Tammisaaren vanha kaupunki mereltä, kuva Johan Ljunqvist

Ekenäs in two hours

Are you on a short visit to Ekenäs, but don’t know what's there to see or where to begin? Don't worry, two hours is just enough time to explore a variety of must-see attractions in Ekenäs. Join us on a short sightseeing tour and get the most out of your trip!

The first thing to do when you arrive in Ekenäs is to stop by a local cafe or Raseborg museum just 120 meters from the market square, and grab a map. This way, you will quickly grasp the town’s structure and also find out what’s going on in Ekenäs. From the stairs of the old Town Hall by the market square, you can get a glimpse of the Ekenäs church tower.

If you are in town on a market day, that is Wednesday or Saturday, wander around the market. There you can enjoy the atmosphere and taste local treats. If you want to have a nice cup of coffee and maybe some local pastries, head to one of the cozy cafes by the market place.

The heart of Ekenäs

Follow Stora Kyrkogatan to the church, which is the heart of the Old Town. The construction of the church began already in the early 1650s, and it took another 20 years to finish the building. Damaged by the fire that raged in the Old Town in 1821, the subsequent reparation of the building transformed the church. Step in and let the children meet Siffe the Church Rat.

Outside, the church is surrounded by charming wooden houses and a small park. The trees offer a perfect hiding place from the sun.

Continue from the church park towards Basatorget. In the corner of this old market square, a pillory reminds of public punishments in the old days.

Seaside idyll

After Basatorget, the next stop on our outing is Stallörsparken. There the children play in the town’s most popular playground, the Lion Park. The beach is filled with swimmers and sunbathers and all kinds of events are held.

On summer Tuesdays, the evening market on Strandallén brings together locals and summer guests. Here visitors can hunt bargains or enjoy delicious crêpes in the Finnish way.

On the other side of the beach, at the end of Strandallén, stands one of the town’s most important landmarks, namely restaurant Knipan. It is said that when the restaurant was planned, the restaurant quota of Ekenäs was already filled and therefore the construction of Knipan wasn’t authorized. However, a loophole was found, and that is why Knipan was built on poles in the sea.

The North Harbour is located on the right side of Strandallén, along which there are several terraces and restaurants where you can enjoy the seaside view or follow the incoming summer guests.

From Stallörsparken, we turn left to walk along Västvallen. Take in the sea scenery, spot swan couples and look into the winding roads of the Old Town.

The charming Old Town

Turn to Linvävaregatan and enter the Old Town. Around Christmas time, you can peek into to the windows of the old wooden houses and see how the homes are filled with Christmas lights and decorations. Further down the street, there is a pink wooden house that is considered to be the oldest house in Ekenäs.

If you are feeling thirsty, step into the charming Café Gamla Stan at Bastugatan. Enjoy tasty cakes and a cup of coffee under the apple trees in the garden or in the cozy 18th century cottage. If you happen to visit around Christmas, the café also hosts a Christmas cottage.

From the café, we continue to Fisketorget, where the fishermen used to gather to sell their catch. You can walk along the pier that starts from the old market square and goes around Södra viken. Make a stop in the park and ring the bell of Helene Schjerbeck’s monument.

From the park Skepparträdgården, you can see the tree tops of the over 35 metre high trees of the Forest Park Ramsholmen. In the shadows of the trees, it’s easy to relax while listening to the birdsong. After a walk, what’d be better than to have a little dip in the sea? But that we’ll have to leave to the next time you are visiting Ekenäs!

Now it’s time to return to the town square. If you have some time left, why not go round the boutiques on the oldest pedestrian street in Finland, Kungsgatan, or go back to Stallörsparken, where you can enjoy the view while tasting delicious food and refreshing drinks at the different restaurants and terraces?

Map of the route