A fishing trip is an excellent way to get close to Raseborg's beautiful nature, both for experienced fishers and beginners. Here we listed a few things you should know and do before fishing in our waters. Did you know you can rent a boat or even book a guided fishing trip with a professional? Tight lines!

In Raseborg you have all you need for a perfect fishing trip. Whether you’re after a chill boating trip with a few tosses of a fishing rod or weeks living a fisher’s life out in the sea, we’ve got you covered! If you don’t have a boat of your own, you can rent one from a local entrepreneur. Raseborg also offers you several fishing trip organizers who will tailor you all inclusive fishing trips with the newest equipment for both small and bigger groups – see all the options below this article.

Tips for a perfect trip

We’re happy you’ve picked Raseborg as your destination! Raseborg arcipelago’s small islands and bays are unique in their beauty – we know you will fall in love with them. From our waters you’ll catch for example pike, pike-perch, burbot and whitefish. Remember to also step ashore! You’ll find hidden treasures you don’t want to miss.

In Raseborg there are several guest harbors that will get you in the real archipelago atmosphere. How about dropping by for a coffee in the beautiful Sommaröstrand or in the archipelago village Bromarv? If you fancy exploring the fascinating, lush archipelago nature, make a stop on the national park’s largest island Älgö. There you’ll find a nature trail, a lookout tower and a charming old fisher’s house. The old mining island Jussarö is also certainly worth a visit – the island has a fascinating history as an army base, but the island also surprises with the beauty of its nature. If you want to see more ascetic archipelago environment, visit the islands of Fladalandet or Mondermagan, the previous one protected as a culturally invaluable landscape.

If you want to go camping in the archipelago, you have numerous options. Further from the mainland, you can camp for example in Fladalandet or Mondermågan. You can also camp in other islands per the everyman’s rights. Remember in all cases to check beforehand where camping is allowed, because in some areas of the national park camping is prohibited. There’s also one camping site with broad services in the archipelago, in Kopparö, and another in Ekenäs.

Are you longing for a fishing trip, but don’t own a boat? We’ve got you covered! You can either rent a boat for yourself, or book a guided fishing trip from a professional fisher. Check all the options for fishing services at the end of this article.

There are local restrictions and rules for fishing in Ekenäs and Raseborg area. Here you’ll find the map, restrictions and instructions Metsähallitus has made about fishing in Ekenäs archipelago national park (Finnish and Swedish). If you need translation or clarification, contact or call the Metsähallitus service number +358 (0)20 69 2424.

Instructions for fishing

What licences and fees do you need to pay for fishing in Raseborg? The fisheries management fee is required in Finland, if you are between 18-65 years old and will be fishing with lures or traps or crayfishing. The amount of the fee for year 2020 is 45€/ year, 15€ / week and 6€/ day, and it entitles you to fish in nearly the whole country using one rod. In some areas and cases however, anglers will also require the permission of the owner of a given water area. The proceeds from the fisheries management fee are used to manage fishing waters and fish stocks, as well as providing advice to anglers and monitoring fishing activity. For more information, please check You can also email or call the Metsähallitus service number +358 (0)20 69 2424.

You don’t need to pay the fee if you’re only ice fishing, hook and line fishing or fishing with a simple herring rig. However, in some areas fishing with these means can also be prohibited or restricted.

Angling with more than one rod and trap fishing require a fishing permit in addition to paying the fisheries management fee. These permissions are sold by the owner of the water area. There are also restrictions in Raseborg’s archipelago in protected water areas, rapids and running waters with migratory fish stocks, and other special locations. Find out about the restrictions here (Finnish and Swedish) and more information here.

Are you a local and wishing to fish with traps? Find out information about fishing permits in Raseborg’s water areas here.

Take care of your safety

Remember to mind yours and your crew’s safety! Before heading out to sea, make sure you have the skills and equipment you need. Make sure someone that stays on the shore knows where you’re headed and when you plan to return, and always check the weather forecast beforehand. Find out more about safety and responsibility here.

Remember to consider other boaters and the people living on the shores. Locals thank you for keeping a distance to their cottages and docks! When fishing, remember also to keep at least a 50m distance from marked traps, and take care of the beautiful archipelago nature.

Fishing etiquette

On the water, remember to follow the good fishing etiquette. For example the following is good to keep in mind:

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