Visit Raseborg with your dog

Raseborg offers plenty of possibilities to enjoy the city with your dog as your company. Many restaurants welcome you to bring your dog with you when you're eating lunch or having a cold drink in the sun. Raseborg offers a lot of beautiful nature trails and green areas where the dog can run and play. In Ekenäs you find a small beach which is dedicated to dogs.

Travel with your dog to Raseborg

If you travel by bus or train, you can buy a special ticket for your pet. You can also take your pet with you on a taxi, as long as you tell the driver in advance.

Green nature trails and luscious parks

In Västerby Outdoor Recreation Center both you and your dog will feel good. You can enjoy ascents and downhills, the leafy forest and good running trails. In the winter you can enjoy the snow while skiing and your dog can run beside you in the snow. If you have a puppy or children with you, we recommend the Trollskogsrundan, which is a perfect trail for the small ones.

Another nice place is Pumpviken in Karis where you can walk around a beautiful lake and enjoy the view of green trees reflected in the water. It’s a very popular area and you will surely bump into other dog friends.

If you’re a fan of both the forest and the sea, we suggest visiting Ramsholmen in Ekenäs. In spring your dog can play in the forest while you pick some flowers for a pretty bouquet. You can keep walking over the bridge to Högholmen to experience steep hills and enjoy a sea view at the same time.

Please note that dogs are not allowed to run free in public places, but should be held in leash.

Dog parks

Ekenäs dog park. Metallduksgatan 1,10600 Raseborg.

Karis dog park. Dystängsgatan 16, 10320 Raseborg.

Pojo dog park. Along the road to Klockarudden in Pojo, 10420 Raseborg.

Dog beach

Is your dog in need of cooling itself down during a hot summer day? Then you can visit the dog’s beach in Ekenäs. If you walk from Stallörsparken along Västvallen you’ll see the little beach and hopefully your dog gets to play and have fun with other dogs in the water. 

When hungry

It’s important for both the dog and its owner to eat good food during the day and in Raseborg many restaurants accept dogs in the venue and on the patio. In Ekenäs you can eat a fresh lunch at Cafferie at the market square, where they offer water to all dogs.

In the evening you can enjoy a cold drink at Baywatch while your little friend is sleeping in the shadow at the terrace. Afterwards you can have dinner at Albatros and watch the magical sunset. Albatros is a dog-friendly restaurant.

Dogs are also welcome in Fiskars at Fiskars Wärdshus where they can join you inside and outside. Restaurant Kuparipaja in Fiskars welcomes dogs to the terrace. If you want to try the best toast in Karis we recommend going to Art Café Serendipity

Tourist attractions for you and your dog

Who doesn’t want to bring their best friend when exploring the best parts of Raseborg? You can go on an adventure to Raseborg Castle area with your dog, although not inside the castle. Your dog can also join you to Slottknektens Stuga for something to eat. Svartå Manor is another castle that welcomes dogs.

For those who want to experience the archipelago it’s a great option to book a summer cruise to Jussarö or Rödjan. Another way to get to feel the sea breeze is to take the ferry to Skåldö and visit Sommaröstrand. Why not share an ice cream with your dog?

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