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This year’s summer exhibition by Onoma, the cooperative of artists, designers and artisans in Fiskars is called Arts & Crafts and Rabbit Holes and it will display bold and candid artworks by 48 artists. The theme of the exhibition will be around warped aspects of reality, where everyday life and objects will present themselves in a new and intriguing manner.


The opening exhibitions of Chappe – The house of art by the sea honouring the memory of the museum’s donor, Professor of Human Genetics Albert de la Chapelle (1933–2020), Climate Art – Alternative Approaches highlights environmental values and sustainable development, Barösund 1870 -> 2023 is the beginning of a series where modern artists look at the Albert de la Chapelle Art Collection and the exhibition Amazing and Magical! A tale of the birth of Chappe displays the life of Albert de la Chapelle and the birth and construction of Chappe.


At the Centre of Well-Being in Knipnäs, Tammisaari, you will during summer 2023 have the opportunity to admire the works of art professor Riitta Nelimarkka. In addition to Nelimarkka, the exhibition includes over 20 other artists and dozens of artworks. The opening reception is 1.6.2023 at 16-19. Nelimarkka’s art is characterized by a vibrant and fearless use of color, movement, playfulness, abstraction, and humor.


At the KWUM ceramics museum in Fiskars village you can take part in the Raija Tuumi 100 anniversary exhibition and admire her most meaningful work. The summer exhibition also features The Many Faces of Ceramics by Matias Karsikas, a collaborative effort between Karin Widnäs and the John Nurminen Foundation Magic Islands which draws inspiration from the Baltic Sea, as they share a common desire to save it, and an exhibition by Sinawi Group. The group consists of 17 korean female creamics who are connected by their untraditional view of ceramic art.


Luckan Raseborg presents: Students from the handicraft club Hantverkskompisar at Höjden School in Tenala exhibit their works at Gallery Promenade from 25th May to 30th June 2023.

Artists Minka Kailu and Aalo Kailu, mother and daughter, have created an exhibition together that portrays the journey from childhood to adulthood. The exhibition will be held at Gallery Centrum 2.6-31.8.2023.

Exhibition at Fenix in Fokustalo, Karjaa, 7th June to 31st July 2023. Tammisaari Art Association and Karjaa Art Association are organizing a joint summer exhibition. Opening reception is on Tuesday, 6th June at 5:00 PM.

Sari Raikaslehto’s exhibition titled Me, Myself & I will be held at Gallery Promenade 1.7-31.7.2023.


Kevin Stewart and Pertti Tuunanen’s exhibition Trash till Treasure will be held att Gallery Perspective (Raaseporintie 8/Tammisaari library) 2.6-30.6.2023. The opening reception is 5.6.2023.

Maria Meller is holding her anniversary exhibition of decorative paintings, 20 Years of Painting and Knee Pads, at Gallery Perspektivet from 3.7-30.7.2023.


On June 16th the exhibition O.S.A. R.S.V.P. of contemporary art at Gallery Elverket invites a variety of audiences to come face to face with art. The exhibition explores the significance of encounters in the art experience. The title O.S.A. R.S.V.P. is a dual invitation to different audiences. Juha-Heikki Tihinen and Kia Orama are the curators of the exhibition, and the featured artists are Cecilia Cissi Hultman (SWE), Marika Orenius (FI), Restlessminds (Fabian Olovson & Linda Emmy Al-Ghussein, SWE) och Joel Slotte (FI).

Have a look in the Raseborg Event Guide to keep track of all art exhibitions and other events in the area.

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This summer, a hilarious musical will be held next to Raseborg’s castle ruins as the musical SPAMalot enters the summer scene. The musical, which is loosely based on the film of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, offers you an evening full of laughter – and a magical view of the old castle ruins! Tickets can be purchased in advance here.

The play is in Swedish.


Theaters, concerts and stand-up performances are filling the summer stage next to the beautiful castle park at Svartå Manor. Among this summer’s performances you will find e.g., the well-known Finnish classic Kaunis Veera, the hilarious comedy Ulkomaalainen and the party show GIMME ABBA! that offers an unforgettable evening with Abba’s best hits. Read more about the plays here (in Finnish).

All plays and performances are in Finnish.


Enjoy a small-scale theatre in the heart of Tenala, when the family musical Tre grisar och den Stora snygga vargen enters the stage on Museigården. The play will be shown between 6.7.-5.8.2023.

The play is in Swedish.

Check out our events calendar for more tips on what’s happening in Raseborg.

8.10.2021 / Sommar2023

Dark Weekend is an event-filled weekend arranged by locals to celebrate our beautiful villages’ and regions’ history and fascinating stories. Arranged in Halloween, the event will offer the Western-Uusimaa hygge in the form of for example storytelling nights, themed meals, night museums and ghost adventures – not to forget the delicious, locally produced foods and drinks!

Due to the pandemic the weekend will be composed of a multitude of smaller events, arranged following the current recommendations. If you have questions about any of the events, please contact the organizer of the specific event.

You can find the program of the weekend in Raseborg’s event calendar, and the events arranged in Hanko will be listed in their event calendar.

A result of local collaboration

The Dark Weekend is a themed event arranged together with the cities of Raseborg and Hanko, as well as local organisations, companies and event organizers. All the event organizers can freely announce their events in the cities’ event calendars, where the public will easily find all information regarding the event.

6.07.2021 / Sommar2023

The highlight of the route is the new bridge built over the Svartån river right next to the fishway in the dam. The bridge has a vantage point from which you can admire the village in all its beauty, and perhaps even spot a fish climbing up the fishway during migration season! The information sign on the bridge teaches visitors about the efforts made to restore the population of freshwater pearl mussels in Svartån, and of the work being done to ease the journey of migratory fish up the river.

The history of Billnäs Village reaches nearly 400 years back in time. The industries of the village have in the past produced everything from iron bars to furniture and exotic fruits, and the signs of the lively industrial history are still clearly visible. One of the aims of the new path is to familiarize the visitors of the historical significance of their idyllic surroundings.

The path is suitable for both bikers and hikers. Billnäs is also a part of Raseborg’s new city bike network, so the path can easily be linked with for example the beautiful Railbank route reaching all the way to Åminnefors and Fiskars. There are also several resting points with tables and chairs along the route.

The opportunities of nature lovers in Billnäs are expanding, as this summer there’s a chance to rent a fat bike, an electric bike or a kayak from the village. Biking opportunities around Billnäs are numerous, and Svartån river offers wonderful scenery for paddlers.

24.06.2021 / Sommar2023

In the end of April, 30 city bikes will arrive in Raseborg and renting a bike is easy: download a mobile app called Donkey Republic from your app store and check the nearest station with bikes available. After choosing your bike, you will unlock the bike via the app and the rental time will begin. After your bike ride you will pay the price according to the length of your rental time. The Donkey Repulic system is being used also for example in Porvoo and Imatra, as well as bigger cities like Berlin and Copenhagen. 

You can rent a bike for an hour or for example for the whole day. Fifteen minutes costs a euro and an hour will be two euros. A month-long pass costs nine euros, and with it you can pedal as many max. hour-long journeys as you wish. Users can also book a month-long membership or a pass for the whole season (check the price list below). The pass allows you to use the bikes in Raseborg, but also in other cities using the Donkey Republic system.  

During the season bike stations can be found in Ekenäs, Karis, Billnäs Village, Pojo and in Fiskars Village. 

Prices List

You can rent a bike for fifteen minutes or why not for the whole day. You can also book a pass for a month or even the whole season (May-October). The passes can be used in every city that uses the Donkey Republic city bike system.  

15 min – 1.00 € 
30 min – 1.50 € 
1h – 2.00 € 
4h – 5.00 € 
1 day – 12. 00 € 

One-month Pass 9€/month

Unlimited number of rentals up to one hour. 

Season Pass 35€/Biking Season

One hour of biking per each rental with unlimited number of rentals! Each season will last at least until the end of October, and with good weather it can also be extended. 

Contact Information and Support

If you run into a problem, please contact the customer service at +358 44 71 606 44 – the service is open for seven days per week at least at 9:00-21:00.  

You can ask for on-site help with bike problems or about anything related to the service by calling the customer service number. In the Donkey Republic app, you can also report an error directly. The service is provided by the company Kaakau oy. You can contact the company via email at info@kaakau.fi. 

17.06.2021 / Sommar2023

With the summer bus you can effortlessly visit Hanko’s and Raseborg’s greatest destinations! Stop for a seaside coffee in Ekenäs or visit idyllic Billnäs Village’s brand new terrace! The bus route has been made possible through a collaboration between the city of Raseborg and Hanko.

Summer bus timetable 17.6-14.8.2021 (changes possible)

Thursday-Saturday from Hanko to Fiskars
Hanko at 9:30 a.m.
Ekenäs at 10:00 a.m.
Karis at 10:20-10:35 a.m.
Billnäs at 10:42 a.m.
Pojo at 10:50 a.m.
Fiskars at 10:55 a.m.
Antskog at 11:00 a.m. (if needed)

Thursday-Saturday from Fiskars to Hanko
Antskog at 14:55 p.m. (if needed)
Fiskars at 15:00 p.m.
Pojo at 15:05 p.m.
Billnäs at 15:12 p.m.
Karis at 15:20-15:35 p.m.
Ekenäs at 15:55 p.m.
Hanko at 16:25 p.m.

Plan your trip and book your ticket via Matkahuolto!

25.08.2020 / Sommar2023

Raseborg’s tourist services have developed new concepts and collaboration projects in order to boost domestic tourism. Our tourism secretary Martina Rosenqvist and Anni Pöyhtäri, a graphic designer from Karis, have together designed the handy pocket-size map of Raseborg. The idea originally came from Rosenqvist, who felt that the older brochures were getting old-fashioned and had a negative environmental impact.

Maps have been a popular tourist product for a long time, especially in a city as geographically extensive as Raseborg. This map brings together a comprehensive picture of the area, with of course a broad list of the services our cities offer. On the map you’ll also find our cities and villages, sights, beaches, biking routes and guest harbors.

The goal from the beginning was to develop a map so beautiful it would be nice to look at even hung up on a wall. The map should also be handy and easy for the user. Inspiration for the retro-styled looks came from the love for old maps, and of course the will to capture the beautiful hometown at its best.

The map is now being handed out in our information points, restaurants, hotels, guest harbors and cafés.

If you want to get a sneak peek on the map itself, look at the pdf-file below, where you can see all the nice details of the illustrations. If you want the whole experience, we suggest you pick up the printed map somewhere from Raseborg.



21.08.2020 / Sommar2023

Before you start to plan your visit to Raseborg without a car, it is important to know that traffic-related digital services do not recognize a stop called Raseborg. When you buy tickets online, you should choose e.g. Karis (Finnish: Karjaa), Raseborgs Castle Ruin, Ekenäs (Finnish: Tammisaari) or Fiskars as a destination. Here follows some examples of how to get to some popular destinations in Raseborg without a car.





City Bikes in Raseborg

2022: Helsinki-Ekenäs

By train (Monday-Sunday)

Tämän kuvan alt-attribuutti on tyhjä; Tiedoston nimi on karjaan-asema-kjell-svenskberg-1.jpg

At Helsinki central railway station, the train going towards Turku usually leaves from platform 12. Get on the train heading towards Turku at 8:36 am. After an hour of train ride, get off the train when the train arrives at Karis railway station in Raseborg at 9:31. Normally there’s a small train that runs between Karis and Hanko, but it is temporarily replaced by a bus due to reparations. However to be sure, you should always check beforehand from the timetables which vehicle will be used when you’re traveling.

At Karis railway station, walk through the tunnel towards the station and come up beside track 2 next to the station house. If the means of transport will be a train, walk towards track 1, dedicated to regional train traffic between Karis, Ekenäs and Hanko. Go to the regional train, which departs at 9:36. If the train is replaced by a bus, walk towards the old steam engine next to track 2, where the bus will be leaving at 9:36.

Its end destination is Hanko, but it also stops at Ekenäs railway station in Raseborg where you hop off depending on the means of traffic after a 12-to 20-minute ride. Now you have arrived in the beautiful Ekenäs!

Train timetables and tickets.

By bus (Monday-Sunday)

The bus to Ekenäs departs from Kamppi bus station in Helsinki at 12:40 pm Mondays-Sundaysduring the summer. There are several bus connections per day, of which this is just one. Get on the Ampers bus heading towards Hanko, which usually departs from platform 16. The bus ride takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes, so you’ll arrive in Ekenäs in Raseborg at 14:10. In Ekenäs, the bus stops at Ekenäs bus station, next to the railway station.

Bus routes, timetables and tickets.

In Ekenäs

Ekenäs - Tammisaari, photo Kjell Svenskberg

You are now in Ekenäs in Raseborg, at Järnvägsgatan. Opposite the railway station and bus station where you arrived, you will see, among other things, an S-Market. If you follow Torngatan that goes past the store, you’ll come to Stationsvägen. If you follow Stationsvägen up the hill you will reach Ekenäs center. The road leads into Ekenäs pedestrian street and to town square. At the town square you can continue down to the harbour, the beach, the park and its restaurants, cafes and more. You can also walk to Ekenäs Old Town and walk through the small streets, see Ekenäs Church and enjoy the small-town idyll. To the west of the town square is Raseborg museum and Raseborg’s tourist info. More tips on what to see and do in Ekenäs during a day visit.

You can also travel from Ekenäs to its neighbouring rural areas of Tenala or Snappertuna, where the mighty Raseborg’s Castle ruins can be visited. A fun way to get to these areas is for instance by bike. Bicycle rental points and more tips on cycling in Raseborg.

Journey home

The regional train or bus from Ekenäs railway station to Karis railway station leaves at 18:00 and arrives in Karis at 18:23. At the train station train back towards Helsinki soon departs at 18:28 from track 2.

If you prefer to return by bus, a bus leaves from Ekenäs bus station at for example 15:25 and arrives at Kamppi bus station in Helsinki at 17:05.

2022: Turku-Ekenäs

Tämän kuvan alt-attribuutti on tyhjä; Tiedoston nimi on Ekenäs-Tammisaari_photo-Kjell-Svenskberg-2018-22-scaled.jpg

By train (Monday-Sunday)

From Turku railway station, the train departs to Helsinki at 8:25 am. This train stops at Karis railway station in Raseborg at 9:26. Normally there’s a small train that runs between Karis and Hanko, but it is temporarily replaced by a bus due to reparations. However to be sure, you should always check beforehand from the timetables which vehicle will be used when you’re traveling.

At Karis railway station, walk through the tunnel towards the station and come up beside track 2 next to the station house. If the means of transport will be a train, walk towards track 1, dedicated to regional train traffic between Karis, Ekenäs and Hanko. Go to the regional train, which departs at 9:36. If the train is replaced by a bus, walk towards the old steam engine next to track 2, where the bus will be leaving at 9:36.

Its end destination is Hanko, but it also stops at Ekenäs railway station in Raseborg where you hop off depending on the means of traffic after a 12-to 20-minute ride. Now you have arrived in the beautiful Ekenäs!

Train timetables and tickets.

Bus routes between Turku and Ekenäs are unfortunately not available.

Read more about activities in Ekenäs and its surrounding areas under “In Ekenäs“.

2022: Helsinki-Fiskars

Fiskars Village, photo Ahmed Alalousi

Helsinki-Fiskars by bus, Monday-Friday

On weekdays, between 11.8.2021-3.6.2022 you can get by bus directly from Helsinki to Fiskars Village. The bus leaves from Kamppi bus station at 14:15, and reaches Fiskars Village at 16:45. Please remember that there are no return routes from Fiskars to Helsinki directly by bus, so you should check the return options by bus and train below. Using this bus connection would likely mean that you should stay overnight in Fiskars. See the bus timetables here.

Helsinki-Fiskars by train + bus, Monday-Friday

To get to Fiskars in Raseborg from Helsinki, you should get on the train at Helsinki central railway station at 8:36 am. The train usually departs from platform 12. The train heads towards Turku, and stops at Karis railway station in Raseborg after a one-hour train ride. Get off at Karis railway station, where the train arrives at 9:31 am. Follow the sign in the tunnel towards the city center and the bus station. At the end of the tunnel, you’ll see the bus station in front of you. At platform 1 the bus that will take you to Fiskars arrives at 9:35 am. Get on the bus, and after traveling for about 20 minutes, the bus arrives at Fiskars Village center at 10:00. You are now at the town square in Fiskars.

Train timetables and tickets
Bus timetables and tickets

Journey home

At 15:00 the bus departs back from Fiskars bus stop at the town square to Karis travel center. You’ll be at Karis bus station at 15:25. The train back to Helsinki leaves at 15:28. Make your way back to the travel center by going through the tunnel, and then up to track 2, where the train to Helsinki usually departs. Have a nice travel home, and welcome back!

Tämän kuvan alt-attribuutti on tyhjä; Tiedoston nimi on fiskars-billnas-photo-ahmed-alalousi-2018-137-1.jpg

In Fiskars

Fiskars Village is a small but culturally and historically very rich village. Fiskars Village is known as a center of Finnish design and art. More about Fiskars Village and its attractions on Fiskars Village website.

Fiskars is blooming with wonderful, small craft shops, cafes and restaurants. You will find them along Fiskarsvägen next to the river, as well as on the smaller streets next to the town square. At Åkerraden you can visit Fiskars Museum, where you can get acquainted with the village and its history through themed exhibitions, time travel, workshops and events. In addition, we recommend for those interested in art to look into Onoma‘s art exhibition or KWUM ceramics museum.

2022: Turku-Fiskars

Tämän kuvan alt-attribuutti on tyhjä; Tiedoston nimi on Fiskars-Billnäs_photo-Ahmed-Alalousi-2018-128-1620x1080.jpg

By train and bus (Monday-Friday)

The journey from Turku to Fiskars in Raseborg starts at Turku railway station. Hop on the train heading towards Helsinki, which departs at 9:25 am. After approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes of train ride, get off the train at Karis railway station in Raseborg, where the train arrives at 10:26. At the platform, go down to the tunnel and follow the signs pointing towards the city center and towards the bus station. At the end of the tunnel, you’ll see the bus station in front of you. At platform 1, the bus that will take you to Fiskars arrives at 10:50. Get on the bus, and travel for about half an hour, the bus arrives at Fiskars city center at 11:20. You are now at the town square in Fiskars in Raseborg.

Train timetables and tickets.
Bus routes, timetables and tickets.

Read more about what to see and do in Fiskars under the headline “In Fiskars“, and on Fiskars Village website.

Tämän kuvan alt-attribuutti on tyhjä; Tiedoston nimi on Fiskars-Billnäs_photo-Ahmed-Alalousi-2018-130-1620x1080.jpg

Journey home

There will be buses going from Fiskars to Karis for the whole afternoon, but please remember to check if the bus timetables work with the departure time of the train you’re planning top take. A journey home could look for example like this: at 15:00 the bus departs back from Fiskars bus stop at the town square to Karis travel center. You’ll arrive at Karis bus station at 15:25. Go through the tunnel towards the train station and up to track 3, where the Turku trains usually depart. You don’t have to wait long until the train arrives at 15:32. Get on the train and have a nice journey home. Welcome back to Raseborg!

Tämän kuvan alt-attribuutti on tyhjä; Tiedoston nimi on vaktkojsberget3-bromarf-2018-johan-ljungqvist-multifoto-1.jpg

City Bikes in Raseborg

City bikes have arrived in Raseborg too! We have bike stations in Karis, Fiskars, Ekenäs and Billnäs. The bikes are a handy and affordable way to get to know the nature and different villages of Raseborg. Why not perhaps take a train to Karis, and after that jump on a bike and pedal along the beautiful Railbank route to see both Billnäs and Fiskars? Learn more about the practicalities of using our city bikes here.

More travelling destinations in Raseborg.

More ways to travel to and in Raseborg, and information for planning your journey.

19.08.2020 / Sommar2023

In Raseborg you have all you need for a perfect fishing trip. Whether you’re after a chill boating trip with a few tosses of a fishing rod or weeks living a fisher’s life out in the sea, we’ve got you covered! If you don’t have a boat of your own, you can hire one from a local entrepreneur. Raseborg also offers you several fishing trip organizers, who will tailor you all inclusive fishing trips with the newest equipment for both small and bigger groups.

Tips for a perfect trip

We’re happy you’ve picked Raseborg as your destination! Raseborg arcipelago’s small islands and bays are unique in their beauty – we know you will fall in love with them. From our waters you’ll catch for example pike, pike-perch, burbot and whitefish. Remember to also step ashore! You’ll find hidden treasures you don’t want to miss.

In Raseborg there are several guest harbors that will get you in the real archipelago atmosphere. How about dropping by for a coffee in the beautiful Sommaröstrand or in the archipelago village Bromarv? If you fancy exploring the fascinating, lush archipelago nature, make a stop on the national park’s largest island Älgö. There you’ll find a nature trail, a lookout tower and a charming old fisher’s house. The old mining island Jussarö is also certainly worth a visit – the island has a fascinating history as an army base, but the island also surprises with the beauty of its nature. If you want to see more ascetic archipelago environment, visit the islands of Fladalandet or Mondermagan, the previous one protected as a culturally invaluable landscape.

If you want to go camping in the archipelago, you have numerous options. Further from the mainland, you can camp for example in Fladalandet or Mondermågan. You can also camp in other islands per the everyman’s rights. Remember in all cases to check beforehand where camping is allowed, because in some areas of the national park camping is prohibited. There’s also one camping site with broad services in the archipelago, in Kopparö, and another in Ekenäs.

Are you longing for a fishing trip, but don’t own a boat? We’ve got you covered! You can either rent a boat for yourself, or book a guided fishing trip from a professional fisher. Find out more of the fishing services in Raseborg here.

There are local restrictions and rules for fishing in Ekenäs and Raseborg area. Here you’ll find the map, restrictions and instructions Metsähallitus has made about fishing in Ekenäs archipelago national park (Finnish and Swedish). If you need translation or clarification, contact eraluvat@metsa.fi or call the Metsähallitus service number +358 (0)20 69 2424.

Instructions for fishing

What licences and fees do you need to pay for fishing in Raseborg? The fisheries management fee is required in Finland, if you are between 18-65 years old and will be fishing with lures or traps or crayfishing. The amount of the fee for year 2020 is 45€/ year, 15€ / week and 6€/ day, and it entitles you to fish in nearly the whole country using one rod. In some areas and cases however, anglers will also require the permission of the owner of a given water area. The proceeds from the fisheries management fee are used to manage fishing waters and fish stocks, as well as providing advice to anglers and monitoring fishing activity. For more information, please check eraluvat.fi. You can also email eraluvat@metsa.fi or call the Metsähallitus service number +358 (0)20 69 2424.

You don’t need to pay the fee if you’re only ice fishing, hook and line fishing or fishing with a simple herring rig. However, in some areas fishing with these means can also be prohibited or restricted.

Angling with more than one rod and trap fishing require a fishing permit in addition to paying the fisheries management fee. These permissions are sold by the owner of the water area. There are also restrictions in Raseborg’s archipelago in protected water areas, rapids and running waters with migratory fish stocks, and other special locations. Find out about the restrictions here (Finnish and Swedish) and more information here.

Are you a local and wishing to fish with traps? Find out information about fishing permits in Raseborg’s water areas here.

Take care of your safety

Remember to mind yours and your crew’s safety! Before heading out to sea, make sure you have the skills and equipment you need. Make sure someone that stays on the shore knows where you’re headed and when you plan to return, and always check the weather forecast beforehand. Find out more about safety and responsibility here.

Remember to consider other boaters and the people living on the shores. Locals thank you for keeping a distance to their cottages and docks! When fishing, remember also to keep at least a 50m distance from marked traps, and take care of the beautiful archipelago nature.

Fishing etiquette

On the water, remember to follow the good fishing etiquette. For example the following is good to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you have the required permissions. Make sure that when needed, you can show you’ve paid the required fees etc.
  • Pay attention to other boaters and locals.
  • Remember that the parking lots and docks are used by everyone.
  • Fish only as much as you will eat.
  • Avoid fish planting areas.
  • Make sure to stun and cool your catch right away.
  • Take care of the environment, so it’ll always stay as beautiful as it is.
  • Follow the given rules and restrictions.
  • Always mind the safety of your own and your crew.

Here are some useful links:

11.08.2020 / Sommar2023

From this article you’ll find ideas and information about accessible places to visit in Raseborg. This list doesn’t contain every sight or service in Raseborg, but we tried to conclude a list with the most important and interesting sights of our town. Feel free to contact the companies you’re interested in, as there certainly are accessible places in addition to the ones listed in this article. Welcome to charming Raseborg!

Fiskars Village
Svartå Manor
Raseborg’s Castle Ruins
Tenala & Bromarv
Guided tours
General information

Fiskars Village

The fascinating old ironworks Fiskars Village is filled with interesting cultural and historical attractions. The village was one of Southern Finland’s most important ironworks, and is nowadays known as the center of art, design and cultural life of whole Finland. This article contains information over many of the most interesting sights of the village.

Fiskars Village, photo Ahmed Alalousi

Museums & Workshops

There are several interesting museums and art exhibitions in Fiskars. The Karin Widnäs ceramics museum and gallery KWUM has a ramp on the entrance. According to the owner people with wheelchairs have gotten in. The Onoma exhibition in Kuparipaja is also accessible by wheelchair, and in both of these museums the lighting is good.

Unfortunately Fiskars Museum is inaccessible to some visitors, as there are several narrow staircases and poorly lighted rooms in the museum. There are stairs at the entrance, and the yard is also non-accessible. Nevertheless the staff of the museum is eager to help visitors, and it is also possible to book a tailored guided tour or presentation for visitors with special needs. Some of the exhibition rooms can be experienced trough the senses of touch, smell and sound. As you may need a personal assistant for visiting the museum, assistants are welcomed for free. Please contact the museum staff in advance if you have more questions – find more information from their web page here.

Fiskars Village is filled with various artists’ and artisans’ workshops and ateliers. Out of these at least the Bianco Blu glassblowing workshop has a smaller threshold, and the door can be opened for bigger wheelchairs. The same goes with the Paatero ceramics workshop on the other side of the village. The smithy’s workshop is non-accessible due to a high threshold.

Restaurants & cafés

The popular restaurant Kuparipaja, that combines local foods with modern design is entered through a door with quite a small threshold – however there have been visitors that have made it in fine nevertheless. The terrace is accessible with wheelchair, and upstairs you can go by lift. There is also an accessible toilet in the restaurant. The famous and traditional restaurant Fiskars Wärdshus has in the side entrance only a small threshold, and the terrace doesn’t have any stairs in it. The cozy Café Antique can be accessed by wheelchair from the other side of the building through Onoma Shop. Café Bar Pesula is unfortunately inaccessible due to three stairs at the entrance, but the terrace is well reachable.

Stay the night

Hotel Tegel offers one room equipped for visitors with special needs, yet you might need an assistant, for the thresholds can be quite high in an old building as such. Hotel Fiskars Wärdshus is unfortunately inaccessible due to numerous stairs. Around the Fiskars Village area there are also several cottages rented for tourists. If you wish to stay overnight in a cottage, please contact the person renting it.

Moving around in Fiskars

There are public toilets around the village in several locations. Accessible toilet rooms can be found for example next to the market field and in the old barracks building on the main street Fiskarsvägen. There are several parking areas, the most popular being the ones next to the Town Hall and the other next to the market field. There are also several benches, perfect for resting and admiring the views, for example along the river that flows through the beautiful village.


Ekenäs is an idyllic seaside town that will charm you with its beauty! Here you’ll get to experience the historical milieu and stories from the fascinating Old Town, and get to sense the atmosphere of the lively small town Ekenäs now is known as. Ekenäs was founded in 1564 by the order of the Swedish king Gustav Vasa and has therefore a long and interesting history.

Tammisaaren vanha kaupunki mereltä, kuva Johan Ljunqvist

Museums & Galleries

Raseborgs museum is a popular attraction in Ekenäs. The museum presents regularly changing exhibitions, as well as permanent exhibition about the artist Helene Schjerfbeck and Raseborg’s history. The exhibitions are partly accessible for visitors with special needs, even though some of the rooms have poor lighting. Unfortunately the museum doesn’t have brochures or other texts in Braille. All the doorways of the museum are at least 85 cm wide and the thresholds max. 2,5 cm high. You can also loan a rollator at will, and use the accessible toilet.

Hanko Front Museum of military history is a terrific attraction for history-lovers. The museum is located precisely where the front line of the Finnish-Soviet Continuation War in 1940’s and is therefore especially fascinating. The museum building has a ramp on the entrance, and the parking lot is located right next to the museum. The museum exhibits also old trenches, and if you’re interested about their accessibility you should contact the museum staff.

Next to the Raseborg museum the Gallery Elverket, presenting various changing exhibitions, can be entered nicely via a door with a small threshold. There’s also an accessible toilet available. There’s also two more galleries with entrances without stairs in Ekenäs, Lilla Galleriet on Gustav Vasas Gata and Gallery Perspective near the library of Ekenäs.

In addition to these sights, the church of Ekenäs can be visited via a ramp by the side door, since the main entrance has three stairs. However you may need assistance, since the ramp needs to be brought from inside the church. There’s an induction loop for hearing-impaired people.

Restaurants & cafés

Most of the restaurants in Ekenäs are accessible by wheelchair, even though some places might have higher thresholds. You can find an accessible toilet from at least the seaside restaurant GH Fyren and Ekenäs library in which you’ll find the vegetarian restaurant Hemma Hos Rastachef. By the Northern Harbor the popular restaurant Albatros is accessible with a wheelchair. The popular garden restaurant Höijers, also near the Northern Harbor has a spacious toilet, which however isn’t equipped for people with special needs because there are no hand supports. Nevertheless, the restaurant is accessible to come in to. The Pub Niska summer restaurant is inaccessible due to three stairs at the entrance and interiors with poor lighting.

Next to the Radhustorget market area the café Cafferiet has an entrance suitable for wheelchairs, and offers delicious lunch salads. Café Schjerfbeck on the opposite side of the market square has three stairs on it’s entrance, and next to it the Café Carl de Mumma has a terrace with a staircase, however it’s possible to go in the café. There are no accessible toilet facilities on these cafés.

Stay overnight

Motel Marine, which is located on perfectly in central Ekenäs near the beach, offers according to the owner one hotel room equipped for people with special needs. The room has a ramp, the doors are wide and the toilet is accessible. The motel’s restaurant and its terrace are also accessible. In addition to this, Hotel Sea Front can be entered accessibly, but there are no rooms equipped for special needs. The other hotels in town are non-accessible. If you’re interested about sleeping on a cottage, please contact the person renting it.

Ekenäs Camping is a camping site near the center of Ekenäs and the beautiful Ramsholmen nature park. The area is partly accessible: the reception and restaurant building is accessible, and there’s an accessible toilet in the building. However, there’s unfortunately a small threshold to the terrace. The toilet building of the camping site has a ramp, and there’s a shower chair in the accessible bathroom. However, the kitchen building is inaccessible due to an over 10cm threshold. The rental boats are relatively easy to be entered, for they’re in the nearby lawn.

Nature areas

Picture from Ramsholmen, showing walking people on the wide path and the bridge.

The beautiful pearl of Ekenäs, protected forest area Ramsholmen is an excellent place for refreshing your mind. The lush park has been the local’s favorite for hundreds of years – for example the famous artist Helene Schjerfbeck has spoken admiringly of the area in her letters. The area consists of two islands and a cape, from which the cape Hagen and the first island, Ramsholmen are accessible. From the parking lot the journey starts with about 300m of gravel road, and after that the road turns into broad paths, easy to move on. Going from Hagen further to Ramsholmen, we’ll cross a bridge shown in the picture above. After this the path divides. The paths are wide and the altitude doesn’t change much. There are also benches along the way for resting with beautiful views. You can tailor the length of your visit by yourself, since the paths divide on several directions. Further in Högholmen area the paths turn narrower and more challenging.

From Ekenäs about eight kilometers towards Hanko, the beautiful Dagmar’s Park nature area surprises with it’s beauty. The crown of the park is its natural spring, which as well as the whole area is named after the Russian empress Dagmar or Maria Fedorovna, who fell in love with the beautiful bay on her cruises. The wide path starts from the parking lot going towards the spring and the beach, however accessing the beach can be difficult for the path is quite steep and turns narrower. Nevertheless the paths divide up on top of the hill into several directions and are easy to move on. In total the paths are a few kilometers long, and along them you’ll get to see beautiful views out to the sea. Unfortunately there’s no accessible toilet on the area: there’s a ramp to one of the toilets, but the toilet space is small and there are no armrests. Check out the map of the area from this link.

Dagmars Park, Raasepori. Emilia Nyberg

Moving around

There are no public toilet facilities in downtown Ekenäs on public places expect for portable toilets. The closest accessible toilets are in Ekenäs library, in Raseborgs museum and in the restaurant GH Fyren. There are several benches across the town, mostly near the shore along for example Västvallen and Skepparträdgården and Stallörensparken parks.

In addition to the accessible parking lots by the grocery stores, there are parking lots reserved for visitors with special needs on Radhustorget parking area and the parking lot in front of GH Fyren restaurant.

Sommarö & Öudden nature path

Sommaröstrand, Johan Ljungqvist

If you long for the archipelago, take a trip to the picturesque Skärlandet island and Sommaröstrand! The summer café and bistro Skärgårdsbageri & bistro offers self-baked delicious artisan products, which you can enjoy while admiring the view over the small guest harbor. There’s an accessible toilet on the sauna facilities of the café. However entering the inner facilities of the café can be challenging due to a high stair.

There’s a real nature treasure in Skärlandet island: the Öudden nature path, which was designed precisely for people with disabilities. The path passes for example a beautiful water lily pond. Since the path is a part of the arboretum area you’ll get to admire diverse plant species. At the end of the path there’s a garden for people with visual impairments, equipped with texts in Braille and a relief map of the arboretum. There are several parking lots nearby, the closest very near the path.


In Karis the Restaurant KW offers diverse quality food in an elegant setting. The restaurant rooms can be entered from behind the building via a ramp, and there’s also an accessible toilet. Hotel-restaurant Socis unfortunately doesn’t offer accessible stays. Neither does the Dönsby B&B near Karis due to several stairs both inside and at the entrance. Art Café Serendipity isn’t accessible due to several staircases in the restaurant and on the entrance. The cozy B&B Eden in Billnäs ironworks village is accessible, but as for wheelchairs, only smaller ones fit in and only with assistance.

Picture of Pumpviken from a drone, showing the path and the river.

Near the city center of Karis, the beautiful Pumpviken park area is perfect for recreation. The park stretches around the meandering Svartån river, and the wide paths are easy to move on. Along the paths there are benches for resting and admiring the lush vegetation – and perhaps even birdwatching! A specialty of the area is a quite wide hanging bridge, which connects the different parts of the park. Crossing it isn’t however necessary for seeing the whole area.

Near Karis lies a golfer’s dream, the Nordcenter Golf & Country Club. The club has a reputation of being one of the finest and most challenging golf courses in whole Finland. Therefore it’s a must-see for golfers! The area is partly accessible. The club’s parking lot is even, and the restaurant has an accessible toilet. However the entrance of the restaurant isn’t accessible. The locker rooms as well as the showers are suitable for people with disabilities. The range area is accessible, there are golf cars for use and of the courses the Benz course is accessible. The Fream course has quite an uneven terrain.

Svartå Manor

Visit Raseborg -Svartå Slott - Mustion Linna- Mustio Manor

The magnificent Svartå Manor is one of the most prestigious manors in Finland. The estate was built in the 1700’s and has therefore an interesting history. The manor building itself is architecturally terrific, and the large garden area is also worth visiting, as it is well known for its beauty. During a visit make sure to take a look at the menu of the award-winning Restaurant Slottskrogen.

Svartå Manor operates as a hotel as well as a museum. The hotel unfortunately doesn’t offer rooms equipped for visitors with special needs, but the downstairs rooms are accessible for example with a wheelchair. The restaurant has an accessible toilet and has large rooms with quite a lot of space. The Manor museums first floor is accessible with large rooms with good lightning. Accessing the second floor requires climbing some stairs. Nonetheless the museum staff offers guided tours also just for the downstairs area, and even though you won’t experience the whole manor, they’ll teach you the same stories and anecdotes as for all!

The large English styled garden of the Manor is an arboretum-like park and one of the biggest private parks in Finland. The paths are wide and well-kept, and therefore nearly the whole area is accessible. How does for example a water lily pond sound like?

Raseborg’s Castle Ruins

Near the idyllic countryside village of Snappertuna lies one of the most exciting historical sight in Raseborg, the Raseborg Castle ruins. The castle was built in 1370’s to protect the coast and monitor the coastal trade lines. The original idea was for the castle to compete with Tallinn from being the most important trade center of the Baltic Sea. After it was abandoned in 1558 and has later been restored into what it looks like now.

There’s a Castle Taxi taking tourists to the castle and back. The taxi has a wheelchair seat and can be booked in advance. You can alternatively arrive by car to the nearby parking lot, where it’s about 300 meters path to the castle area and the ticket sale. The entrance of the castle courtyard is accessible via a broad bridge. However there are steep stairs and poorly lighted rooms in the interiors. The castle can therefore be admired from the courtyard.

The nearby Slottknektens stuga is a historical restaurant. It can be accessed with assistance as the hill before it is quite steep. There isn’t an accessible toilet in the restaurant, as the nearest is by the ticket sale. Unfortunately the Forngården museum in Snappertuna isn’t accessible, for the houses are old and poorly lighted.

In Snappertuna, further towards the coast from the castle, is the small forest area of Uusimaa Recreational Area Association, Kolaholmen. Kolaholmen is suitable for a short visit when you’re passing by the area. There’s a splendid archipelago view, a small sandy beach and some old, foreign tree species. The path to the beach is short, wide and flat.


In the small village of Pojo, the Deli Tukku local foods’ shop and café is accessible through a wide, automatic door, and the inside spaces have quite a lot of space and a good lighting. The medieval church of Pojo is also accessible via a ramp.

Tenala & Bromarv

Visit Raseborg - Bromarv village - photo: Johan Ljungqvist

Tenala is a small countryside village near Ekenäs. Traveling past, you should definitely check out the local cheese shop, Frimans Diversehandel. The shop in addition to locally made cheese sells also diverse tools and artisan products. In addition to it, the cozy Restaurant Bakfickan is accessible with a wheelchair, however it doesn’t have an accessible toilet.

In the beautiful archipelago village of Bromarv the restaurant Theodors and the Strandbistro café in the harbor are worth stopping by. Both the interior and the terrace of Theodors and Strandbistro are accessible for example by wheelchair. There’s also an accessible toilet in Theodors.

Near Bromarv the Sandviken nature area surprises with its beauty. Sandviken is part of the Uusimaa recreational area association’s areas, and has splendid views over the bay and Turku archipelago. There are no services on the area, but the paths are quite easy to move on as they are wide and even. Read more here.

Guided tours

Raseborg has a large amount of professional guides offering themed guided tours on different villages and areas. By taking a tour you’ll dive into the stories and history of the area, and experience your surroundings on a completely different way than before. It is also possible to book a tailored guided tour specifically for your or your group’s needs. The tours can be made for example suitable for people with wheelchairs, guidings made in sign language or suitable for people with different disabilities. We recommend contacting the Western Uusimaa guideclub’s Viveca Blomberg, who will brief you about the different possibilities.

General information

There are several taxi companies that provide wheelchair spaces, for example Menevä and Raseborgs Taxi & Buss (web page in Swedish and Finnish).

If you’re traveling with a guide dog, you might be in need of veterinary aid. Read more about the veterinaries in Raseborg here.

This article doesn’t list every enterprise in Raseborg, and the information on it might change over time – yet we plan to update it regularly. This list has been concluded from the information we as the tourism office got from companies by calling them directly, and it can be subject to changes. Most of the companies told us how they have usually done when for example a person with a wheelchair has visited, but we do not have precise information about the spaces and services, when it comes to all possible disabilities. Hopefully we will have more places sending us information about their own properties, so we can update this article to be more precise in the future.

We would love to get feedback from this article! You can send your feedback via email to tourist.office@raseborg.fi or call to +358 19 2892010.

Last time updated on 14.08.2020