Bromarv is a village in the archipelago, located a 40 minutes drive away from Ekenäs. Bromarv offers a picturesque guest harbor, and therefore it's easy to get there also by boat. In Bromarv you can go swimming at beautiful beaches, participate in different events or why not enjoy dinner at one of the charming restaurants.

During the summer Bromarv’s streets and cafés are at their liveliest, with many summer guests and happenings. In the heart of Bromarv you’ll find the guest harbor that attracts plenty of sailing guests.

Summer in Bromarv

During the summer, plenty of events are held in Bromarv. For example, the summer market, the Midsummer party and Bromarfnatten are popular among both summer guests and locals.
In Padva you’ll find a beautiful beach, which has often been named as one of the most beautiful in Finland. After a refreshing swim you can continue your journey from there out to Skataudden and the summer restaurant Skatafé.
If you’re longing for a cup of coffee or savories in the center of Bromarv, we recommend visiting the cozy restaurant & café Theodors, that also serves lunch all year round. In the guest harbor you’ll also find the summer café Strandbistron and Café Spiltan. Experience services are offered by Rilax Manor and Kansjerf Culture Estate. In Rilax Manor you can join a riding trek with your group, and in Kansjerf a yoga retreat will calm you down.
In addition to restaurants, Bromarv also offers a variety of activities. For example the beautiful nature path of Vaktkojberget is definitely worth hiking, as the views on the top of the 60 meter high hill are spectacular. Find out more information about the activities at the guest harbour. 


Already in the 16th century, Bromarv was inhabited. Fishing, agriculture and building ships have always been important livelihoods for the area’s population. In the end of the 19th century, Bromarv became popular among summer guests, many houses were built during these years and they are still standing.

A few kilometers from Bromarv village center you’ll find the Rilax estate. The historical Rilax battle took place here during the Great Northern war year 1714. The battle included the Swedish and Russian navies. The Russian navy won the battle and it was their first significant victory.