Winter activities in Raseborg

Raseborg is a versatile destination even in winter and offers a wide range of activities both indoors and outdoors. So dress warmly, and enjoy Finnish winter – regardless of the weather.

Ski trails, skating rinks and Påminne ski center in Raseborg

If you’re lucky enough to get real winter with snow on the ground, it’s lovely to be outdoors and get healthy, rosy cheeks. In Raseborg there is a large selection of winter activities. Påminne, southern Finland´s highest ski center is certainly many people’s favorite. There are various slopes for downhill skiing, as well as a park with rails and jumps for snowboarding.

For those who prefer cross-country skiing, there are ski tracks with different levels and lengths at many different locations in Raseborg, among others Västerby close to Ekenäs and Oxberget ski center in Svartå. More info can be found here: Skidspår i Raseborg – ski trails in Raseborg.

Ice skating is a very popular winter activity. It’s possible to skate near most schools, but also at the Ekenäs market field (beside the Flemingsgatan -street, by the public indoor pool), and Karis sports field. In Aktia Ishall in Karis you can skate indoors by booking in advance. Ice hockey rinks and ice rinks in Raseborg.

Snow-free activities

Even though it is snow-free, there is always something to do in Raseborg.
Why not take a winter hiking trip? Enjoy the beautiful nature in Ramsholmen forest park in Ekenäs or the unique nature in the Dagmar Park with its famous spring. If you are looking for a longer walk, we recommend Rissla Forest Trail in Fiskars or The Enchanted Forest Trail in Västerby recreation area (both about 5-6 kilometres).
If you prefer to walk in an urban environment, the Old town of Ekenäs and Fiskars Village are excellent destinations.

Indoor activities

In addition to all the great opportunities for outdoor activities, there are also a lot of different types of indoor activities. Ekenäs indoor swimming pool has a large pool, rehabilitation pool, a whirlpool and children’s pool with a slide and of course, saunas. If you like bowling, you can visit Ekenäs Bowling Hall with its eight courses. You can also play tennis indoors in the center of Ekenäs and there’s also indoor Padel courts in Horsbäck. The Sports institute Kisakeskus, which is located in Pojo, offers a lot of different activities to try.

If you want to do something completely different, we have two, lovely retro cinema theatres. The latest movies are often shown here. In Karis you will find Bio Pallas and in Ekenäs Bio Forum.

Fiskars Village is also an excellent destination for those who like to stroll around in small shops and go to exhibitions.
In Raseborg there are also several flea markets and second hand shops, where you can find affordable, excellent books, furniture, clothing or other useful things.

If you are hungry or otherwise just want to have something tasty, there is a nice selection of cosy cafés, lunch places and restaurants where you can taste local produce. Please always check the winter opening hours before going.

For those who like art, there are museums and galleries for example the KWUM ceramics museum in Fiskars Village and Villa Skeppet in Ekenäs, designed by Alvar Aalto (closed at least until 31.3).

Raseborg’s Museum in Ekenäs is then open Wednesday-Sunday at 11-17. In the museum there’s Raseborg Tourist Service point, which is open during the museum’s opening hours.

Tips of current events can be found in Raseborg’s event calendar and on Visit Raseborg’s Facebook page.