Raaseporin saaristo, kuva Kjell Svenskberg

Life in Raseborg’s archipelago

Ekenäs archipelago national park will charm you with its beautiful scenery, lively nature and wildlife, idyllic old fishing cottages and warm summer swims. You won’t even need your own boat – you can either rent one, jump on the deck of a boat taxi or book a trip with an archipelago guide.

Raseborg’s archipelago is very big, only Ekenäs archipelago consists of 1300 islands – here you can explore the nature on land or enjoy the vast skies out in the sea. The archipelago can be visited both in summer by boat and in winter for example by skiing or skating. A great way to get to know the vivid cultural life of the area is to visit one of our small archipelago villages. For example Sandnäsudd, Bromarv and Sommaröstrand arrange midsummer festivities and summer markets, where you can buy fish and other local products directly from the artisans and producers.

If you wish to really dive into living in Raseborg’s archipelago, consider renting a cottage or a boat for a day or two! Ekenäs archipelago is indeed a very popular summer cottage area – there are over 6000 private cottages on the area. Part of the Raseborg’s archipelago belongs to the Ekenäs Archipelago National park. We have made a separate article about activities on this area – check it out here.

Great destinations by boat

Byxholmen is located in the corner of the national park, right next to the boat lane. There’s a well in the island, as well as a toilet and a few campfire sites. Also a free do-it-yourself sauna is available for visitors on the northern side of the island.

Tallholmen is a completely unbuilt, small and rocky island in Snappertuna, near the boat lane. The island is perfect for hiking and picnics and has amazing views. On the eastern side there are rock beaches, but the western shore is steeper and deeper.

Jussarö is an exotic old mining island in the outer archipelago. With the remains of the old ore mining equipment, it’s fascinating military history and the gorgeous nature path, the island is definitely worth visiting! There’s a café, a camping site, a hostel and cooking shelters available.

Raseborg’s archipelago: Best destinations by car

The Raseborg archipelago is well accessible also without a boat of your own – here are some picks!

Långösund bay is located in Sandnäsudd and is a part of an old seaside farm. The bay is opposite the beautiful Långö island, and you can rent a boat to cross the sound from the nearby Sandis archipelago store. The island is an ideal destination for hiking and perhaps even berry picking. Overall, the view to the sea is amazing and the atmosphere is unique.

Near Bromarv, the old seaside farm Sandviken is a real treasure. There’s recreational area with a beautiful, shallow beach perfect for children and sunbathing. The best part of the area is the amazing view over Bolaxfjärden and the Archipelago Sea, famous for its beauty.

An easy way to get to see the archipelago is to take the Skåldö ferry near Ekenäs to Skåldö and Sommarö. The archipelago life’s minimalistic ambiance can truly be sensed here – the atmosphere is peaceful and the views are amazing. There’s a lovely small guest harbor in Sommaröstrand, where you’ll also find a café and a restaurant. Camping is also possible on the island, on Kopparö Camping, where you also can enjoy the beautiful nature trail.

There are public cruises arranged to Jussarö during summer 2020! The cruises run once a day on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Find out more information about them here.

More information about outdoor recreation areas from Helsinki-Uusimaa outdoor association’s page.

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