Forest park Ramsholmen

Scenic area with rich flora and fauna and beautiful wood anemones during spring

Ramsholmen nature park area is about 55 hectares and a popular recreation area a kilometre from Ekenäs centre. Its flora and fauna is so diverse that anything similar is hardly found elsewhere in our country. In the spring, when the wood anemones begin to bloom, the area turns into one big sea of flowers. That’s also when the early riser gets to enjoy birdsong at its richest.

Hagen is the area that the visitor first arrives in. The nature here is diverse. The finest broad-leaved trees grow here, and the spring blossom is the most spectacular. Trees are tall (over 35 meters) and in some places the thickets are very dense. The area that is in the most natural state is Högholmen, and therefore the terrain is also the roughest. Pedestrian bridges cross over the narrow rivers that separate the different parts of the nature park. The nature park area has received the status of a nature reserve and is part of the Natura 2000 network. This means strict preservation orders. Trees that are felled or that have fallen must be left in place or moved somewhere else in the area. It is allowed to pick mushrooms, berries and wood anemones, but it is prohibited to pick or damage other plants. Pets must be in a leash. Campfires, tents, and camping is prohibited.

Ramsholmen nature park area has been the townees’ recreational area since 1870’s, and a variety of park buildings where parties have been organised has been built in the area. For example, the current dance hall is from the 1960’s and the villas in the area, Villa Snäcksund and Villa Ormnäs, are from the 19th century. Villa Snäcksund has been restored to a residence for artists, which Pro Artibus foundation owns. The Villa has two apartments and in a separate building there are two workrooms. Location and getting around Ramsholmen is a recreation area for the entire family and is easily accessed, located right by the Raseborg Hospital and Ekenäs Camping. You can park your car for example on the parking lot by Snäcksundsvägen street, or on Ormänsvägen street close to the campsite. The many paths of the area are suitable for biking, prams and wheelchairs. You should also pack your swimsuit because there is a beach in Ramsholmen.