3 reasons to visit Raseborg during autumn holidays

In Raseborg, the autumn holidays offer the best: Nature, culture and fun activities! Discover the city's exciting history, exercise in the forest and land and fill your stomach with good things from the city's squares, cafes and restaurants.

Whether you enjoy outdoors or indoors, the autumn holidays in Raseborg offer something for everyone. The diverse range of nature trails invites you to go and discover the nature and its cones, rocks and trees. Discover what nature has to offer or go on a geocaching or Vevi adventure. Explore the city’s exciting history in Raseborg Castle, the old iron works or Ekenäs old town. Or enjoy a cozy fairy tale in one of the city’s six libraries.

We have gathered three reasons to visit Raseborg during the autumn holidays. Scroll down and become inspired.

1. A wide range of activities

As the largest city in Uusimaa province, by area, Raseborg is both diverse and rich in activities. Here you can find for example a wide range of nature trails with the mix of nature, culture and history. Pack a tasty snack and enjoy a break in the middle of nature. In Västerby outdoor recreation area as well as at some other outdoor destinations, there is the possibility of a barbecue area.

Do not forget geocaching either – Raseborg is an excellent place for this and the search for hiding places makes wandering in nature guaranteed to be more exciting.

If you enjoy riding a bike, there are several nice bike routes that takes you between villages and historical sites. For the more adventurous, Fiskars Village offers excellent mountain bike routes in beautiful surroundings. The city bikes are also available until the end of the month.

If you want to try something new in the way of exercise, the sports institute Kisakeskus in Pojo (page only in Finnish) offers a diverse range of fun sports. Here you can also rent various sports equipment.

For the smaller ones in the family, there is a wide range of different playgrounds, so go and discover the city’s 36 playgrounds.

For indoor activities, Raseborg offers i.e. swimming pool, padel and bowling.

2. Exciting history

Although the city of Raseborg is only 13 years old, its districts and villages hold a much older history than that. In the old iron works in Svartå, Billnäs and Fiskars, you can learn more about the history behind the old iron mills. In order for the old iron mills to once function, coal was produced in the forests of Snappertuna. In the coal village of Malmbacka, you can learn about the history behind coal production.

During the autumn holidays, Raseborg Castle Ruins is also open. Visit the old castle ruins from the 14th century and read about its glory days in the 15th century.

In the old town of Ekenäs, you can walk along the narrow streets, admire the old wooden houses and imagine how the life in the city used to be. You get clues from the street names in the old town, which reveals how the townspeople made their living. Here, the streets have existed in the same place since the 16th century. The oldest remaining houses are from the 18th–19th centuries.

Learn more about Raseborg and book a talented guide with you. Choose your field of interest and learn more about the old iron works, the old city of Ekenäs or perhaps one of the beautiful natural areas.

3. Diverse cultural life and locally produced delicacies

Let your imagination and creativity flow during the autumn holidays! Try glassblowing in Fiskars or book a chocolate class in Billnäs. Or immerse yourself in the world of fairy tales in one of the city’s six libraries. The city’s library offers books in at least 28 different languages. For those who like movies, there are also two cozy cinemas in Raseborg: Bio Pallas in Karis and Bio Forum in Ekenäs.

Combine history and culture and visit interesting museums. For several of the city’s museums, the Museum Card serves as payment.

Treat yourself with something delicious and fill your stomach with local delicacies! Visit cozy cafes, versatile restaurants and traditional markets during your visit. In Raseborg there is also a dense network of local food lovers, producers and organic farms.

Smaller and larger events are also organized around the city, so take a look at Raseborgs event calendar to see what is happening during your visit. The event calendar is continuously updated.

Bonus reasons

• Raseborg is located halfway between Helsinki and Turku, so it is easy to travel to Raseborg by public transport as well as by car.

• Raseborg offers a diverse range of accommodation, from cottages to castles and hotels, so extend your stay and discover all the fun that can be found here.

• Raseborg is a bilingual city, with Swedish as the majority language, so during your visit you can practice both local languages ​​- if you want.