Svartå is situated in the Eastern part of Raseborg. People have lived here since the Stone Age and year 1561 the first ironworks in Finland was founded in Svartå. Year 1929 Svartå became a part of the Karis municipality. Svartå Manor is the biggest tourist attraction in Svartå village.

Currently Svartå has 1350 inhabitants and the village is a part of the large municipality Raseborg. You’ll find a kindergarten, a primary school and a library in Svartå. Svartå Manor offers both accommodation and delicious food at their restaurant.

Sights i Svartå

Svartå Ironworks

Svartå ironworks was founded at the 16th century, because the rapids in the area offered a good source of energy. The ironworks had its heydays during the 18th century when the Linder family took care of the area. Year 1901 the ironworks was replaced by wood industry.

Svartå Manor

The manor was built during the years 1783-1796 by Magnus Linder II. The most renowned of the multiple owners of the manor was certainly nobleman Hjalmar Linder, remembered for example from his efforts on worker’s rights and living conditions. At the time he was the richest person in Finland, and owned for example the first car in the whole country. During his time in the end of the 19th century the town’s cultural life was rich and vivid, and Linder brought with him other noble visitors, for example the renowned composer Jean Sibelius.

Today the main building of the manor works as a museum with beautiful historical interior. The manor is an outstanding example of neoclassical-rococo architecture with Swedish neoclassical interiors, and is therefore one of the most valuable manors in Finland. The manor is surrounded by a beautiful, large English-style garden area with for example a water lily path and a great variety of foreign tree species.


Korpudden is a precious mountain region with a variety of heights, beautiful nature and a magical view over Lake Lohjanjärvi. The nature on Korpudden is especially diverse, with for both hazel trees and marshes. Along the approx. one kilometer long path there are two rest points with campfire sites. The path has some steep inclines.