The city bikes are here!

Discover Raseborg this summer on the back of a city bike. This year's bikes are 30. to the number and are distributed at seven stations located in Ekenäs, Karis, Fiskars and Billnäs.

When the city bikes return from its winter sleep, it is a sure sign that the summer is soon here. This summer, you will find Raseborg’s city bikes at the following locations:


Ekenäs Railway station

Restaurant Albatross/ Harbour terrace Baywatch

Town hall (until midsummer) then Restaurant Knipan

Novia University of Applied Sciences (until midsummer) then Ekenäs market square


Karis Railway station


Fiskars Village


Billnäs Village

Renting a bike is very easy! Begin by downloading a mobile app called Donkey Republic from your app store and check the nearest station with bikes available. After choosing your bike, you will unlock the bike via the app and the rental time will begin. After your bike ride you will pay the price according to the length of your rental time. The price per bike is for example: 1 € for 15 min, 2 € for 1 h and it is also possible to choose monthly passes or seasonal passes.

Read more about the service and the city bikes here.