Located around 35km from Ekenäs, Bromarv has around 600 residents with the number increasing significantly, when the summer inhabitants return to their cottages.

Bromarv Village is a lively, pleasant small town with all the essential amenities and tourist services, with various accommodation options, restaurants and a small harbor. Alongside the harbor a popular summer market is open usually every year from May to August on Saturdays at 8.30-13 and from June to August also at 15-17 on Fridays.  

Bromarv archipelago harbor

Bromarv’s beautiful harbor lies right in the heart of the village, renovated to its present form in 2018. In addition to various services, the harbor has a lively market area and a popular restaurant Strandbistro. The restaurant has 30 seats inside, 50 outside on the terrace with 20 more under a shed on the terrace.  
Contact information: or tel. 040 617 5515

Bromarv Church

The church was first opened in 1981. The older church was destroyed in a fire in 1979 leaving only the bell tower untouched. The church is open all around the year during service, concerts and events, and otherwise on request. Address: Bromarvintie 1850. Parish tel. 0400 806 137, vicar office tel. 019 279 3030 (Mon-Thu at 9-13). 

Bromarv homestead museum

Bromarv homestead museum presents an apartment decorated in the style of 1920’s and 1930’s, as well as an exhibition of different items relating especially to seafaring and historical fashion. The museum is open on Saturdays in July, and otherwise on request.  
Address: Bromarvintie 1838, 10570 Bromarv. Tel. 040 505 6508 or 0500 536 455.  

Rilax Estate

Rilax Estate is a private organic farm, located in a cultural-historically precious manor milieu near the sea. In addition to cattle farming, the estate rents cottages for visitors, offers horseback riding trips as well as services for conferences and festivities. 
Guided tours can be arranged for groups in the beautiful surroundings of the estate. The sights may include for example the memorial of Rilax naval battle or the English garden from the 19th century.  We can also customize packages for a trip of one or several days. Rilax estate is also suitable for all kinds of exciting activities for school groups.  
Address: Riilahdentie 354, 10570 Bromarv, tel. 0400 872 235. Mail 

Villa Mechelin

Villa Mechelin is an art nouveau style summer villa, that was built in 1903. The villa can be presented on request. Contacts: Bromarf Marthaförening tel. 0400 186 602, mail.  

Restaurants for groups

Theodors, in the center of Bromarv. The restaurant has 20 seats, with 100 more seats on the terrace, half of them under a shed.  
Strandbistron, located in the archipelago harbor of Bromarv. It has 30 seats inside, 30 outside on the terrace and 20 more under a shed on the terrace. Open during summer.  
Summer café Skatafé, on the cape of Padva around 20 km from Bromarv.  
Rusthållets Stallkrog is a former summer café that nowadays can be rented for private events. The restaurant is in a romantic 1860’s grey stone stall.  


Accommodation in Bromarv, for small groups 
Accommodation in Raseborg 

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