South by Cycle Route

Finland's first bikepacking cycle route, taking you through 13 municipalities and two regions, offers scenic views and historical environments.

South by Cycle is the cyclists’ treasure trove with a trail that runs through Uusimaa and the Kymenlaakso Valley. The almost 900 kilometer long route, which runs between Hanko and Kouvola, offers quality time for everyone: from the enjoyer of life to the adventurer! Tread a longer distance at a time or try the experience over the weekend. The trail is easily reached by train, bus or metro.

The gravel roads that take you from village to village, through forests and side roads, combine services from wilderness stalls to boutique hotels and from gourmet menus to wilderness kitchens. Experience unique natural treasures, cultural history and rural romance along the way.

The trail, that takes you to almost every corner of Raseborg, offers you village roads, leafy forest roads and relaxing routes by the water. In addition, you get several excellent photo breaks, so do not forget to bring your camera with you on this adventure!

The South by Cycle trail has been developed in the South Coast Bikepacking Trail project, which is funded by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. The project is coordinated by the City of Raseborg, the City of Porvoo and the Pyöräili Municipality, in addition to the City of Hanko, the City of Lojo, Sjundeå Municipality, Ingå Municipality, Kirkkonummi Municipality, the City of Espoo, the City of Helsinki, the City of Vantaa, the City of Sipoo and Metsähallitus.

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