Public Transport in Raseborg

The new public transport system of Raseborg, Bosse, is finally here! By using Bosse, you can easily and affordably navigate around Raseborg and explore the districts.

Raseborg is continuosly developing the public transportation system to make it smoother and more accessible, also for our visitors! During the summer of 2023, the entire ticket and timetable system has been renewed and is now known as Bosse. You can take the train to Karis and then hop on the local Bosse bus to experience the versatile and exciting neighborhoods in Raseborg.

Travel to the peaceful archipelago village of Bromarv and enjoy a delicious meal at a local restaurant or explore Bromarv’s highest mountain (60m), Vaktkojberget, through a digital nature trail. There are also multiple daily bus tours to Ekenäs, where you can stroll among charming red cottages in the idyllic old town. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the newly opened art museum Chappe. Buses also conveniently take you to the historic Billnäs and Fiskars ironworks in Raseborg. Get off the bus at the ironworks to learn more about their fascinating history. Explore workshops, galleries, and historical buildings to gain a deeper insight into their cultural heritage and enjoy everything they have to offer.

All bus timetables and routes in Raseborg can be found in the new travel planner, which is part of Bosse, and you can travel on them using Bosse tickets.


All ticket options are conveniently accessible through the Waltti Mobiili app! You can download the app for free from Google Play or the App Store. Alternatively, you can purchase a Bosse travel card, which allows you to load it with credit. These travel cards can be purchased from the Waltti online shop, R-kioski in Ekenäs or Luckan in Karis. The cost of a Bosse travel card is 5 €.

Ticket Options

Single ticket – Suitable for those travelling occasionally in the region. The single ticket is valid for 120 minutes. Single tickets can be purchased:

Daily ticket – Suitable for those wanting to travel much under one day. The ticket is valid for 24 hours. Daily tickets cost 8,00 € and can be purchased:

30-day ticket – Suitable for those travelling on a regular basis. This ticket offers unlimited travel for the duration of its validity, allowing you to travel as frequently as you desire within that time frame. 30-day tickets cost 60,00 € and can be purchased:

Value ticket – Suitable for those travelling a few times a week/month. With the Bosse travel card, you can load value that decreases as the card is used. With the value ticket, you can pay for single and day tickets on the bus. Value tickets can be purchased:

Children aged 0-6 travel for free when accompanied by a paying passenger. Children under 7 travelling on their own need to purchase a child ticket.

PLEASE NOTE! Timetables and tickets for bus transportation going outside Raseborg are available on Matkahuolto’s website. Raseborg’s internal bus transportation is not visible on Matkahuolto.

Take the opportunity to enjoy the scenic surroundings and attractions of Raseborg and travel with Bosse, which will take you wherever you want in a comfortable and more sustainable way. Welcome to explore Raseborg with Bosse as your travel companion!