Raseborg’s Castle Ruins and Snappertuna

Raseborg’s Castle Ruins are the most significant historical castle ruins in this area, and have been the inspiration for the name of our municipality, Raseborg. The ruins lie in one of the municipality’s villages, in Snappertuna, about 15 km from both Ekenäs and Karis.

Raseborg’s Castle was built in 1370’s on the top of a rock then surrounded by the sea. The castle was the center of governance for the area, and it also monitored the traffic and trade of Suomenlahti bay. It was an important military base, and it was meant to compete with Tallinn as a trading center. The heydays of the castle were at the 1450’s and 1460’s. The castle was abandoned in 1558 after the founding of Helsinki and Ekenäs.  

The castle stood abandoned for 300 years, until the first restorations began in 1880’s. Nowadays the castle ruins are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Western Uusimaa. The Castle is operated by the Forestry Services.  

For opening hours and information, see here.  

Raseborg’s Castle ruins are open daily on 26.5.-31.8. and during weekends in May, September and October. Depending on the weather the castle can also be opened on other times of the year. 

The Castle has an entrance fee, for the current prices and prices for guided tours, see here. Guided tours are arranged for groups on request. The tours can be arranged in English, Swedish and Finnish. They also have a ready-made day trip package called Castles in Raseborg. 

The Castle has steep stairs and therefore people with physical challenges might not be able to move in the higher floors of the castle. The path to the castle’s courtyard is well accessible, with about a 400m walk from the parking lot to the castle.   

Contact information and reservations 

Tel. +358 (0)50 597 0802 (Thony) and +358 (0)44 064 6192 (Ilta)  
Mail info@raseborgsslott.fi 
You can make reservations for weddings, parties and groups in the tourist information service. 
Address: Raaseporin linnantie 110, 10710 Snappertuna.  

Slottsknekten’s hut 

The restaurant and café Slottknekten’s hut next to the Castle ruins is one of the first tourist facilities in Finland, as it was opened in 1893 in the name of Tourist hut (Turistimaja). Nowadays it functions as a restaurant and arranges also weddings, birthdays and other festivities. Group reservations can be made all around the year. 

Contact information: 040 088 2046, slottknekten@raaseporinlinna.fi 
Address: Raaseporin linnantie 110, 10710 Snappertuna 

Lovers’ Path

A beautiful forest path called Lovers’ path sets out from the castle ruins towards the House Museum of Snappertuna. The length of the path from the castle to the museum is about 500 meters. The path is relatively easily accessible though quite narrow, so it isn’t suitable in example for wheelchairs.  

Forngården House Museum 

Forngården is an outside museum, where you can get to know the lifestyle of an archipelago estate in the 19th century. The museum consists of the main building with the eldest parts dating back to the 18th century, as well as various huts and sheds.  

The museum is open from 8.6.2021-29.8.2021 from Tuesdays to Sundays at 10-16, and closed 30.8.-31.12.2021.

The entrance fee for 2021 is 3€ for adults, and free for children under 18 years old. Remember to contact the museum for checking the current prices and opening times. Contact information: tel. 019 289 2500, museo@raasepori.fi. Address: Tunalundintie 85, 10710 Snappertuna.

Raseborg’s Summer Theater 

Raseborg’s summer theater is located near the impressive Raseborg’s Castle Ruins, and it’s one of the biggest outside theaters in Finland. The Swedish theater was founded in 1966.  

Malmbacka village

Malmbacka is a cottage and charcoal worker’s village in the cultural-historical Snappertuna. The area contains three old charcoal hearth bases, that were used in the 17th century to produce coal for the ironworks villages nearby. One of these has been restored into a functioning hearth, that is built yearly and lit on September.  
Guided tours, reservations and information: Tommen tel. 040 541 9236 (Finnish, Swedish, English), or Kita tel. 040 595 2120 (Swedish), info@malmbacka.fi. Address: Norrbyntie 45, 10600 Tammisaari.  

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