The new SuperShe island Finland is opening in the beautiful archipelago of Raseborg in June 2018. For the moment the island is open for women only – a concept created by the american SuperShe-founder & entrepreneur Kristina Roth. 


The SuperShe island, located in the middle of the Raseborg archipelago is under construction. It will be a wellness destination that, for the time being will only be available for women. The retreat offers peace and quiet for a few days or weeks on the wooded island, less than 90 minutes away from Helsinki. The idea is to create a blissful environment for rest, networking and wellness.

The island was bought last fall by Kristina Roth, an american entrepreneur and the founder of the lifestyle and networking blog SuperShe. A visit to the island requires a membership in the SuperShe-collective. Applications can be made on the SupeShe website. Later on Roth is planning for other open concepts on the island for both men and women, such as retreats including yoga, meditation or outdoor activities.

The SuperShe island Finland has created a buzz in media all over the world – the first article on the subject was published in New York Post. 

Visit Raseborg wishes to thank Kristina Roth for putting our fantastic archipelago on the map, we are happy and exited! Welcome to Raseborg all wonderful SuperShes!

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