Tips & Ideas

Raseborg offers magnificent views of the archipelago, idyllic small-town atmosphere and unique, well-preserved ironworks villages. The archipelago is wide and reaches from the lush, labyrinthine inner archipelago all the way out to the last, bare islets and rocks in the open sea. Living close to nature is truly possible here where rolling farmlands and forests stretch as far as the eye can see.

We have collected some ideas as a source of inspiration for you to use when planning your trip. We will add more ideas little by little, and are happy to know what you would like to read more about. Let us know by giving us feedback.

Are you hooked on flea markets and second hand shops? Then Raseborg is the place for you. Raseborg has a lot of big and small flea markets around the area. Besides of all the flea markets, several annual flea market events are arranged around Raseborg. 

Raseborg has an unusually rich and vibrant cultural life. A variety of associations, organizations and volunteers make a great effort to offer interesting and high-quality events and exhibitions all year round. During the summertime the cultural scene is a little bit livelier, but various organizations plan events throughout the year. Visit for a weekend, and experience a vibrant cultural life in a small-town atmosphere.

Did you know that there is an exceptionally dense network of local food producers and organic farms in Raseborg? Raseborg is a foodie’s paradise! Locals and tourists alike can enjoy the wide variety and delicious tastes of local, organic food.

Raseborg is the perfect destination for those who like to exercise in beautiful nature all year round, energizing both body and soul. Make the most of the beautiful nature by spending time outdoors, and try something new on your vacation!

The rich history of the municipality of Raseborg lives on in mills and smithies, castles, villages, museums, monuments and a vibrant cultural landscape. Let yourself be transported to another era as you visit a plethora of well-preserved historical environments and experience life as it was long ago.