Raaseporin kaupunkipyörät 2021

City Bikes in Raseborg

The city bikes of the summer are here! We want to offer all locals and visitors an affordable and easy way to travel in the region, do sports and enjoy the breathtaking views and beautiful nature all at the same time. Exploring the area by bike makes it easier to find local hidden treasures as it lets you make your journey the way you best like it. Using the bikes is easy and simple!

In the end of April, 30 city bikes will arrive in Raseborg and renting a bike is easy: download a mobile app called Donkey Republic from your app store and check the nearest station with bikes available. After choosing your bike, you will unlock the bike via the app and the rental time will begin. After your bike ride you will pay the price according to the length of your rental time. The Donkey Repulic system is being used also for example in Porvoo and Imatra, as well as bigger cities like Berlin and Copenhagen. 

You can rent a bike for an hour or for example for the whole day. Fifteen minutes costs a euro and an hour will be two euros. A month-long pass costs nine euros, and with it you can pedal as many max. hour-long journeys as you wish. Users can also book a month-long membership or a pass for the whole season (check the price list below). The pass allows you to use the bikes in Raseborg, but also in other cities using the Donkey Republic system.  

During the season bike stations can be found in Ekenäs, Karis, Billnäs Village, Pojo and in Fiskars Village. 

Prices List

You can rent a bike for fifteen minutes or why not for the whole day. You can also book a pass for a month or even the whole season (May-October). The passes can be used in every city that uses the Donkey Republic city bike system.  

15 min – 1.00 € 
30 min – 1.50 € 
1h – 2.00 € 
4h – 5.00 € 
1 day – 12. 00 € 

One-month Pass 9€/month

Unlimited number of rentals up to one hour. 

Season Pass 35€/Biking Season

One hour of biking per each rental with unlimited number of rentals! Each season will last at least until the end of October, and with good weather it can also be extended. 

Contact Information and Support

If you run into a problem, please contact the customer service at +358 44 71 606 44 – the service is open for seven days per week at least at 9:00-21:00.  

You can ask for on-site help with bike problems or about anything related to the service by calling the customer service number. In the Donkey Republic app, you can also report an error directly. The service is provided by the company Kaakau oy. You can contact the company via email at info@kaakau.fi.