Fiskars Village

Fiskars Village was founded in the 17th century and is nowadays known as a center of Finnish design and art. Its high-class services for conferences, accommodation and restaurants as well as various workshops, events and boutiques offer memorable experiences and activities all-year round.

The highest building in the village is the old bell tower, where a traditional village bell has been chiming for over 170 years. Next to the bell tower you can find plenty of charming boutiques and cafés. There are several more boutiques and shops around the Craft Square and at the end of the Åkerråden road.  

Guided tours and tourist information

The best way to get to know the eventful history, must-see sights and the lives of the interesting craftsmen, artists and designers is to join a guided tour through the village. You can book for example a tour themed around the history and events of the village or focusing more on the artisans and stories of the small town. 
For the Past and Present guided tour in Fiskars Village, reservations, prices and information: tourist information, Fiskarsintie, 10470 Fiskars. Tel. 020 439 2099,,  

Fiskars Museum

Fiskars Museum offers a chance to get to know the history of the village, accompanied with fascinating stories and historical artifacts. The museum is located in the upper village area, Hammarbacken, and consists of the permanent exhibition, a traditional bakery and Café Hammarbacken and a charming museum shop. In addition to the permanent exhibition, changing themed exhibitions are arranged especially during summer. 

A guided tour in the museum: max. 25 participants.
For the entrance fees and prices for guided tours, see here.
Address: Peltorivi 13, 10470 Fiskars. Tel. 045 180 8111,, 

KWUM Ceramics Museum

By booking a guide with you to your visit to KWUM ceramics museum you’ll get the most out of its exhibitions! The museum presents Karin Widnäs’ own collections as well as changing exhibitions of the works of Finnish and foreign ceramics artists.  
For the entrance fees see here.
Reservations and prices for guided tours: Tel. +358 50 511 2232 and 
Address: Baklurantie 12. 

Fiskars Knife Factory

Until 2011, the Fiskars Knife Factory was a knife and scissors factory, but now it is a full-service experience with a brewery, distillery, wine bar, bar and boutique. You can enjoy responsibly produced and tasty experiences from Fiskars Brewery, Noita Winery and Ägräs Distillery. Customers will also have the opportunity to peek behind the scenes and hear what happens on the brewery side.

The Knife Factory Gastrobar serves brewery products, still wines and craft cocktails. In September, The Knife Factory will also open it’s kitchen and serve great themed dinners.

Fiskars Knife Factorys opening hours can be found here.

In the summer of 2022, it will be possible to take part in open brewery tours for about an hour on Saturdays at 14:00. The first 25 people to sign up will be able to participate. After the tour, it is also possible to participate in a guided tasting.
Tour 25 € / person and tasting 15 € / person
Book your place:

Boutiques and shops

There are over 30 independent entrepreneurs working in the village, offering for example wonderful local handicrafts and high-class Finnish design. Locally produced candles and furniture, products of textile artists, gold and silver smiths and ceramists are handmade and famously of good quality. Artisans in Fiskars place good value into the origins, quality and materials of their products.  

Opening hours vary shop by shop, so you should check the current opening hours from the shop’s own website. You can find more information about the different boutiques and services in Fiskars Village here.  

Events and activities

Fiskars Village offers various events and activities all year round! For example, the Antiques Fair is usually held on the beginning of July every year, and the popular Slow Food Festival around October. Check out the upcoming events here.  

Taste the local delicacies

In Fiskars we have our own craft brewery Fiskarsin Panimo, that produces delicious artisan beers that can be enjoyed as such or why not alongside some locally produced foods! The Village presents also it’s own distillery Ägräs Distillery, that was founded in 2016.  

Pick your favorite restaurant and café in Fiskars Village here.  

Want to stay overnight? Check out the options for accommodation in Fiskars Village here.  

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