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Travel with your dog to Raseborg

If you travel by bus or train, you can buy a special ticket for your pet. Pets are also allowed in Raseborg’s public transport buses, Bosse. You can also take your pet with you on a taxi, as long as you tell the driver in advance.

Nature trails and luscious parks

In Västerby Outdoor Recreation Center both you and your dog will feel good. You can enjoy ascents and downhills, the lush forest and good running trails. In the winter you can enjoy the snow while skiing and your dog can run beside you in the snow. If you have a puppy or children with you, we recommend the Trollskogsrundan, which is a perfect trail for the small ones.

Another nice outdoor recreation are is Pumpviken in Karis where you can walk around a beautiful lake and enjoy the view of green trees reflected in the water. It’s a very popular park and you will surely bump into other dog friends.

If you’re a fan of both the forest and the sea, we suggest visiting Ramsholmen in Ekenäs. In spring your dog can play in the forest while you pick some flowers for a pretty bouquet. You can keep walking over the bridge to Högholmen to experience steep hills and enjoy a sea view at the same time.

Please note that dogs are not allowed to run free in public places, but should be held in leash.

Dog parks in Raseborg

Ekenäs dog park. Metallduksgatan 1,10600 Raseborg.
Pojo dog park. Along the road to Klockarudden in Pojo, 10420 Raseborg.
Fiskars Dog Park. Fiskarsvägen, 228, 10470 Fiskars, Raseborg.

Time for a swim?

Is your dog in need of cooling itself down during a hot summer day? Then you can visit the dog’s beach in Ekenäs. If you walk from Stallörsparken along Västvallen you’ll see the little beach and hopefully your dog gets to play and have fun with other dogs in the water. Please remember that dogs aren’t allowed to swim in other public beaches.

When hunger hits

It’s important for both the dog and its owner to eat good food during the day, and in Raseborg many restaurants accept dogs in the venue and on the patio. In Ekenäs you can eat a fresh lunch at Cafferie at the market square, where they offer water to all dogs. You can also enjoy a lovely coffee break at the terrace of Café Schjerfbeck on the other side of the market square.

In the evening you can enjoy a cold drink at Baywatch while your little friend is sleeping in the shadow at the terrace. Afterwards you can have dinner at Albatros and watch the magical sunset. Albatros is a dog-friendly restaurant. The terrace of the summer restaurant Niska is also a good option for you and your dog. If in the middle of your adventures you get a craving for a snack, you can always head to Getnabben Grill in the beautiful seascape of Kopparö. If you’re on a day trip to Karis, you can head to Restaurant KW, which serves food from lunch to dinner. Club 18 in Karjaa also welcomes dogs with open arms, except on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings after 9pm, when the dance floor opens up and it’s time for the furry canines to move outside. Mustion Linna and the Restaurant Linnankrouvi also welcome dogs both inside and outside, depending on availability.

Dogs are also welcome in Fiskars at Fiskars Wärdshus and Restaurant Kuparipaja where they can join you inside and outside. . 

Tourist attractions for you and your dog

Who doesn’t want to bring their best friend when exploring the best attractions of Raseborg? You can go on an adventure to Raseborg Castle area with your dog, although not inside the castle. Your dog can also join you to Slottknektens Stuga for something to eat. Svartå Manor is another castle that welcomes dogs.

If you want to experience the archipelago it’s a great idea to book a summer cruise to Jussarö. Another way to get to feel the sea breeze is to take the ferry to Skåldö and visit Sommaröstrand. Why not share an ice cream with your dog?

Stay overnight with your dog

As Raseborg is a large area with much to see, it’s an excellent idea to stay with us for a longer time. But where could you stay with your pet friend? Several hotels and B&B:s offer dog services in different villages. In Fiskars Village Fiskars Wärdshus offers one room for people with pets. The Torby in Fiskars also offers a few dog-friendly rooms in a separate building. In Ekenäs Motel Marine and Hotel Sea Front also host dogs, but you should remember to let them know about your friend beforehand. Near Karis the cozy Dönsby B&B offers two rooms for staying with dogs. If you’re considering renting a cottage for your stay, you should ask the owner for their rules on having pets with you.

Read more about services for your pet here.

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Going on a guided tour is one of the best ways to get to know a new city. The rich history and many sights of Raseborg make for interesting, exciting and not to mention beautiful destinations for guided tours. You can get to know the unique wooden house idyll of the Old Town of Ekenäs, the historic previous ironworks of Svartå, Fiskars and Billnäs, the artist Helene Schjerbeck, the archipelago of over 1,300 islands and the most magnificent historical monument in Western Uusimaa, Raseborg Castle Ruins, to name but a few attractions. During the summer of 2024, there is a wide range of public guided tours. If you want a tour with a specific theme or for a large group, you can also book a customised tour from one of Raseborg’s professional guides. Take a closer look at the wide range of guided tours here.

Summer 2024 public guided tours

Public guided tours of Raseborg Castle, where actor Dan Idman brings the interesting history of the castle to life. You will hear about kings, pirates, love and everyday life at the castle. The guided tours are multilingual and take place in Finnish, Swedish and English (if requested). The tours last approximately 1 hour and cost 5€ (+admission) for adults, 2€ (+admission) for children 7-15 years and free for children under 7 years. Tickets for the guided tours can be purchased in advance from the Raseborg Castle online shop. The public tours are held as follows:

July: Wednesdays at 14.00. Saturdays and Sundays at 12.00 and 14.00.

August: Saturdays 3/8, 10/8, 17/8, 24/8 and 31/8 at 2 pm.

NOTE! There are steep stairs and uneven terrain in the castle that can make it difficult for people with disabilities. With assistance it is possible to at least enter the courtyard. 

Svartå Manor, located in the old ironworks area, is one of Finland’s most valuable manors and a nationally important cultural heritage site. The guided tours tell about the long and interesting history of the manor and the area, as well as the happy and tragic moments of the manor. The tours last about 45 minutes and are usually in Finnish. There are a limited number of tickets for each guided tour, so it is advisable to book in advance. Price: 15€/adult or 12€/adult if booked via the online shop. Public guided tours are held during 25 June – 11 August as follows:

  • Tuesday – Thursday 10:00 / 11:30 / 12:45 / 14:30
  • Saturday 10:00 / 11:30 / 14:30
  • Sunday 10:00 / 11:30
  • Closed on Mondays and Fridays

Join a guided tour with the people of the ironworks in beautiful Fiskars Village and hear about the industrial history and the forests of the ironworks. The tours start at the information point (former fire station) and last about 40 minutes. The guided tours are in Finnish, Swedish and English and do not require prior booking. Price: voluntary fee. The tours are held from 26 June to 11 August on Wed-Sun at 11:30 and 14:30.

Svartå Slott, foto Kjell Svenskberg

The Raseborgs guider-association is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2024 and invites the public to several interesting guided tours around Raseborg during the summer. The guided tours are only available in Finnish or Swedish, are completely free of charge but require advance registration. Registrations are taken via this registration form (in Swedish and Finnish).

Visit Villa Skeppet in Ekenäs through a guided tour. The house was designed by Alvar Aalto as a gift to Christine and Göran Schildt. Villa Skeppet is the smallest private home designed by Aalto and also the last of his private houses to be built. Here you can experience Aalto’s architecture and the atmosphere of the Mediterranean. The tours are 30-40 minutes long, cost 22€/adult and are usually in English unless otherwise agreed. The tours can accommodate a maximum of 10 people. Tickets can be booked in advance via the online shop, but groups are advised to make an appointment by e-mail at least two weeks in advance: info@villaskeppet.fi.

In addition to these public tours, there are many more options that can be booked privately. Here you can find a list of the diverse guided tours in Raseborg.

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This summer, Raseborgs sommarteater presents the well-known adventure story of The Three Musketeers based on Alexandre Dumas’ novel. The family musical follows the eager d’Artagnan and his clever sister Sabine as they become embroiled in controversy, betrayal and romance. From grand Baroque pieces to modern ballads, these young heroes and their comrades – the conquering Athos, the humorous Porthos and the humble Aramis – take us on a musical adventure in 17th-century France. Don’t miss this summer’s musical, guaranteed to lift the spirits, warm the soul and offer a magical view of the castle ruins! The play will be performed between 27 June and 4 August 2024. Tickets can be purchased in advance here.

The play is in Swedish.


Theaters, concerts and stand-up performances are filling the summer stage next to the beautiful castle park at Svartå Manor. Among this summer’s performances you will find e.g., the theatre of the hilarious comedy Vaimoni on toista maata. Read more about the play and other performances here (in Finnish).

All plays and performances are in Finnish.


Enjoy a small-scale theatre in the heart of Tenala, when SKOTT r.f. is performing a classic in a new guise on the Museigården stage – Alice i det underliga landet. The play is entertaining for all age groups and will be performed from 3 July to 28 July 2024. Buy tickets here.

The play is in Swedish.

Check out our event calendar for more tips on what’s happening in Raseborg.

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Raseborg offers a wide range of boat rental services, making it easy for both visitors and residents to explore the beautiful archipelago on their own. In Raseborg, boats can be hired from Ekenäs Camping, Gullö Gård, Elimostrand and Hummeldal – perfect for fishing or other boating activities.

This summer the boat rental company Skipperi introduces two new concepts in Raseborg: a pop-up boat rental in Ekenäs, but also a form of AirBnb rental for boats, where both private and professional boat owners can rent out their boats to others. Boat rental has been a great success in recent years and has helped more and more people to realise their dreams of a summer sailing trip or a long voyage in our beautiful archipelago.

Walking along the North Harbour in Ekenäs, you may notice two boats moored outside Hamnterrassen. They belong to the Finnish company Skipperi, founded in 2017, which has developed its concept of making the boating industry more sustainable and accessible to everyone, both in Finland and abroad.

Skipperi offers two different memberships to rent their boats

  • Skipperi Fleet membership is a monthly membership with three levels, giving access to boats in Ekenäs and over 20 other harbours in Finland, as well as internationally in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, New Zealand and Canada. The boats are available from May to October, depending on the weather.
  • The second membership is a local membership specifically for the rental boats in Ekenäs. For a one-off fee, the boats can be used during the best boating season 20 June – 11 August. In addition to the one-off fee, you pay a usage fee, which varies depending on the length and timing of the hire. You can find the local offer for Skipperi boats on their website www.skipperi.fi (only in Finnish).

The boats are equipped with everything from life jackets to a modern chart plotter. Skipper Academy training videos and practical training on the water are included, so no previous boating experience is necessary.

Rent out your boat and earn money

The second part of Skipperi’s business is to provide a platform through which both individuals and companies can rent out their own boats and make money from it. This has many advantages and benefits boat owners, renters and the tourism industry of the city. Currently, there are 755 boats available for hire through Skipperi, with a wide range of boats to choose from, both on a daily and weekly basis. Boat owners can choose their own tenants, when the boat is available for hire and what it costs.

For more information on Skipperi’s services and conditions, and detailed instructions on how to rent a boat, please visit the Skipperi website in Finnish, www.skipperi.fi.

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Boat Trips to the Archipelago

When exploring Raseborg during the summer you should definitely visit the archipelago, and you don’t even need to own a boat! Getting out to Raseborg archipelago has become easier over the years, and today there is a wide range of businesses offering various transportation options. Whether you prefer taking the ferry, a boat taxi or booking a guided boat tour, there is an option suitable for everyone! Here are our best tips for those wanting to go on a boat excursion.

Archipelago Trips 2024

  • The connecting vessel m/s Salmetar brings you from Skogby harbour to Jussarö on Thursdays-Sundays during 8.6-25.8. You can find the current timetable for 2024 on Jussarö’s homepage. Contact: info@jussaro.net, tel: 040 505 3422
  • Archipelago cruise to the old mining island Jussarö with the waterbus m/s Myggen III on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 26.6 – 9.8.2024. Departure from Ekenäs at 10.30, at Jussarö at 11:40. Price: 30€/person, children under the age of 12, 10€. Booking in advance required +358(0) 400 436 915
  • IHA-Lines organises full-day cruises from Helsinki via Barösund to the old town of Tammisaari. The trip lasts 11 hours and includes a guided tour. Reservations can be made through their website.
  • Boat trips with the motorboat Petruska in Ekenäs and the surrounding area, for example Jussarö or Rödjan. The boat’s cabin can be heated and can accommodate up to eight passengers. During the tour you can also kayak, swim or just enjoy nature. The tours are led by Jöns Aschan, an experienced kayaking guide and instructor. Bookings and additional information here.
  • Guide-Matti organizes boat trips with a maximum of five passengers to Ekenäs Archipelago National Park, such as Älgö and Jussarö. Also nature excursions to Grabbskog. The trips are tailored according to the customer’s preferences and weather conditions. The tours are always guided. Languages: Finnish, English. Contact: matti@guidematti.fi, tel: 040 581 4799
  • Boat Taxi Mirella makes cruises according to previous agreement between Helsinki and Hanko. Home port: Barösund. Contact: tel. 0400-487 915, tmi.sabaco@outlook.com

To the Archipelago Without a Boat

Did you know it is possible to reach the archipelago without boat? Take a car trip, or why not cycle to the scenic village Bromarv, located approximately 36 kilometres outside the centre of Ekenäs or to Sandnäsudd in Snappertuna. Make sure to visit the beautiful beach Padva if you are in Bromarv or Sandis Archipelago Shop and Café in Sandnäsudd!

To further explore the archipelago, take the ferry to Skåldö and visit places like Kopparö and the idyllic guest harbour Sommaröstrand. Both places offer restaurant services, and Kopparö offers accomodation options. These locations provides you with the opportunity to experience and enjoy the archipelago life without needing to go by boat.

If you prefer walking, we recommend you to visit Ramsholmen-Högholmen, an outdoor area suitable for families in Ekenäs. Here you can admire the sea view from the sandy beach in Ramsholmen or enjoy the sound of the water against the cliffs of Högholmen.

Rent a Boat or Kayak

Enjoying the archipelago goes well with your own boat but also fantastically with a boat rental. There are opportunities to rent everything from SUP-boards to motorboats in Raseborg. Some excellent destinations for a boat trip are Jussarö, Älgö, Fladalandet and Modermagan in Ekenäs Archipelago National Park. Boat rental is the perfect option for you if you want to explore the archipelago stress-free and at your own pace. You can find more information about boat rentals here.

For those interested in paddling, there are also various opportunities to explore the archipelago. You can participate in guided paddling tours taking you around the archipelago or rent kayaks if you prefer to explore on your own. Paddling is a perfect activity for nature lovers or those who want to experience the archipelago up close. Get more information about paddling here.

Have a look here for more ideas on activities in the archipelago.

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The highlight of the route is the bridge built over the Svartån river right next to the fishway in the dam. The bridge has a vantage point from which you can admire the village in all its beauty, and perhaps even spot a fish climbing up the fishway during migration season! The information sign on the bridge teaches visitors about the efforts made to restore the population of freshwater pearl mussels in Svartån, and of the work being done to ease the journey of migratory fish up the river.

The history of Billnäs Village reaches nearly 400 years back in time. The industries of the village have in the past produced everything from iron bars to furniture and exotic fruits, and the signs of the lively industrial history are still clearly visible. One of the aims of the path is to familiarize the visitors of the historical significance of their idyllic surroundings.

The path is suitable for both bikers and hikers. Billnäs is also a part of Raseborg’s city bike network, so the path can easily be linked with for example the beautiful Railbank route reaching all the way to Åminnefors and Fiskars. There are also several resting points with tables and chairs along the route.

The opportunities of nature lovers in Billnäs are expanding, as this summer there’s a chance to rent a fat bike, an electric bike or a kayak from the village. Biking opportunities around Billnäs are numerous, and Svartån river offers wonderful scenery for paddlers.

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Raseborg is continuosly developing the public transportation system to make it smoother and more accessible, also for our visitors! During the summer of 2023, the entire ticket and timetable system has been renewed and is now known as Bosse. You can take the train to Karis and then hop on the local Bosse bus to experience the versatile and exciting neighborhoods in Raseborg.

Travel to the peaceful archipelago village of Bromarv and enjoy a delicious meal at a local restaurant or explore Bromarv’s highest mountain (60m), Vaktkojberget, through a digital nature trail. There are also multiple daily bus tours to Ekenäs, where you can stroll among charming red cottages in the idyllic old town. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the newly opened art museum Chappe. Buses also conveniently take you to the historic Billnäs and Fiskars ironworks in Raseborg. Get off the bus at the ironworks to learn more about their fascinating history. Explore workshops, galleries, and historical buildings to gain a deeper insight into their cultural heritage and enjoy everything they have to offer.

All bus timetables and routes in Raseborg can be found in the new travel planner, which is part of Bosse, and you can travel on them using Bosse tickets.


All ticket options are conveniently accessible through the Waltti Mobiili app! You can download the app for free from Google Play or the App Store. Alternatively, you can purchase a Bosse travel card, which allows you to load it with credit. These travel cards can be purchased from the Waltti online shop, R-kioski in Ekenäs or Luckan in Karis. The cost of a Bosse travel card is 5 €.

Ticket Options

Single ticket – Suitable for those travelling occasionally in the region. The single ticket is valid for 120 minutes. Single tickets can be purchased:

  • in Waltti Mobiili – 3,20 €
  • by obtaining a Bosse travel card and loading it with credit – 3,20 €
  • from a service point (R-kioski in Ekenäs, Luckan in Karis) – 3,40 €
  • on the bus with bank- or credit card – 3,40 €

Daily ticket – Suitable for those wanting to travel much under one day. The ticket is valid for 24 hours. Daily tickets cost 8,00 € and can be purchased:

  • from Waltti Mobiili
  • by obtaining a Bosse travel card and loading it with credit
  • from a service point (R-kioski in Ekenäs, Luckan in Karis)
  • on the bus with a bank- or credit card

30-day ticket – Suitable for those travelling on a regular basis. This ticket offers unlimited travel for the duration of its validity, allowing you to travel as frequently as you desire within that time frame. 30-day tickets cost 60,00 € and can be purchased:

  • from Waltti Mobiili
  • by loading the 30-day ticket on your Bosse travel card from the Waltti online shop or from a service point (R-kioski Ekenäs, Luckan Karis)

Value ticket – Suitable for those travelling a few times a week/month. With the Bosse travel card, you can load value that decreases as the card is used. With the value ticket, you can pay for single and day tickets on the bus. Value tickets can be purchased:

  • by buying a Bosse travel card and loading it with an optional amount in the Waltti online store
  • by buying a Bosse travel card and loading it with an optional amount in a service point (R-kioski in Ekenäs, Luckan in Karis)

Children aged 0-6 travel for free when accompanied by a paying passenger. Children under 7 travelling on their own need to purchase a child ticket.

PLEASE NOTE! Timetables and tickets for bus transportation going outside Raseborg are available on Matkahuolto’s website. Raseborg’s internal bus transportation is not visible on Matkahuolto.

Take the opportunity to enjoy the scenic surroundings and attractions of Raseborg and travel with Bosse, which will take you wherever you want in a comfortable and more sustainable way. Welcome to explore Raseborg with Bosse as your travel companion!

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Dark Weekend is an event-filled weekend arranged by locals to celebrate our beautiful villages’ and regions’ history and fascinating stories. Arranged in Halloween, the event will offer the Western-Uusimaa hygge in the form of for example storytelling nights, themed meals, night museums and ghost adventures – not to forget the delicious, locally produced foods and drinks!

Due to the pandemic the weekend will be composed of a multitude of smaller events, arranged following the current recommendations. If you have questions about any of the events, please contact the organizer of the specific event.

You can find the program of the weekend in Raseborg’s event calendar, and the events arranged in Hanko will be listed in their event calendar.

A result of local collaboration

The Dark Weekend is a themed event arranged together with the cities of Raseborg and Hanko, as well as local organisations, companies and event organizers. All the event organizers can freely announce their events in the cities’ event calendars, where the public will easily find all information regarding the event.

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In the end of April, 30 city bikes will arrive in Raseborg and renting a bike is easy: download a mobile app called Donkey Republic from your app store and check the nearest station with bikes available. After choosing your bike, you will unlock the bike via the app and the rental time will begin. After your bike ride you will pay the price according to the length of your rental time. The Donkey Repulic system is being used also for example in Porvoo and Imatra, as well as bigger cities like Berlin and Copenhagen. 

You can rent a bike for an hour or for example for the whole day. Fifteen minutes costs a euro and an hour will be two euros. A month-long pass costs nine euros, and with it you can pedal as many max. hour-long journeys as you wish. Users can also book a month-long membership or a pass for the whole season (check the price list below). The pass allows you to use the bikes in Raseborg, but also in other cities using the Donkey Republic system.  

During the season bike stations can be found in Ekenäs, Karis, Billnäs Village, Pojo and in Fiskars Village. 

Prices List

You can rent a bike for fifteen minutes or why not for the whole day. You can also book a pass for a month or even the whole season (May-October). The passes can be used in every city that uses the Donkey Republic city bike system.  

15 min – 1.00 € 
30 min – 1.50 € 
1h – 2.00 € 
4h – 5.00 € 
1 day – 12. 00 € 

One-month Pass 9€/month

Unlimited number of rentals up to one hour. 

Season Pass 35€/Biking Season

One hour of biking per each rental with unlimited number of rentals! Each season will last at least until the end of October, and with good weather it can also be extended. 

Contact Information and Support

If you run into a problem, please contact the customer service at +358 44 71 606 44 – the service is open for seven days per week at least at 9:00-21:00.  

You can ask for on-site help with bike problems or about anything related to the service by calling the customer service number. In the Donkey Republic app, you can also report an error directly. The service is provided by the company Kaakau oy. You can contact the company via email at info@kaakau.fi. 

17.06.2021 / Sommar2023

With the summer bus you can effortlessly visit Hanko’s and Raseborg’s greatest destinations! Stop for a seaside coffee in Ekenäs or visit idyllic Billnäs Village’s brand new terrace! The bus route has been made possible through a collaboration between the city of Raseborg and Hanko.

Summer bus timetable 17.6-14.8.2021 (changes possible)

Thursday-Saturday from Hanko to Fiskars
Hanko at 9:30 a.m.
Ekenäs at 10:00 a.m.
Karis at 10:20-10:35 a.m.
Billnäs at 10:42 a.m.
Pojo at 10:50 a.m.
Fiskars at 10:55 a.m.
Antskog at 11:00 a.m. (if needed)

Thursday-Saturday from Fiskars to Hanko
Antskog at 14:55 p.m. (if needed)
Fiskars at 15:00 p.m.
Pojo at 15:05 p.m.
Billnäs at 15:12 p.m.
Karis at 15:20-15:35 p.m.
Ekenäs at 15:55 p.m.
Hanko at 16:25 p.m.

Plan your trip and book your ticket via Matkahuolto!