Winter Sports

Raseborg offers great opportunities for winter sports! We have for example Påminne skiing center, an indoor ice rink and many outside ice rinks as well. Moreover, several beautiful ski tracks are made in our forests every year.

You can find a comprehensive list of all Raseborg’s ski tracks here (link in Finnish). Along many tracks there are comfy lean-to’s and resting points, so don’t forget to pack your snacks! In addition to the indoor ice rink we have several outdoor ice rinks, check out the comprehensive list here (link in Finnish). If the ice is strong enough, there are also beautiful ski tracks made on the lakes of Västerby Outdoor Recreation Center.

The local sports associations arrange all kinds of winter sports events every year. Don’t forget to keep your eye on Raseborg’s events calendar!

Aktia Ice Hall

Spacious, bright, and versatile ice hall since 2012.

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Påminne Bike Park and Ski Centre

Finland’s southernmost ski center in the winter!

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