Tailor your own day trip

Here are some suggestions for an inspiring day trip in Raseborg for your group. Whether you're interested in seeing one specific attraction or getting to know several of the wonders of our town, we've got you covered!

Raseborg has something for everyone, no matter if you’re interested in a specific sight or several destinations in our town. In this article we have gathered some suggestion for an inspiring trip, and you can combine our tips to make your group’s trip look exactly as you like it. The drive between the sights is around 30 minutes, you can check the precise distances here.

Ekenäs, 1-4h

Ekenäs was founded in 1546, already a few years before Helsinki, which now is the Finnish capital city, that was founded in 1550. Nowadays Ekenäs is an idyllic small city and for many a cherished holiday destination, mostly due to the charming wooden Old Town district by the sea. The best shopping spots can be found near the market area and in the boutiques of Gustav Wasas gata and Kungsgatan, the oldest pedestrian street in Finland. During summer the liveliest area of the town is undoubtedly Stallörsparken, where the seaside restaurants are full of people enjoying the evening sun and the calming archipelago scenery.

A guided tour in Ekenäs, 1-1,5h

The tour is done by the group’s own bus, and a short walk in the Old Town can be added to the drive. You can also visit the church in your tour if agreed with the guide beforehand. The tour can also be done by foot (only for smaller groups) or completely by bus. During the tour you will get to know Ekenäs in the eyes of a local, and your guide will tell you stories about the town’s history and present. You can also book themed tours, focusing for example on the artist Helene Schjerfbeck or the architecture of the town. 

For bookings you can contact directly the local guide club.
You’ll find the price list (Finnish and Swedish) linked here.

Raseborg’s tourist services can also help you find the right guide. Contact us via mail tourist.office@raseborg.fi or tel. 019 289 2010.  

Chappe and Raseborg’s Museum

The permanent exhibitions of the museum are Helene Schjerfbeck: Life and Art (max. 25 people simultaneously) and Raseborg through the Ages, that tells the history of Raseborg and its surroundings from Stone Age to the present. In addition to these, the museum presents changing exhibitions. In the courtyard of the museum you can find the historical houses Commoner’s House and it’s stalls as well as Photographer’s House, that are open during summer and around Christmas.  
The museum also has a small café and a museum shop. 

Opening hours: during winter and autumn Wed-Sun at 11-17 and in spring and summer Tue-Sun at 11-17 or on request.  
Entrance fee: For groups over 10 6€/person, if smaller 9€/person. Museum Card can also be used and bought in place. Guided tours: on weekdays from 85€/hour for max. 30 people.
Reservations and information: tel. 019 289 2512, museovaraukset@raasepori.fi 
Address: Gustav Wasas gatan 11, 10600 Ekenäs. 

Chappe is an award-winning art museum located right next to Raseborg’s Museum. The museum presents current phenomena in art, visual culture and society, especially through the work of artists from the Nordic countries and the Baltic Sea region. Chappe changes its exhibitions a couple of times a year when it is also closed for exhibition construction. The museum offers both public guided tours and privately booked tours (30 minutes).

Opening hours, entrance fee and guided tours: click here
Customer service and information: +358 19 289 2500
Address: Gustav Wasas gatan 11, 10600 Ekenäs. 

Gallery Elverket

Gallery Elverket can be found in the same courtyard with Raseborg’s Museum. It’s operated by the Pro Artibus foundation and dedicated to modern and contemporary arts. The Gallery has free entrance. 

Eating and restaurants

Restaurants for bigger groups

Restaurant GH Fyren. Norra Strandgatan 12, tel. 019 241 3200. Lunch of the day and coffee, Mon-Sat 13€, Sun 15€. 180 seats. Contacts: Fyren@ghfyren.fi 
Villa Smakhus, Seminariestigen 6. Lunch of the day Mon-Fri 10€, groups mostly at 13pm or later. Coffee and dessert are included in the price. 110 seats. Tel. 040 0790 339, kari@caterium.fi 
Wi-Box Bakery & Kitchen. Mekanikervägen 4, Ekenäs – around 5km from Ekenäs towards Karis. Kitchen@wiboxbakeri.fi. Tel. 019 232 330. Lunch of the day 10€, Mon-Sun, Sat 15€. Coffee is included in the price. 50 seats.  

Other restaurants and cafés in Ekenäs 

Cafés for bigger groups

Café Schjerfbeck, a concept café dedicated to the artist Helene Schjerfbeck is located in Rådhustorget. There are around 50 seats inside, and some outside during summer. Address: Rådhustorget, Ekenäs. Cafeschjerfbeck@gmail.com 45 612 2513.  

Garden café Café Gamla Stan is an idyllic café located in the old town of Ekenäs. The garden has around 60 seats, inside 25 more. The café is open from May to August at 11-19. Address: Bastugatan 5, Ekenäs. Tel. 050 556 1665, cafegamlastan.fi 

Other attractions

Ekenäs Church is open during summer daily 11-17. Lunch concerts are often arranged on Wednesdays at 12.  

In Rådhustorget there’s a market every Wednesday and Saturday at 7-14 all around the year. There are sellers of for example fish, vegetables, flowers, pastries and antiques among other things. From the market you can conveniently continue shopping in Finland’s eldest pedestrian street, or wander in old town admiring its charming wooden houses. Address: Gustav Wasas gatan 10. The evening market in Stallörsparken park, on summer Tuesdays at 15-19, is a popular meeting place for locals, summer residents and tourists.  

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Raseborg’s Castle Ruins, 1-2h

The finest historical monument of Raseborg, Raseborg’s Castle ruins, lie in the village of Snappertuna, about 15km from both Ekenäs and Karis. Here you’ll get an unique time traveling experience to the Middle Ages, and by booking a guided tour to the Castle you’ll get the most out of your visit.

Check the current entrance fees and prices for guided tours on the Castle’s website here. For booking a guide, contact 050 597 0802, 0440 646 6192 or info@raaseporinlinna.fi
The parking area is located around 400m from the castle on the other side of the Raseborgs ån river, along Raseborgs slottsväg. The castle has some steep stairs and small corridors, so the upper floors of the castle might not be accessible for all. However, the castle courtyard is accessible.  
Address: Raseborgs slottsväg 110, Snappertuna.  

Slottknekten’s Stuga restaurant is located right beside the castle. Table bookings and orders: tel. 040 088 2046, slottsknekten@raaseporinlinna.fi 

For other things to see and experience in Snappertuna, see here.  

Fiskars Village, 1-3h

Fiskars Village was founded already in the 17th century, and is nowadays known as a center for arts and design in Finland. The village offers high quality services for conferences, accommodation and restaurants, as well as a broad list of craftsmen and boutiques so that every visitor has something for them all year round.

Want to see Fiskars Village in the eyes of a local? During the History and Present in Fiskars Village guided tour a local guide will tell you about the eventful history of Fiskars, show you the most important attractions and present you the many artisans, artists and craftsmen living in Fiskars now. The tour can be done entirely by foot or by the group’s own bus. If the tour is done by foot, the maximum size of the group is 25 people. Bookings and information: Fiskars info, tel. 020 439, 2099, read more here.

Free time in Fiskars Village, 1h

See the different boutiques and services, and Fiskars Museum. More info about the different activities and events you can read here.

Food and Restaurants, 1h

Restaurant Kuparipaja, located right next to the river that runs through the village. Buffet (min. 30 people or according to the agreement). The restaurant has 200 seats. Reservations: Tel. 109 237 045, kuparipaja@kuparipaja.fi.  
Address: Göran Ehrnrooths väg 1, 10470 Fiskars.  

Fiskars Wärdshus, inside there’s 60 seats and outside during summer 80 more. Address: Fiskarsvägen 326. Tel. 040 182 2002. www.wardshus.fi 

More tips from our article here.  

Svartå Manor, 1-3h

Svartå Manor is one of Finland’s most precious noble manors. You can get to know the manor, its history and interesting family stories with the help of a guide. The guided tour can be tailored to your own interests, focusing on for example furniture, art, family history or ghost stories among other things. The guided tour is 45 minutes long.   
The main building is surrounded by one of the largest private parks in Finland. The park was first built in the 18th century in baroque style.  

For information and prices for guided tours, see here.

Restaurant Slottskrogen lies near the manor. The restaurant has 50 seats and in the pavilion 120 more. The Manor hotel has 30 rooms for 2 people, and eight one-person rooms in addition to one two-storey hotel suite.  

Reservations and information: Tel. 019 36 231, info@mustionlinna.fiwww.mustionlinna.fi 

Address: Hållsnäsintie 89, 10360 Mustio 

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