Tips & Ideas

Raseborg offers magnificent views of the archipelago, idyllic small-town atmosphere and unique, well-preserved ironworks villages. The archipelago is wide and reaches from the lush, labyrinthine inner archipelago all the way out to the last, bare islets and rocks in the open sea. Living close to nature is truly possible here where rolling farmlands and forests stretch as far as the eye can see.

We have collected some ideas as a source of inspiration for you to use when planning your trip. We will add more ideas little by little, and are happy to know what you would like to read more about. Let us know by giving us feedback.

Raseborg has an unusually rich and vibrant cultural life. A variety of associations, organizations and volunteers make a great effort to offer interesting and high-quality events and exhibitions all year round. During the summertime the cultural scene is a little bit livelier, but various organizations plan events throughout the year. Visit for a weekend, and experience a vibrant cultural life in a small-town atmosphere.

Here is a few tips on Raseborg’s yearly cultural events. Remember to check our events calendar and our Facebook page for the most recent and relevant updates on all kinds of cultural events. 

January: Ekenäs Film Festival, high-quality Nordic film, documentaries and short films with contemporary or global themes, shown in the retro theatre Bio Forum and in the Karelia Culture house. 

Summer (June, July and August):

September: Traditional Autumn Market in Ekenäs, with music, entertainment, rides and games, and handmade arts, crafts and food for sale. 

December: Ekenäs Christmas Market


Preservation, gardening and retro cinemas:

High-quality materials, utensils and products for the restoration and preservation of old houses at Byggnadsapoteket ("The Building Pharmacy") in Billnäs –

Gardening culture at Billnäs Garden - Finland's oldest nursery with a pleasant summer café -

The charming retro cinemas Bio Forum in Ekenäs (the second-oldest working cinema in Finland) and Bio Pallas in Karis -, 


Design, handicraft & arts

Many creative people settle in Raseborg to take advantage of its inspiring and peaceful environment. Their works and products are on display and for sale in different shops and boutiques around Raseborg, but also at their own workshops and studios. Here is a list of some of the boutiques, workshops and studios around Raseborg. Remember to check the opening times, or call before your visit—artists sometimes go out to gather inspiration!

Handmade goods and design-shops:

Fiskars Village:

  • Onoma Shop: Design and crafts  by the artisans, designers and artists in Fiskars 
  • Desico Shop: Desico factory outlet sells scented artisan candles in Fiskars Village, all year round. 
  • Fiskars Shop: delight in time-tested, high quality and universally beloved Finnish goods from the brands Fiskars, Arabia, Hackman and Iittala 
  • Vanja Sea & friends: design and crafts from Finland and abroad   
  • Vanja Sea & friends: Knitted fabrics, home decor and clothes made with certified eco-cotton and other eco-materials 
  • Muotiliiteri: clothes made of organic cotton and linen, paintings, handmade goods, bags and unique painted tiles 
  • Leanika: Handmade leather bags, leather art, leather jewelry and other unique productsGuldsmedPW 


  • Saaga Design / Wilda Walo: clothes and accessories made from natural materials 
  • Arts and crafts store Sländan: all kinds of supplies for knitting, embroidery and crocheting, Finnish wool and linen products and much more! 
  • Petra Geust: textile design, drapes, curtains, furniture and upholstery work 
  • Gula Huset: (The Yellow House) handmade crafts, silver jewelry, colorful rugs, bound books and beautiful pottery 

Karis & Billnäs:

  • Saippuasalonki (The Soap Salon): handmade organic soaps in different scents and colors 
  • Ratiashop: big selection of the brand Ristomatti Ratia—clothes,  home decor, linens, towels and accessories  

Galleries and Studios:


  • Bianco Blu: glassblowing studio, classes and demonstrations, and hand-blown glass products for sale 
  • Sirius Galleri: Hand-blown Finnish glass from the designer Camilla Moberg 
  • Studio Karin Widnäs: Functional and decorative pottery for sale and pottery studio and gallery 
  • Paatero’s Pottery Shop: handmade porcelain and stoneware from the region   
  • Ateljee Tuire Hämäläinen: modern art paintings and glass artwork made with different techniques. 
  • Goldsmith Jalo: Modern gold and silver jewlery from the goldsmiths’ own workshops: 
  • Nikari: manufacturer of sustainable wood design products and furniture of exquisite quality  
  • Sassi shop: silver jewelry design and production 


  • Goldsmith Pia Westerberg: small jewelry series in silver, enamel and gemstones, as well as custom work and designs 
  • Lagercranz jewelry: handmade and totally unique jewelry with gold, silver and gemstones, located in the heart of Ekenäs 
  • Lilla Galleriet  (Little Gallery) Ekenäs: a small, intimate gallery space in the center of Ekenäs with a thoughtfully curated collection of painting, photography, graphic  design, textile design, and sculpture. 
  • Galleri Larson: private art gallery with sales, exhibitions, and workshops in Ekenäs 
  • Galleri Perspektivet: professional artwork mixed with the works of local students 
  • Galleri Elverket: At Elverket the Pro Artibus foundation shows 4-6 contemporary and modern art exhibitions every year FrankWiklund

Karis & Billnäs:

  • Gallery Kobra: workshops, classes, and events of all kinds, as well as contemporary and interesting art exhibitions every 6 weeks 
  • Gallery Zebra: photography with high-quality, thoughtful photography exhibitions with a focus on inclusiveness and diversity 
  • Galleri Fokus: professional artwork mixed with the works of local students
  • The Happy Smith’s Forge: The Happy Smith's Forge is specialised in customised products and restoration. A utility article and ornament collection has taken shape along the years. 
  • Byggnadsapoteket: (The Building Pharmacy) offers high-quality materials, tools and other products for the restoration and preservation of old houses 
  • Mokkotalli: carpenter workshop in Billnäs 


Did you know that there is an exceptionally dense network of local food producers and organic farms in Raseborg? Raseborg is a foodie’s paradise! Locals and tourists alike can enjoy the wide variety and delicious tastes of local, organic food.

Raseborg is the perfect destination for those who like to exercise in beautiful nature all year round, energizing both body and soul. Make the most of the beautiful nature by spending time outdoors, and try something new on your vacation!

The rich history of the municipality of Raseborg lives on in mills and smithies, castles, villages, museums, monuments and a vibrant cultural landscape. Let yourself be transported to another era as you visit a plethora of well-preserved historical environments and experience life as it was long ago.

Ocean spray, glittering sunlight on the waves, diving terns and seagulls, quiet motor sounds and open sails... the summer is prime season for boating enthusiasts, and in Raseborg you can find a wide range of guest harbors and activities if you are traveling here by boat. Discover new waters this summer!