Markets & Local food

Raseborg is a paradise for lovers of quality locally-produced food. There is a dense network of local food lovers, producers and organic farms. A number of farmers sell their products through farm shops, markets and harvest festivals. In recent years Raseborg has also received a welcome influx of artisanal producers in the form of dairies, microbreweries, bakeries and even a distillery. Additionally, forests and meadows offer up a rich variety of wild herbs, berries and mushrooms. In most supermarkets in Raseborg you can find local, seasonal products for sale, especially in summer. If you fancy beverages from the local breweries, you’ll find local beers, ciders and soft drinks in supermarkets, restaurants and pubs. Another thing that speaks of the importance of local food in our town is Slow Food Västnyland rf., one of the first Slow Food-associations in Finland. The association was founded in 2009 and its philosophy is based on a concept of good, clean and fair food. Over 200 producers operate within its sphere, creating a basis for the popular food events that are arranged in Fiskars Village every year. The best known of them is of course the Slow Food Festival, which takes place in the beginning of October.