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Dark Weekend is an event-filled weekend arranged by locals to celebrate our beautiful villages’ and regions’ history and fascinating stories. Arranged in Halloween, the event will offer the Western-Uusimaa hygge in the form of for example storytelling nights, themed meals, night museums and ghost adventures – not to forget the delicious, locally produced foods and drinks!

Join us in a thrilling dive into October, we guarantee that it will cheer you up! This year, the Dark Weekend is organized on the last weekend of October, 27th to 29th.

You can find the program of the weekend in Raseborg’s event calendar and on Visit Hanko’s webpage.

A result of local collaboration

The Dark Weekend is a themed event arranged together with the cities of Raseborg and Hanko, as well as local organisations, companies and event organizers. All the event organizers can freely announce their events in the cities’ event calendars, where the public will easily find all information regarding the event.

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The magical time of flowering

In the spring, the city’s leafy parks, lush streets and lively playgrounds come to life again. Enjoy extended days, a warming sun and a happy mood among residents and visitors. Whether you want to enjoy the tranquility of nature or raise your heart rate on one of the city’s all hiking trails, there is something for everyone.

A sure sign of spring in Raseborg, is when the white anemones start to bloom, and transforms Ramsholmen’s forest and ground into a green-white sea of flowers. At the turn of the month April-May, the forest is filled with a beautiful scenery that few can resist. For the early-morning hiker, the park area’s birds offer the most versatile and richest bird song.

The beautiful ironworks environment in Billnäs village will also be transformed into a beautiful pink sea of flowers in May, when 300 planted ornamental cherry trees will bloom. The robust mix of historic ironworks environment and beautifully blooming pink cherry blossoms is an experience you will not forget.

In the castle park adjacent to the Svartå Manor, you can enjoy spring along winding paths, gazebos, romantic bridges and statues. When the water lilies are blooming, a walk along the water lily pad and the unusual water lilies is a beautiful addition you must not miss. The castle park is one of the largest private historical parks in Finland, located next to Finland’s first ironworks.

Celebrate the arrival of spring with a visit to the flower valley Blomdalen on Gullö. Along the 500 m long walking path, almost 35,000 daffodils of about 20 different varieties bloom. We planted the first bulbs in the autumn of 2007 and have gradually expanded. Gullö manor café is open during flowering time. The most intense flowering is usually in mid-May.

Markets and local food

Local food and organic products are commonplace in Raseborg and the city’s restaurateurs have understood the importance of local ingredients, which are used in many of the city’s restaurant kitchens. Treat yourself to delicacies in the city’s restaurants and cafés or buy some with you home.

Most of the locally produced food in Raseborg can be bought in the city’s grocery stores, markets or via the producers’ farm shops.

Markets are also arranged three days a week, all year round. In both Ekenäs and Karis you can buy directly from the producer on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and in Pojo on Fridays.

Events for everyone

During the spring, Raseborgs is filled with events for young and old. Concerts, theaters, markets, dinners – yes, even a hot air balloon ride. Have a look at our event calendar and let yourself become inspired!

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Welcome to Raseborg!

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Raseborg’s tourism services as well as the tourist information in Raseborg’s museum are closed during Easter (7.-10.4) and we will serve again as normal by phone and e-mail on Tuesday 11 April at 9-16.

During the Easter weekend, you will find information and inspiration on our website, in our Easter article, in Raseborg’s event calendar and on our Facebook page.

Happy Easter!

17.03.2023 / Tanya Nyblom

Tips for a nice Easter weekend

During this year’s perhaps most colorful holiday, Raseborg is filled with delicacies for young and old. Visit the city’s colorful markets, fill your stomach with delicacies from restaurants and cafés and shop locally from the city’s charming shops. For the youngest, Easter hunting is arranged in Billnäs Village and in the Old Town in Ekenäs.

1.4          Easter event for the whole family, Karis
1.-23.4   Easter trail, Snappertuna
6.-10.4   Colourful Easter egg hunt in the Old Town, Ekenäs
7.-10.4   Easter at Hammarbacken, Fiskars
7.-10.4   Easter Dine & Stay, Billnäs
8.4          Karis Easter market, Karis
8.4          Easter market, Bromarv
8.4          Easter egg workshop, Fiskars
8.4          Easter tournament, Ekenäs
8.4          Easter buffet at Restaurant GH Fyren, Ekenäs
8.-9.4     Easter menu at restaurant Åminnegård, Pojo
9.4          Easter egg hunt, Billnäs

For more events, check out our event calendar and our Facebook page.

Restaurants and cafés

Whether you visit Raseborg during the day or stay for a few nights, the restaurants and cafés are happy to spoil your taste buds with fantastically good local delicacies. Stay and enjoy the food on site, or buy home local produce from the town’s markets.

Easter celebrations in the churches of Raseborg

During Easter, the city’s churches and parishes are filled with programs for young and old. On Visit Raseborg’s website you can read more about Raseborg’s seven churches and on the parishes’ websites about the programs during Easter.

Ekenäsnejdens svenska församling (in Swedish)
Karis-Pojo svenska församling (in Swedish)
Raaseporin suomalainen seurakunta (in Finnish)

Happy Easter!

20.10.2022 / Tanya Nyblom

Are you dreaming of a break from everyday routines or perhaps an extended visit on your next trip? Extend your stay in Raasepori and work remotely from the city. There are many co-working opportunities here, both within walking distance of the train station and within driving distance of the city center.

We have listed five reasons why remote work from Raseborg is always a good idea.

1. Perfect location

Raseborg’s geographical location makes it easy to travel to the city from both Helsinki and Turku. Hop on the bus or train, or bring your own car – all roads will take you to Raseborg. Come for the day and experience a different environment and atmosphere or extend your trip with remote work. Because of the short distance from two of Finland’s largest cities, you can spend less time traveling and more time enjoying your leisure time.

2. City of opportunities

Stay in one district of Raseborg, discover another, work from a third. The possibilities are many, and the distances relatively short to enjoy the possibilities in versatile Raseborg.

3. Closeness to nature

Thanks to the closeness to nature and the short distances within the districts, you will always have a short way to a lush forest, a beautiful park or a soothing shoreline.

4. Bilingualism

Work in one language and practice another on your spare time. In bilingual Raseborg, where the majority speak Swedish, your remote work becomes a real language course – if you want.

5. Entrepreneurship deluxe

Share working space, work enjoyment and knowledge. Raseborg has plenty of entrepreneurs, small and large, so come and exchange knowledge with entrepreneurs in the city. And above all, come and make connections with the business community in Western Uusimaa.

Tips for co-working spaces in Raseborg

In Raseborg, there are co-working spaces both with and without accommodation. Read more about the different options in the different city districts:

25.08.2022 / Tanya Nyblom

A new pedestrian -and bicycle path between Karis and Ekenäs has opened. Now you can bicycle, walk or run safely and smoothly along the new lighted path that runs north of national road 25. The path starts at Kodin Tavaratalo (Ekenäsvägen) and ends in Langansböle. Along the approx. 5.5-kilometer-long path, there is also an underpass that goes under the highway in Horsbäck.

Have a break along the way, to enjoy a good cup of coffee with a freshly baked bun, or perhaps a tasty home cooked lunch when you are halfway. In Horsbäck, you will find Wi-Box Kitchen & Bakery, that is spoiling you with a tasty break from Monday to Saturday.

29.06.2022 / Tanya Nyblom

In Ekenäs’ outermost archipelago you will find historical Jussarö, which has been a very well-known port for seafarers for over 700 years. The island, located in the Ekenäs Archipelago National Park, has a unique history associated with fishing, shipping, defense activities and mining.

This summer you can easily visit Jussarö from the center of Ekenäs. The approximately 2-hour boat trip starts at the summer restaurant Knipan or from the Northern Harbour and offers a beautiful archipelago view of both the inner and outer archipelago. Between 3.6–2.9.2022, you can travel to Jussarö daily, and in May and September during the weekends. Timetables can be found on Jussarös Facebook page.

During the summer, guided tours are arranged where you can become enchanted by the island’s nature, fishing, history and present. If you feel that a day trip is too short to enjoy the tranquility of the outer archipelago, you can extend your stay with an overnight stay. On Jussarö there is also Café Ön which serves freshly brewed coffee from 3.6.2022.

Tip! Make the most of your stay and explore the island together with a guide. You can also travel to Jussarö with a taxi boat.

Enjoy untouched nature this summer and go to Jussarö – the island that offers a lot to see and experience!

19.05.2022 / Tanya Nyblom

The Biennale that combines design, architecture and contemporary art will be organized for the second time in the unique Fiskars Village from 22 may to 4 September 2022. The Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale program consists of three main exhibitions and a versatile parallel program. The Biennale will offer a topical, egalitarian platform for encounters between makers and enthusiasts.

All main exhibitions are located within a short walking distance from each other. Fiskars is located in the town of Raseborg about one hour’s drive west of Helsinki. You can take a bus from Helsinki to Fiskars Village or a train from Helsinki to Karjaa, which will take about one hour plus about 15 km by taxi, local bus or bicycle.

Explore the main exhibitions of Fiskarsbiennale with only one ticket. Tickets can be purchased from Onoma’s online store or on site.

Photo: Sanna Lehto

19.04.2022 / Tanya Nyblom

On the 10.-12 of June, the Home & Found recycling housing fair will be organized around Raseborg, where vacant homes, holiday homes, plots and properties will be displayed. Raasepori villages and centers offer special program during the weekend: trips, nature walks, open doors, meetings with locals, culture, food, drink and unique experiences. You get to try out living in Raasepori.

During the weekend, local companies and actors in construction, gardening, renovation and interior design also gather to present their business to you.

The event is organized around Raseborg and the fair is held in historical Billnäs Village, approximately 3 km from Karis train station.

Read more about the event here.

26.01.2022 / Tanya Nyblom

The extensive outdoor area in Västerby is the city residents’ meeting place for outdoor activities of various kinds. Here, skiers, orienteers, exercisers, mountain bikers, frisbee golfers and nature lovers meet. The approximately 1,500 ha large outdoor recreation center consists of varied terrain with hiking trails, ski trails and picnic areas.

The popular outdoor recreation center has now received a new and updated map, to make your visit even more enjoyable. In addition to a new map, the outdoor recreation center has also received some news, such as exercise stairs, a roller ski track and a barbecue hut easily accessible with a pram and wheelchair.

The map of the outdoor area can be downloaded from the link below or be picked up from the tourist information service in Ekenäs.

Map of Västerby recreation area