Yet different.

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