Tips & Ideas

Raseborg offers magnificent views of the archipelago, idyllic small-town atmosphere and unique, well-preserved ironworks villages. The archipelago is wide and reaches from the lush, labyrinthine inner archipelago all the way out to the last, bare islets and rocks in the open sea. Living close to nature is truly possible here where rolling farmlands and forests stretch as far as the eye can see.

We have collected some ideas as a source of inspiration for you to use when planning your trip. We will add more ideas little by little, and are happy to know what you would like to read more about. Let us know by giving us feedback.

Winter season is amazing! In Raseborg you'll find so much to do no matter what the weather looks like. All of the family can enjoy the fresh air by doing different outdoor activities followed by cozy moments at cafés with christmas feeling. After reading this article we promise you want to spend your winter holiday here!

The spring is the season when the nature comes to life again and Raseborg is the place to take part of all of the glory. Spend an afternoon in the sea of wood anemones or stroll around in the valley of flowers at Gullö. Why not celebrate Mother's Day or Walpurgis Night in a vernal Raseborg?

Raseborg is known as a summer city, but the autumn here isn't that bad either. Come to Raseborg and enjoy the cozy autumn with a cup of coffee at one of all the cafés in the area. A lot of different kind of events and activities are also arranged during the fall all over the Raseborg. 

Are you hooked on flea markets and second hand shops? Then Raseborg is the place for you. Raseborg has a lot of big and small flea markets around the area. Besides of all the flea markets, several annual flea market events are arranged around Raseborg. 

Raseborg treauser dogs and want them to thrive. Here are plenty of possibilitys to enjoy the city with your dog as your company. Many restaurants are positive to bringing your dog with you when you're eating lunch or having a cold drink in the sun. Raseborg offers a lot of beautiful nature trails and green areas where the animals can run and play. In Ekenäs you find a small beach which is destined to dogs.