Tennis & Padel

In Raseborg we have many options for playing padel and tennis, and new courts are opening all the time. Welcome to play!

There’s a variety of tennis and padel courts around Raseborg. Lately padel has been getting all the time more popular, and so we have opened several new courts in Raseborg, and now you can play padel even in the archipelago. Our indoor padel courts can be found in Ekenäs and Karis (▷ Karis Padel).

Nordcenter Golf & Country Club

Versatile leisure center where you can enjoy golf, padel and tennis.

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Sandis Archipelago Shop and Café

A variety of events during the summer. Tennis court, padel court and minigolf

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Ekenäs Tennisklubb

Tennis and padel in the city-center. Book a court through the Playtomic app

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Indoor Padel

3 double courts and 1 single court. All bookings through the Playtomic app

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SF Padel

Paddle court located next to the sea. Bookings made through the Playtomic app

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Fiskars Tennis Club

Join FTK to try out their tennis, badminton, and padel courts!

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