Our Best Tips: Flea Markets in Raseborg

Are you hooked on flea markets and second hand shops? Then Raseborg is the place for you. Raseborg has a lot of big and small flea markets around the area. Besides of all the flea markets, several annual flea market events are arranged around Raseborg.

Every year several second hand events are arranged in Raseborg. The most popular ones are the annual Antique days in Fiskars and Billnäs. This year, the Antique days will be held from July 4th to July 7th. City flea market in Ekenäs and Bromarfpojkarna’s flea market in Bromarv are also popular. You can also find children’s clothing, toys and other things at the yearly event arranged by Ekorrsvansen. Lions clubs around Raseborg are also arranging flea market events. Check our event calendar for current flea market events in the region. Here are our best tips of flea markets in Raseborg.

Flea Markets in Ekenäs, Raseborg:

Flea Markets in Karis, Raseborg:

Take the opportunity to go on a thrift store tour in Karis, as the vast majority of flea markets are within walking distance of each other!

Pohja, Raseborg: