Only 15 kilometers from the city center of Ekenäs, the idyllic village Tenala is located. In this village you can take part of the beautiful nature and enjoy the life at the countryside. Bargains from the Bronze Age show that there has been settlement in Tenala for 4000 years. Back in the days Tenala munipacility consisted Bromarv, the Hanko Peninsula and parts of Pojo.

Tenala includes many small villages that has an amount of 2500 inhabitants and a lot of summer guests. 

There has been settlement in Tenala for over 4000 years. Graves from the Bronze Age has been found in the village and also a large bargain from the Iron Age. The bargain is probably from a ship that is built at the Fastarby’s fields. The name Tenala has its origin in the words ‘thegn’ which means warrior and ‘ala’ which means place of sacrifice.

Locally produced cheese and interesting events

Today Tenala is a place with an active village association as well as other associations and clubs. During summer a lot of different events are organized, for instance, the Tenala Day and dance at the Torparrian. These events attract visitors from every corner of Raseborg. If you’re longing for a good laugh, we recommend visiting the Tenala UF:s amateur theatre at Bygdegården, or it’s summer theatre. In Tenala you’ll find schools, a kindergarden, a home for the elderly and a grocery store. Fishing and agriculture has always been important to the villagers.

While visiting Tenala we highly recommend popping by the grocery store Frimans Diversehandel. They sell cheese produced in Tenala and other local goodies. Next to the store you’ll find the restaurant Bakfickan that serves delicious food. You can also visit the church in Tenala or go to a museum. You can choose between the Hembygdsmuseum (museum about the history of Tenala) and the Lantbruksmuseum ( museum of agriculture).