To the Archipelago

If you dream of heading to the archipelago but don’t have a boat, look no further! With its 1,300 islands, stunning beaches and charming villages, Raseborg archipelago offers a fantastic place for relaxation, nature experiences and boating. Here are tips how to easily access the archipelago. 

Boat Trips to the Archipelago

When exploring Raseborg during the summer you should definitely visit the archipelago, and you don’t even need to own a boat! Getting out to Raseborg archipelago has become easier over the years, and today there is a wide range of businesses offering various transportation options. Whether you prefer taking the ferry, a boat taxi or booking a guided boat tour, there is an option suitable for everyone! Here are our best tips for those wanting to go on a boat excursion.

Archipelago Trips 2024

To the Archipelago Without a Boat

Did you know it is possible to reach the archipelago without boat? Take a car trip, or why not cycle to the scenic village Bromarv, located approximately 36 kilometres outside the centre of Ekenäs or to Sandnäsudd in Snappertuna. Make sure to visit the beautiful beach Padva if you are in Bromarv or Sandis Archipelago Shop and Café in Sandnäsudd!

To further explore the archipelago, take the ferry to Skåldö and visit places like Kopparö and the idyllic guest harbour Sommaröstrand. Both places offer restaurant services, and Kopparö offers accomodation options. These locations provides you with the opportunity to experience and enjoy the archipelago life without needing to go by boat.

If you prefer walking, we recommend you to visit Ramsholmen-Högholmen, an outdoor area suitable for families in Ekenäs. Here you can admire the sea view from the sandy beach in Ramsholmen or enjoy the sound of the water against the cliffs of Högholmen.

Rent a Boat or Kayak

Enjoying the archipelago goes well with your own boat but also fantastically with a boat rental. There are opportunities to rent everything from SUP-boards to motorboats in Raseborg. Some excellent destinations for a boat trip are Jussarö, Älgö, Fladalandet and Modermagan in Ekenäs Archipelago National Park. Boat rental is the perfect option for you if you want to explore the archipelago stress-free and at your own pace. You can find more information about boat rentals here.

For those interested in paddling, there are also various opportunities to explore the archipelago. You can participate in guided paddling tours taking you around the archipelago or rent kayaks if you prefer to explore on your own. Paddling is a perfect activity for nature lovers or those who want to experience the archipelago up close. Get more information about paddling here.

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