Saunas in Raseborg

When you sense that your mind and body need a break from the hectic everyday life, it is time to use the sauna. In the saunas around Raseborg, worries and stress make way for peace and tranquility. Let the heat and serenity of the sauna relax your muscles and mind while promoting your well-being. What could be better than this? Treat your body to the health benefits that the sauna brings and give your body the well-deserved relaxation it needs in one of Raseborg's versatile saunas.

The word sauna is the most internationally recognized Finnish word. With around 3.2 million saunas in the country, one can say that the sauna is a deeply rooted tradition in Finland. This means that all Finns could bathe in saunas simultaneously if they wished. Sauna bathing is a significant part of Finnish culture and is often something foreign visitors look forward to experiencing when they come to Finland. In Raseborg, there is a wide range of saunas available for private booking, offering visitors an authentic Finnish sauna experience.

Bathing in a sauna is an excellent way to spend time with good friends while relaxing. At many of the saunas in Raseborg, there is also the opportunity to combine sauna bathing with a refreshing dip in the sea or lake. Enjoy the health benefits of sauna bathing and plan to indulge in a sauna session during your stay in Raseborg!

Traditional Saunas

At Alexia House in Karis, you can combine swimming in the pool with a relaxing sauna session with a group of up to 20 people. Additionally, you have the option to tailor the day with various guided group exercises and finish it off with a relaxing visit to the sauna. Here, you can also enjoy your own food and drinks or choose catering services from Alexia House.

In the scenic town of Ekenäs, both motel guests and others can enjoy the popular sauna at Motell Marine, which accommodates up to 10 people. The motel also offers affordable and comfortable accommodation in the heart of Ekenäs, close to all amenities. For those looking to indulge a little more, you can also book the motel’s outdoor hot tub, where you can enjoy fresh air between sauna sessions. The motel also rents out cottages around Raseborg, which include access to a sauna. Cottage 406 in Vitsand comes with access to a sauna and a hot tub, while Bergshyddan in Gammelboda, approximately 3 km outside Ekenäs city center, is equipped with a wood-fired sauna, private beach, and a beach jetty.

Out in the beautiful forests of Snappertuna, you can find the charcoal village Malmbacka, where both overnight guests and others can reserve the charming wood-fired sauna, Anna. Malmbacka is surrounded by stunning natural beauty in a rural setting, where one can enjoy complete peace and tranquility. For a great sauna experience, you get to chop the sauna firewood yourself. In Malmbacka, there is no electricity or running water, so rainwater is used for washing and bathing purposes.

Approximately 3 km outside Fiskars Village, you’ll find the Myllyjärvi lakeshore cabin, which is rented out by Naturaviva. The cottage sits right next to the beautiful and atmospheric lake, Kvarnsjön, and is equipped with a comfortable sauna where you can warm up after a swim. Around the lake, there are no other cottages, which means you have the lake all to yourself – a truly secluded and peaceful retreat!

Last but not least, Ekenäs swimming hall offers two saunas, a traditional sauna and a steam sauna. In Ekenäs swimming hall, you can combine swimming or water aerobics in the indoor pools with a relaxing visit to the sauna. The warmth and high humidity in the steam sauna contribute to a soothing experience. If you’re looking forward to a massage or other SPA treatments during your stay in Raseborg, there are many skilled entrepreneurs offering a variety of treatments.

Archipelago Saunas

Bookable saunas are not only available on the mainland in Raseborg, but also in the beautiful archipelago! Seize the opportunity to book a time in the sauna if you are heading out to the archipelago for a unique and memorable experience. On the historic island of Jussarö, you have the chance not only to explore history but also to reserve the sauna for up to 12 people. With the sauna’s proximity to the beach and guest harbor on Jussarö, you can simultaneously enjoy the incredible sea view and the peaceful environment.

On the calm island of Byxholmen, west of the idyllic Ekenäs National Park, there are also excellent opportunities for sauna bathing. The sauna on Byxholmen is open year-round and operates on a self-service principle. You book your sauna time by writing your name in the sauna booking booklet located in a mailbox on the sauna wall. In front of the sauna, there’s an excellent sandy beach from which you can take a refreshing dip to cool off in the beautiful evening sun.

The charming archipelago village of Bromarv also offers sauna booking in the guest harbor. Here, visitors can enjoy the sauna while having access to various other amenities in the guest harbor. In addition to the sauna, there’s access to a restaurant, café, laundry room, showers, and accommodation options. The guest harbor in Bromarv is, therefore, a place where you can indulge in a complete and comfortable experience in a wonderful archipelago setting.

Camping Areas

At Ekenäs (Ormnäs) Camping and Kopparö recreational area, all visitors and residents of Raseborg have a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a relaxing sauna experience – even if they are not camping guests! At Ekenäs Camping, located in central Ekenäs and surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful archipelago scenery, you can book sauna time for up to six people. After the sauna, you have the chance to cool off in the water at the lovely beach and savor delicious food at the camping area’s restaurant, Bossa Nova.

Kopparö recreational area is situated on the idyllic island of Skåldö in the Ekenäs archipelago. Skåldö can be easily reached by ferry from Ekenäs. In addition to enjoying a sauna bath on Kopparö, you can admire the mesmerizing sea view, take a refreshing swim in the blue waters, indulge in culinary delights at Kopparö’s restaurant, Getnabben, or explore the archipelago along a pleasant nature trail. The sauna on Kopparö can accommodate 10 people, providing an ideal setting for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Special Saunas

For the adventurous, Raseborg offers not only traditional saunas but also those that promise an extraordinary experience. At Svartå Manor, you can indulge in a unique sauna experience inside an old greenhouse, the Orangery, which has been transformed into two spacious saunas. Within the same space, there’s also a conservatory where you can enjoy food service, and an outdoor terrace that offers a wonderful view over the Svartå River. From the terrace, a staircase leads down to the river, providing an opportunity for a refreshing swim.

The old Bruksboden in Billnäs also offers a unique experience that combines relaxation and functionality. The former village shop has been converted into a sauna and conference space. The sauna building overlooks the Svartå River, offering a stunning view of the historic ironworks that sauna guests can admire while unwinding. Even more intriguingly, the old village shop occasionally functions as a cinema!

A third sauna with a special character can be found in Torparrian, situated in the picturesque area of Tenala. Torparrian’s smoke sauna is perfect for those seeking an old-fashioned, traditional sauna experience. Adjacent to the smoke sauna, there is also a so-called wilderness bath where one can sit and enjoy the open sky while being immersed in 37-degree water. The smoke sauna accommodates approximately 20 sauna enthusiasts.

Winter Bathing Saunas

In Ekenäs, you can enjoy winter bathing and sauna at Siminrättningen’s bathing spot. From here, you’ll be treated to an incredibly beautiful view of Knipans beach and Stadsfjärden. Winter bathers at Simmis are required to pay a seasonal fee and a deposit for the key to the changing rooms and sauna. The key can be obtained from the cash desk at the swimming hall.

In Svartå, besides the saunas in the Orangerie, there is also a traditional sauna called the Cottage Sauna. The Cottage sauna offers a sauna, a changing room, and a lounge area that can accommodate up to eight people, where you can socialize and share laughter after the sauna session. Outside, there is a terrace with a fantastic view of the Svartån River. The Cottage Sauna is an excellent spot for winter bathers since it is open year-round according to a predetermined schedule. During winters, it is also possible to swim in the by advance reservation.

At the meeting and event hotel Calliola, in Snappertuna, there are three bookable saunas available for groups of various sizes. Calliola is located in the stunningly beautiful Snappertuna archipelago, with saunas right by the water where you can also alternate with swimming. During the winter, there are also opportunities for winter bathing