5 Reasons to work remotely from Raseborg

Treat yourself a change of scenery and work remotely from Raseborg. In Raseborg you will find countryside, culture, history, innovative thinking and entrepreneurship – the perfect ingredients to refuel with new energy.

Are you dreaming of a break from everyday routines or perhaps an extended visit on your next trip? Extend your stay in Raasepori and work remotely from the city. There are many co-working opportunities here, both within walking distance of the train station and within driving distance of the city center.

We have listed five reasons why remote work from Raseborg is always a good idea.

1. Perfect location

Raseborg’s geographical location makes it easy to travel to the city from both Helsinki and Turku. Hop on the bus or train, or bring your own car – all roads will take you to Raseborg. Come for the day and experience a different environment and atmosphere or extend your trip with remote work. Because of the short distance from two of Finland’s largest cities, you can spend less time traveling and more time enjoying your leisure time.

2. City of opportunities

Stay in one district of Raseborg, discover another, work from a third. The possibilities are many, and the distances relatively short to enjoy the possibilities in versatile Raseborg.

3. Closeness to nature

Thanks to the closeness to nature and the short distances within the districts, you will always have a short way to a lush forest, a beautiful park or a soothing shoreline.

4. Bilingualism

Work in one language and practice another on your spare time. In bilingual Raseborg, where the majority speak Swedish, your remote work becomes a real language course – if you want.

5. Entrepreneurship deluxe

Share working space, work enjoyment and knowledge. Raseborg has plenty of entrepreneurs, small and large, so come and exchange knowledge with entrepreneurs in the city. And above all, come and make connections with the business community in Western Uusimaa.

Tips for co-working spaces in Raseborg

In Raseborg, there are co-working spaces both with and without accommodation. Read more about the different options in the different city districts: