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After a summer full of events, there is still plenty of energy left for an eventful autumn in Raseborg. Raseborg hosts a large number of autumn events, from music festivals to food markets. Check out Raseborg’s Event Guide for tips on upcoming events. Here are some highlights of the autumn gatherings:

  • 21.-27.8 Raseborg Pride
  • 8.-16.9 Metronom Light Festival, Svartå
  • 9.-10.9 Timely Charcoal Weekend at Malmbacka, Snappertuna
  • 16.9 Billnäs Rock Festival
  • 21.-22.9 Ekenäs Autumn Market
  • 30.9-1.10 Slow Food Festival in Fiskars
  • 27.-29.10 the Dark Weekend

To keep you all cheered up even on rainy days, Raseborg has several museums and art galleries with
changing exhibitions. Please note that the art museum Chappe will be closed during 4.9-26.10 due to change of exhibition. After a day full fun activities, you can curl up in the comfy chairs of one of our two retro style cinemas, Bio Forum in Ekenäs or Bio Pallas in Karis.

In September, the Metronom Light Festival will take place for the second time in the courtyard of Svartå Manor. Metronom combines light art and electronic music. Light and video art will be displayed throughout Svartå Manor Park. Most of the works will be on display for 9 days starting from 8 of September

Harvest season with local delicacies

Did you know Raseborg is a real paradise for lovers of locally produced food? Our city is righteously
proud of our large number of fresh and unique local food products and the many skillful entrepreneurs behind them. For a foodie the best time to travel to Raseborg is undoubtedly autumn, when our markets are brimming with wonderful harvest products. If the timetables of the local market events do not match withyour schedule, you can always order products from the local REKO food groups of either Karis or Ekenäs. The order is made in beforehand on Facebook, and you can pick your purchase from the joint sharing event on Fridays. Handy, don’t you think? By this you will know whose products you are buying and where your money is going, while you simultaneously get to meet the producers!

This year there is also the traditional Autumn Market in Ekenäs, with approximately 270 vendors on September 21-22. The market also traditionally features an amusement park Tivoli Sariola, offering entertainment for the whole family. The traditional autumn market is held in Ekenäs, at the address Flemingsgatan 19. The amusement park will be open from Wednesday, 20th September, from 4 PM to 8 PM, continuing on Thursday, 21st September, from 12 PM to 8 PM, and Friday, 22nd September, from 12 PM to 10 PM.

Raseborg has a broad network of farmers, producers of local food and other entrepreneurs that make unique artisan products. In our region we have, for example, several bakeries, breweries, a distillery, a cheese factory, a dairy and even a winery that produces exciting natural wines! Slow Food Västnyland association as gathered on their website a map and a conclusive list of all the places that sell locally produced food in our region. The list pieces together all the farms that directly sell their products, the shops that sell the products and farms that offer self-picking of berries. The top local food event in Raseborg is definitely the Slow Food Festival in Fiskars, which is being organized for the 13th time this year. At the event you can get to know, taste and enjoy good, clean and fair local food! Around 40-50 local producers take part in the annual Slow Food Festival.

Sports and outdoor activities in Raseborg

Is there a better combination than outdoor sports and the refreshing autumn air? In Raseborg, the nature is always just around the corner and in autumn the nature is more beautiful than ever. You can take a walk in old forests, find your way to the shore of a beautiful lake, and fall in love with the calming nature of the archipelago. On top of the wonderful views, many of the nature trails also have historical value.

For hiking enthusiasts, the Västerby Outdoor Recreation Centre is a great option. In the area we recommend hiking around the popular Enchanted Forest Path, that offers both old forests and beautiful lake views. Or why not take a ferry trip to admire the wonderful archipelago scenery of Kopparö nature trail on Skåldö? Even in the historical ironworks villages of Billnäs and Fiskars you can hike in the beautiful, historically interesting trails. You can check out all our region’s nature trails here.

If you feel comfortable on the saddle of a bike, and are not afraid of challenges, the mountain biking routes of Fiskars Village Trail Center is something you cannot miss. The center has several routes of different degrees of difficulty, all in magnificent scenery. While biking you get to enjoy the fresh fall air and afterwards you can satisfy your hungry stomach in one of the popular restaurants in Fiskars Village. If you are looking for a real adrenaline boost as well as amazing views, you should give a try to the downhill biking routes of Påminne Bike Park.

Visit Raseborg - cycling - photo Kjell Svenskberg

The opportunities for outdoor activities and nature experiences do not end here. How about going for
a horse-riding trip or checking out one of our many disc golf or padel courses? For golf enthusiasts Raseborg also offers three excellent golf courses. Check all the alternatives for sporty activities here.

Guided tours

Raseborg is a treasure trove of exciting stories and funny anecdotes. We have plenty to tell you about the colourful personalities of our region and our small but long-established towns and villages and the changes they have experienced over the years. In the absence of other trips, we highly recommend a trip back in time with a professional guide – it will bring history and people from the past closer together, and you’ll see how much history is all around us. You can choose between a dramatized or historical tour, and all the available options can be found here. Remember, too, that many guides are happy to tailor tours to your wishes. So do not hesitate to contact Raseborg Guides directly, for example.

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When the sun is high in the sky and the temperature rises, it is time for a swim. Gather your friends, family, or treat yourself to a well-deserved break and head to one of Raseborg’s picturesque beaches to enjoy the summer and the warm rays of the sun. Raseborg offers a wide range of excellent swimming spots by the sea and lakes. Here, we have gathered information about the diverse beaches in Raseborg.

Remember to be observant and pay attention to the appearance of the water, as the presence of algae in the water can change rapidly. To stay informed about the algae situation at Raseborg’s beaches, you can get the latest information by clicking here. For real-time updates on algae blooms, we recommend joining local Facebook groups discussing the topic, such as “Stränder och algläget i Raseborg” (Beaches and the Algae Situation in Raseborg).

Beaches: Ekenäs and Snappertuna

Stallörsparken beach is located right in the center of Ekenäs, just a stone’s throw away from restaurants, cafés, the guest harbor, and playgrounds. Take a visit to the beach while taking care of your errands! There is a large grass area perfect for hanging out with friends at the beach. There is also a volleyball net, mini-golf, changing huts, outdoor toilets, a beach jetty, lifebuoy, and a diving tower for the adventurous.

Knipnäs beach is a popular sandy beach suitable for the whole family and is located east of Baggö bridge, about 2.5 km from Ekenäs city center. There is a jetty, changing hut, lifebuoy, and an outdoor toilet at the beach. With the city center only a short distance away, you have the perfect opportunity to visit one of the numerous local restaurants in the town.

Ekenäs Camping beach is located approximately 1.5 km from the center of Ekenäs and is surrounded by the lush nature park Hagen and Ekenäs beautiful archipelago. Combine your day at the beach with a visit to the camping site’s restaurant Bossa Nova, or rent a bike from the camping area to explore more of Raseborg! The beach is equipped with a toilet, lifebuoy, and changing hut.

Ramsholmen beach is located right next to the nature trail that runs from Hagen-Ramsholmen-Högholmen and offers a diverse flora and fauna. Pack your swimsuit and sunscreen in your backpack and head towards Ramsholmen where you can spend the day with both nature experiences and swimming! Ramsholmen’s beach is equipped with a lifebuoy, outdoor toilet, and changing hut.

Grabbskog beach is located approximately 7 km outside the center of Ekenäs towards Tenala and is a sandy beach suitable for both adults and children. It offers a beach jetty, outdoor toilet, changing hut, and a lifebuoy. The beach also provides a perfect setting for exploring the lake on your SUP board during sunset.

Langansböle beach is a small, child-friendly sandy beach located approximately 7 km outside the center of Ekenäs. The beach also has a jetty, changing hut, outdoor toilet, and a lifebuoy. Bring your family here and relax in a peaceful environment!

Sjövik beach is a small idyllic sandy beach located approximately 3 km outside the center of Ekenäs. Like the above-mentioned beaches, it is also equipped with a beach jetty, lifebuoy, outdoor toilet, and changing hut. The beach also features a playground that entertains and offers versatile play opportunities for children.

Bajon beach is located on Skåldö, right in the middle of the archipelago paradise, and is a small sandy beach suitable for the whole family. Take the opportunity to also visit the nearby Sommaröstrand for a snack or challenge the family to a game of mini-golf at Lilla skärgårdsbageriet & bistro.

Nearby the archipelago, you will find Box beach, a small and child-friendly beach next to a soccer and tennis field, perfect for those in the family who don’t want to lie on the beach. There are also changing huts, outdoor toilets, and a lifebuoy. When hunger strikes, it’s just a short way from here to Sandnäsudds café where you can enjoy a tasty dinner.

If you are in the Raseborg Castle area and the sun has been scorching all day, you must take a visit to Lagman’s beach and camping in Snappertuna for a refreshing swim! Lagman’s beach is a small sandy beach by the sea, equipped with changing cabins, outdoor toilets, and a grill roof. You can also come here with a caravan/camper or to set up a tent during summer.

Beaches: Karis and Billnäs

Svedjaträsket beach is a scenic spot located quite close to road 25, making the beach an ideal and convenient stop to visit while driving along the road. Svedjaträsket is a small-scale and shallow lake with a child-friendly beach, about 6 km outside the center of Karis. Here, the whole family can enjoy sun and swimming near the town.

Bastsjö beach is located approximately 12 km from the center of Karis, next to the village of Backgränd. The lake’s sandy beach is shallow and calm, making it suitable for the whole family. At the beach, there is a changing cabin, outdoor toilet, lifebuoy, and a dock.

Skogsängsgölen is a charming, child-friendly forest lake with a small sandy beach, located between the villages of Pojo and Billnäs. There is also a beach jetty, a changing room, an outdoor toilet, and a lifebuoy for added safety. Behind the changing room, there is also a nature trail that carefully follows the lake’s shoreline

Beaches: Pojo

Gumnäs beach is a rock and sandy beach located at Pojoviken, just a stone’s throw away from the center. For nature lovers, the beach offers a trail that stretches all the way to a cape where a nice barbecue area awaits. Here, you can end your day at the beach with a cozy dinner while enjoying a fantastic view.

Flacksjö beach is a child-friendly sandy beach where you can often enjoy the beautiful evening sun. It has a pier, changing cabin, outdoor toilet, and a lifebuoy. The beach is located approximately 4 km outside the center of Fiskars, making it easily combinable with an excursion there. There are also nice nature trails around the lake.

In Raseborg, there aren’t many swimming spots equipped with diving towers, but at Kisakeskus by Kullasjön, you will find one of them. Among the diverse activities that the Kisakeskus Sports Institute in Pojo has to offer, swimming is also on the list. In addition to the three-meter-high diving tower, there are also changing cabins, a lifebuoy, and a jetty on the beach.

Beaches: Tenala and Bromarv

If you happen to be in Bromarv, a visit to Padva beach at Padvaudden is an absolute must. The beach is located by the open sea and offers a beautiful setting with fine sandy shores. It is even said that Padva is one of the five most beautiful beaches in all of Finland! The beach has a shallow water area, making it very child-friendly. Facilities such as dry toilets, changing cabins, a beach volleyball net, and a summer kiosk are also available.

Another beach in Bromarv, located more centrally, is Furutorp beach. Furutorp beach is situated right next to Bromarv’s charming archipelago harbor, where all services are conveniently close by. This small and relaxing sandy beach is a perfect spot for relaxation and swimming enjoyment. The beach is equipped with a beach jetty, changing cabins, outdoor toilets, and a lifebuoy.

Vikstrand beach in Tenala is located approximately 3 km outside the center and is a fairly long sandy beach. The beautiful beach is surrounded by lush forest, creating a relaxing atmosphere. On the beach, there is a playground, a beach jetty, changing cabin, outdoor toilet, sports field, and a lifebuoy. Make also sure to make a visit to Friman’s in Tenala center for delicious cheeses or enjoy a Tenala hamburger at Bakfickan!

Hummeldal beach is located in Prästkulla, near Tenala. The beach is situated approximately 18 km outside Tenala center and is calm and child-friendly. There are changing cabins, outdoor toilets, a sports field, and a lifebuoy on the beach.

Beaches: Svartå

After a visit to Svartå Castle, a refreshing swim can be just what you need. Approximately 500 meters from the castle, you will find Svartå Bruk’s beach. The beach is peaceful, with both sandy areas for sunbathing and grassy areas perfect for outdoor games. Here is also a beach jetty, changing cabin, outdoor toilet, and lifebuoy.

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Did you know there is a lot happening in Raseborg? Discover versatile programme in Fiskars Village, Ekenäs, Raseborg Castle, Svartå Manor, Karis, Pojo, Billnäs, Tenala, Snappertuna and the archipelago villages Bromarv, Skåldö and Sandnäsudd. Here is a selection of the events, please enjoy! You can find more to experience in the event calendar.


1/06–30/07                               Summer trail at Malmbacka, Snappertuna. events.raseborg.fi

6/06–27/08                               Summer troubadours at Café Gamla Stan. Tuesdays at 14:00,16:00 and 18:00. Ekenäs. cafegamlastan.fi

10/0621/10                             Guided tours at Raseborg Castle. Wed, Sat-Sun. events.raseborg.fi

23/06                                          Midsummer party at Raseborg Castle in Snappertuna from 15:00–18:00. snappertuna.fi

23/06–24/06                           Midsummer dance at Jussarö. Fb: Jussarö

29/06                                          A summer evening in the folk park (Swedish) at Ramsholmen from 19:00. Music event. netticket.fi

29/06–6/08                              Raseborg’s Summer Theater – Monty Python’s Spamalot. Raseborg Castle, Snappertuna. raseborg.org

29/06–2/07                              Billnäs Traditional and Antique Days, from 9:00–18:00. tammitori.fi

29/06–2/07                              Fiskars Village Antique Days. fiskarsantikdagar.fi

30/06                                          ABBA night in Bromarv, from 18:00. netticket.fi


1/07                                            The Day of Old Firetrucks in Ekenäs. ekenasfbk.fi

1/07–12/08                               Summer Theater at Svartå Manor – Finnish comedy Ulkomaalainen. svartaslott.fi

2/07                                            Arne Alligator and the Jungle Drum. Children’s music event. Svartå Manor from 11:00–16:00. svartaslott.fi

6/07–5/08                                 Three Little Pigs and the Big Handsome Wolf (Swedish). Family musical at Tenala Museigård. netticket.fi

8/07                                            Greek Night in Bromarv at Strandbistron, from 18:00–21:00. bromarv.fi

15/07                                          Hemma hos Greta in Bromarv at Strandbistron, from 19:00. bromarv.fi

22/07                                          Santa Fé Rock Party in Ekenäs from 18:00–23:00. events.raseborg.fi

22/07                                          Lasse Stefanz & Högtryck at Ramsholmen in Ekenäs, from 18:00–01:00. netticket.fi

22/07                                          Jacke Björklund – Satoi Tai Paistoi? Stand up Show, from 19:00 in Svartå Manor. events.raseborg.fi

28/07                                          GIMME ABBA! -show at Svartå Manor from 19:00. svartaslott.fi


2/08–5/08                                 Summer Theatre at Svartå Manor – Finnish classic Kaunis Veera. svartaslott.fi

3/08–6/08                                 Ekenäs Summer Concerts 2023. ekenassommarkonserter.fi

5/08                                            Old Town Alive. In Ekenäs from 9:30-17:00. events.raseborg.fi

11/08                                          Augustinatten. Music event with artists such as Bolaget from Sweden. Stallörsparken, Ekenäs. netticket.fi

13/08                                          Arne Alligator and the Jungle Drum at Ramsholmen from 12:00–16:00. Children’s music event. events.raseborg.fi

16/08                                          Katri Helena’s 60th Anniversary Artist Celebration Concert in Svartå Manor from 18:00. events.raseborg.fi

18/08–19/08                             Raseborg Festival with artists such as Gyllene tider, Carola and Bonnie Tyler. Ekenäs. 18+. netticket.fi

28/08                                          Night of Ancient Fires at Sommaröstrand from 20:30. sommarostrand.fi

31/07–6/08                               Fiskars Summer Festival. leadorchestraproject.com


9/09–10/09                               Timely Coal Weekend at Malmbacka in Snappertuna, from 12:00–17:00. malmbacka.fi

21/09–22/09                            Ekenäs Autumn Market. tomtori.fi

30/09                                          The 100th Anniversary of the Västnyland Chamber Choir in Ekenäs church, from 16:00. events.raseborg.fi

30/09–1/10                               Slow Food Festival. Fiskars Village. fiskarsvillage.fi


Archipelago Tours offer boat transfers in Raseborg archipelago and customized packages according to the customers’ wishes. Boat transfers only for groups so far. Transfers from the North Harbor in Ekenäs or from Rösund. raaseporinvenetaxi@gmail.com, tel: 050 573 0412

The connecting vessel m/s Salmetar brings you from Ekenäs harbor to Jussarö during the months of May-September. You can find the current timetable for 2023 on their Facebook page Jussarö. info@jussaro.net, tel: 040 505 3422

Archipelago cruise to the old mining island Jussarö with the taxi boat m/s Myggen III on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays 28/6/202311/8/2023. Price: 30 €/person, children under the age of 12, 10€. Also cruises according to previous agreement. tel: 0400 436 915

Guide-Matti organizes boat trips with a maximum of five people to Ekenäs Archipelago National Park. Also nature excursions to Grabbskog. The trips are tailored according to the customers’ preferences and weather conditions. The tours are always guided. www.guidematti.fi, matti@guidematti.fi, tel: 040 581 4799

Tryggve’s Boat Taxi Mirella makes cruises according to previous agreement between Helsinki and Hanko. Home port: Barösund. tel. 040 502 6836. tryggve.henriksson@pp.inet.fi

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Raseborg is continuosly developing the public transportation system to make it smoother and more accessible, also for our visitors! During the summer of 2023, the entire ticket and timetable system has been renewed and is now known as Bosse. You can take the train to Karis and then hop on the local Bosse bus to experience the versatile and exciting neighborhoods in Raseborg.

Travel to the peaceful archipelago village of Bromarv and enjoy a delicious meal at a local restaurant or explore Bromarv’s highest mountain (60m), Vaktkojberget, through a digital nature trail. There are also multiple daily bus tours to Ekenäs, where you can stroll among charming red cottages in the idyllic old town. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the newly opened art museum Chappe. Buses also conveniently take you to the historic Billnäs and Fiskars ironworks in Raseborg. Get off the bus at the ironworks to learn more about their fascinating history. Explore workshops, galleries, and historical buildings to gain a deeper insight into their cultural heritage and enjoy everything they have to offer.

All bus timetables and routes in Raseborg can be found in the new travel planner, which is part of Bosse, and you can travel on them using Bosse tickets. Timetables for the summer season can also be found here.


All ticket options are conveniently accessible through the Waltti Mobiili app! You can download the app for free from Google Play or the App Store. Alternatively, you can purchase a Bosse travel card, which allows you to load it with credit. These travel cards can be purchased from the Waltti online shop, R-kioski in Ekenäs or Luckan in Karis. The cost of a Bosse travel card is 5 €.

Ticket Options

Single ticket – Suitable for those travelling occasionally in the region. The single ticket is valid for 120 minutes. Single tickets can be purchased:

  • in Waltti Mobiili – 3,20 €
  • by obtaining a Bosse travel card and loading it with credit – 3,20 €
  • from a service point (R-kioski in Ekenäs, Luckan in Karis) – 3,40 €
  • on the bus with bank- or credit card – 3,40 €

Daily ticket – Suitable for those wanting to travel much under one day. The ticket is valid for 24 hours. Daily tickets cost 8,00 € and can be purchased:

  • from Waltti Mobiili
  • by obtaining a Bosse travel card and loading it with credit
  • from a service point (R-kioski in Ekenäs, Luckan in Karis)
  • on the bus with a bank- or credit card

30-day ticket – Suitable for those travelling on a regular basis. This ticket offers unlimited travel for the duration of its validity, allowing you to travel as frequently as you desire within that time frame. 30-day tickets cost 60,00 € and can be purchased:

  • from Waltti Mobiili
  • by loading the 30-day ticket on your Bosse travel card from the Waltti online shop or from a service point (R-kioski Ekenäs, Luckan Karis)

Value ticket – Suitable for those travelling a few times a week/month. With the Bosse travel card, you can load value that decreases as the card is used. With the value ticket, you can pay for single and day tickets on the bus. Value tickets can be purchased:

  • by buying a Bosse travel card and loading it with an optional amount in the Waltti online store
  •  by buying a Bosse travel card and loading it with an optional amount in a service point (R-kioski in Ekenäs, Luckan in Karis)

Children aged 0-6 travel for free when accompanied by a paying passenger. Children under 7 travelling on their own need to purchase a child ticket.

PLEASE NOTE! VR also organizes bus transportation between Karis-Ekenäs-Hangö. Find VR’s train and bus timetables here. Bosse tickets are not accepted on VR’s transportation. Timetables and tickets for bus transportation outside Raseborg are available on Matkahuolto’s website. Raseborg’s internal bus transportation is not visible on Matkahuolto.

Take the opportunity to enjoy the scenic surroundings and attractions of Raseborg and travel with Bosse, which will take you wherever you want in a comfortable and more sustainable way. Welcome to explore Raseborg with Bosse as your travel companion!

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Boat Trips to the Archipelago

When exploring Raseborg during the summer you should definitely visit the archipelago, and you don’t even need to own a boat! Getting out to Raseborg archipelago has become easier over the years, and today there is a wide range of businesses offering various transportation options. Whether you prefer taking the ferry, a boat taxi or booking a guided boat tour, there is an option suitable for everyone! Here are our best tips for those wanting to go on a boat excursion.

  • Archipelago Tours offer boat transfers in Raseborg archipelago and customized packages according to the customers wishes. Boat transfers only for groups so far. Transfers from the North Harbor in Ekenäs or from Rösund. raaseporinvenetaxi@gmail.com, tel: 050 573 0412
  • Guide-Matti organizes boat trips with a maximum of five passengers to Ekenäs Archipelago National Park, such as Älgö and Jussarö. Also nature excursions to Grabbskog. The trips are tailored according to the customer’s preferences and weather conditions. The tours are always guided. Languages: Finnish, English. www.guidematti.fi, matti@guidematti.fi, tel: 040 581 4799

To the Archipelago Without a Boat

Did you know it is possible to reach the archipelago without boat? Take a car trip, or why not cycle to the scenic village Bromarv, located approximately 36 kilometres outside the centre of Ekenäs or to Sandnäsudd in Snappertuna. Make sure to visit the beautiful beach Padva if you are in Bromarv or Sandis Archipelago Shop and Café in Sandnäsudd!

To further explore the archipelago, take the ferry to Skåldö and visit places like Kopparö and the idyllic guest harbour Sommaröstrand. Both places offer restaurant services, and Kopparö offers accomodation options. These locations provides you with the opportunity to experience and enjoy the archipelago life without needing to go by boat.

If you prefer walking, we recommend you to visit Ramsholmen-Högholmen, an outdoor area suitable for families in Ekenäs. Here you can admire the sea view from the sandy beach in Ramsholmen or enjoy the sound of the water against the cliffs of Högholmen.

Rent a Boat or Kayak

Enjoying the archipelago goes well with your own boat but also fantastically with a boat rental. There are opportunities to rent everything from SUP-boards to motorboats in Raseborg. Some excellent destinations for a boat trip are Jussarö, Älgö, Fladalandet and Modermagan in Ekenäs Archipelago National Park. Boat rental is the perfect option for you if you want to explore the archipelago stress-free and at your own pace. You can find more information about boat rentals here.

For those interested in paddling, there are also various opportunities to explore the archipelago. You can participate in guided paddling tours taking you around the archipelago or rent kayaks if you prefer to explore on your own. Paddling is a perfect activity for nature lovers or those who want to experience the archipelago up close. Get more information about paddling here.

Have a look here for more ideas on activities in the archipelago.

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Summer bus

With the new public transportation system Bosse, you can easily get around in Raseborg. Check timetables and plan your route using the travel guide. Bus tickets are easily purchased by downloading the free Waltti mobile app. Reloadable travel cards can also be purchased from Luckan in Karis or ordered from the Waltti online store.


During the summer, Raseborg is filled with a variety of exciting activities to explore and participate in. There is something for everyone, from music events to art exhibitions and sports competitions. Have a look in Raseborg’s event calendar to find events suited for you! Here are some highlights of this summer’s gatherings:

Summer Theatres

Raseborg’s diverse range of summer theaters is an excellent summer activity!

Raseborgs Summer Theatre: Located right by Raseborg Castle Ruins, one of Finland’s largest summer theaters. During the summer of 2023, Raseborg Summer Theater will be performing the play Monty Python’s Spamalot (Swe). This exciting adventure is suitable for all ages. The theater has performances from June 29, 2023, to August 6, 2023.

Tenala Summer Theatre: The summer theater in Tenala presents a new family musical, Tre grisar och den Stora Snygga vargen (Swe) (Three Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf) during the summer of 2023. The play is based on the English folktale of the Three Little Pigs but transformed into a modern and captivating stage version. The theater has performances from July 6, 2023, to August 5, 2023.

Svartå Manor Summer Theatre: The summer theater is located in Svartå, nestled in a beautiful park shaded by leafy trees. During the summer of 2023, two plays will be performed. One play, Ulkomaalainen (Fin) (Foreigner), is a farcical comedy about prejudices (July 1, 2023, to August 12, 2023), and the other play, Kaunis Veera (Fin) (Beautiful Veera), is a Finnish classic with performances from August 2, 2023, to August 5, 2023.

Culture and History

Experience the combination of an energetic cultural life and a small-town atmosphere in Raseborg. The rich history of the municipality of Raseborg lives on in mills and smithies, castles, villages, museums, monuments and a vibrant cultural landscape. For those interested in history there is much to explore.

A great way to learn about Raseborg’s rich history and explore interesting sights is through a guided tour.  Perhaps you would like to learn more about Ekenäs Old Town, Fiskars and Billnäs Mill, the archipelago and the National Park or about the famous artist Helene Schjerfbeck? Guides can be booked via raseborgsguider.info.

Raseborg’s Castle ruins are one of the grandest castle ruins in Finland. The castle is open for visitors every day for the whole summer. Check their opening hours and read about their guided tours on raseborgsslott.fi.

Svartå Manor offers public guided tours during the summer. Get acquainted with the over 200-year-old castle and it’s park through a guided tour. Pre-booking for the tours is highly recommended to secure a spot on your desired tour. Check the castle’s opening hours and reserve your spot on a public guided tour through the castle’s website: svartaslott.fi.

Experience Raseborg’s unique art world through our large variety of museums and galleries. Have a visit to the brand new art museum Chappe, Raseborg Museum, Fiskars Museum, and Forngården Museum. Art exhibitions are also displayed at Gallery Elverket, Gallery Perspektivet, Onoma, Kwum, Knipnäs, Gallery Fokus and Luckan Raseborg. See their websites for more information.

For a deeper dive into Raseborg’s history, we recommend this article.

Nature and Archipelago

This summer is perfect for spending quality time in Raseborg’s beautiful nature and the archipelago. You can find versatile possibilities for hiking routes, cycling trips, and visits to Ekenäs archipelago National Park, kayaking and much more.

The old mining island Jussarö in Ekenäs archipelago can be experienced by an archipelago cruise with the boat m/s Myggen III. The boat carries pre-booked passengers to the island and back on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 28.6-11.8.2023. More information and bookings via +358 (0)400 436 915.

Overall, the archipelago of Raseborg is free to be explored with your own or a rented boat. Read more about what you can see and do with boat in the archipelago.

An exciting way to enjoy the archipelago is kayaking or stand up paddling. Find rental places here.

Raseborg’s fresh nature offers many wonderful nature trails and plenty of options for outdoor adventures. More about nature paths, hiking trails and outdoor activities here.

cycling raseborg

Cycling has become a popular hobby to many, and for good reasons. It is an environmentally friendly and fun way to exercise and to explore your surroundings. Raseborg is a very extensive municipality. A great way to get acquainted with the area, is to jump up in the bike saddle! Take a cycling trip in idyllic countryside routes, cycle through fascinating historical areas and sights or go wild in the mountain bike routes of Fiskars Village Trail or Påminne Bike Park. Bike rental places and more information on cycling in Raseborg.

An easy and affordable way to get around beautiful Raseborg is to rent city bikes. Renting the bikes is convenient and straightforward. Download the Donkey Republic app on your phone – the app will locate the nearest station with available bikes. Rental is done through the app, and the fee is paid with a credit card. From the bike saddle, you can enjoy all the wonderful sights, beautiful landscapes, and delightful nature. Read more about the city bikes here.

A natural summer activity is of course also a visit to the beach. Raseborg´s beaches are listed here.

For families with children, there are also several suggestions for activities. You can read about these activities and also where to find playgrounds in Raseborg in this page

Locally Produced

Summer in Raseborg is a paradise for lovers of quality locally produced food. There is a dense network of local food lovers, producers and organic farms. Several farmers sell their products through farm shops, marketplaces and harvest festivals.

In Raseborgs regular marketplaces you can find plenty of locally produced goodies for the dining table. Check out the timetables for different markets and read more about the treasures of Raseborg’s local culinary world.

When hunger and thirst strike there is a large variety of restaurants and cafes to choose from, you can find them listed here. Enjoy the summer from a restaurant terrace or in the cozy atmosphere of a cafe. Notice that some restaurants need you to book tables beforehand.

Read more about activities in Raseborg at visitraseborg.fi/activities.

25.05.2023 / Sommar2023


This year’s summer exhibition by Onoma, the cooperative of artists, designers and artisans in Fiskars is called Arts & Crafts and Rabbit Holes and it will display bold and candid artworks by 48 artists. The theme of the exhibition will be around warped aspects of reality, where everyday life and objects will present themselves in a new and intriguing manner.


The opening exhibitions of Chappe – The house of art by the sea honouring the memory of the museum’s donor, Professor of Human Genetics Albert de la Chapelle (1933–2020), Climate Art – Alternative Approaches highlights environmental values and sustainable development, Barösund 1870 -> 2023 is the beginning of a series where modern artists look at the Albert de la Chapelle Art Collection and the exhibition Amazing and Magical! A tale of the birth of Chappe displays the life of Albert de la Chapelle and the birth and construction of Chappe.


At the Centre of Well-Being in Knipnäs, Tammisaari, you will during summer 2023 have the opportunity to admire the works of art professor Riitta Nelimarkka. In addition to Nelimarkka, the exhibition includes over 20 other artists and dozens of artworks. The opening reception is 1.6.2023 at 16-19. Nelimarkka’s art is characterized by a vibrant and fearless use of color, movement, playfulness, abstraction, and humor.


At the KWUM ceramics museum in Fiskars village you can take part in the Raija Tuumi 100 anniversary exhibition and admire her most meaningful work. The summer exhibition also features The Many Faces of Ceramics by Matias Karsikas, a collaborative effort between Karin Widnäs and the John Nurminen Foundation Magic Islands which draws inspiration from the Baltic Sea, as they share a common desire to save it, and an exhibition by Sinawi Group. The group consists of 17 korean female creamics who are connected by their untraditional view of ceramic art.


Luckan Raseborg presents: Students from the handicraft club Hantverkskompisar at Höjden School in Tenala exhibit their works at Gallery Promenade from 25th May to 30th June 2023.

Artists Minka Kailu and Aalo Kailu, mother and daughter, have created an exhibition together that portrays the journey from childhood to adulthood. The exhibition will be held at Gallery Centrum 2.6-31.8.2023.

Exhibition at Fenix in Fokustalo, Karjaa, 7th June to 31st July 2023. Tammisaari Art Association and Karjaa Art Association are organizing a joint summer exhibition. Opening reception is on Tuesday, 6th June at 5:00 PM.

Sari Raikaslehto’s exhibition titled Me, Myself & I will be held at Gallery Promenade 1.7-31.7.2023.


Kevin Stewart and Pertti Tuunanen’s exhibition Trash till Treasure will be held att Gallery Perspective (Raaseporintie 8/Tammisaari library) 2.6-30.6.2023. The opening reception is 5.6.2023.

Maria Meller is holding her anniversary exhibition of decorative paintings, 20 Years of Painting and Knee Pads, at Gallery Perspektivet from 3.7-30.7.2023.


On June 16th the exhibition O.S.A. R.S.V.P. of contemporary art at Gallery Elverket invites a variety of audiences to come face to face with art. The exhibition explores the significance of encounters in the art experience. The title O.S.A. R.S.V.P. is a dual invitation to different audiences. Juha-Heikki Tihinen and Kia Orama are the curators of the exhibition, and the featured artists are Cecilia Cissi Hultman (SWE), Marika Orenius (FI), Restlessminds (Fabian Olovson & Linda Emmy Al-Ghussein, SWE) och Joel Slotte (FI).


From July 14th to August 13th, a summer exhibition will open at the Munsterhjelm Art Center in Snappertuna. The exhibition offers visitors the opportunity to experience Minna Floman’s mosaics and artworks by Riggert Munsterhjelm and the famous artist Peter Stenius (1922-2014).

Have a look in the Raseborg Event Guide to keep track of all art exhibitions and other events in the area.

17.03.2023 / Sommar2023


This summer, a hilarious musical will be held next to Raseborg’s castle ruins as the musical SPAMalot enters the summer scene. The musical, which is loosely based on the film of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, offers you an evening full of laughter – and a magical view of the old castle ruins! Tickets can be purchased in advance here.

The play is in Swedish.


Theaters, concerts and stand-up performances are filling the summer stage next to the beautiful castle park at Svartå Manor. Among this summer’s performances you will find e.g., the well-known Finnish classic Kaunis Veera, the hilarious comedy Ulkomaalainen and the party show GIMME ABBA! that offers an unforgettable evening with Abba’s best hits. Read more about the plays here (in Finnish).

All plays and performances are in Finnish.


Enjoy a small-scale theatre in the heart of Tenala, when the family musical Tre grisar och den Stora snygga vargen enters the stage on Museigården. The play will be shown between 6.7.-5.8.2023.

The play is in Swedish.

Check out our events calendar for more tips on what’s happening in Raseborg.

8.10.2021 / Sommar2023

Dark Weekend is an event-filled weekend arranged by locals to celebrate our beautiful villages’ and regions’ history and fascinating stories. Arranged in Halloween, the event will offer the Western-Uusimaa hygge in the form of for example storytelling nights, themed meals, night museums and ghost adventures – not to forget the delicious, locally produced foods and drinks!

Due to the pandemic the weekend will be composed of a multitude of smaller events, arranged following the current recommendations. If you have questions about any of the events, please contact the organizer of the specific event.

You can find the program of the weekend in Raseborg’s event calendar, and the events arranged in Hanko will be listed in their event calendar.

A result of local collaboration

The Dark Weekend is a themed event arranged together with the cities of Raseborg and Hanko, as well as local organisations, companies and event organizers. All the event organizers can freely announce their events in the cities’ event calendars, where the public will easily find all information regarding the event.

6.07.2021 / Sommar2023

The highlight of the route is the new bridge built over the Svartån river right next to the fishway in the dam. The bridge has a vantage point from which you can admire the village in all its beauty, and perhaps even spot a fish climbing up the fishway during migration season! The information sign on the bridge teaches visitors about the efforts made to restore the population of freshwater pearl mussels in Svartån, and of the work being done to ease the journey of migratory fish up the river.

The history of Billnäs Village reaches nearly 400 years back in time. The industries of the village have in the past produced everything from iron bars to furniture and exotic fruits, and the signs of the lively industrial history are still clearly visible. One of the aims of the new path is to familiarize the visitors of the historical significance of their idyllic surroundings.

The path is suitable for both bikers and hikers. Billnäs is also a part of Raseborg’s new city bike network, so the path can easily be linked with for example the beautiful Railbank route reaching all the way to Åminnefors and Fiskars. There are also several resting points with tables and chairs along the route.

The opportunities of nature lovers in Billnäs are expanding, as this summer there’s a chance to rent a fat bike, an electric bike or a kayak from the village. Biking opportunities around Billnäs are numerous, and Svartån river offers wonderful scenery for paddlers.