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Raseborg can be reached by car, bus, train or boat. When you are on your way to us, remember there is no bus or train station called Raseborg. If you are looking for transport schedules on different web services or your GPS, please enter a specific town, for example Karis, Ekenäs or Fiskars. Some services may work better with Finnish names, for example Karjaa or Tammisaari.


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Helsinki- Karjaa

By train: From Helsinki Central Railway Station towards Turku. Get off in Karjaa about 55min after departure.

By bus: Helsinki- Karjaa. Take the bus towards Ekenäs, Raseborg or Hanko and get off in Karjaa.

By car: Drive to the west for about 74km along road 51: Take a right turn to road 25 and you will arrive in Karjaa after about 3km.
Duration: 1h
Distance: 76,4km

Helsinki- Fiskars

By train and bus: Train to Karjaa from Helsinki Central Railway Station, travel time about 55min. From Karjaa take the local bus to Fiskars, travel time about 20min. You can also take the bus from Helsinki and change to the local bus in Karjaa.

By bus: From July 1st to August 12th you can take a direct bus from Helsinki to Fiskars and back to Helsinki. Departure from Kiasma in Helsinki at 10.30am and return at 16.00 from Fiskars.

By car: Drive to the west along road 51. After about 78km turn right to road 25 towards Karjaa. After about 1km turn right (sign Karis 2km and Pojo 12km) and drive straight ahead for 400m. Turn right after the bridge (sign Pojo 12km). Drive for approximately 2km straight ahead and turn right in the crossing (Karjaa to your left and Pojo to your right). Continue for about 9km. After driving by the Shell-station on your left side, turn right in the next crossing (sign Karislojo 20km and Fiskars 4km). Drive along this road and you will arrive in Fiskars village.
Duration: 1h 15min

Helsinki- Ekenäs

By train: InterCity train to Karjaa. Change to the local train towards Hanko (leaves from track 1). Get off in Ekenäs after 12min.

By train and bus: Train to Karjaa. From Karjaa take the bus to Ekenäs.

By bus: From Helsinki to Ekenäs. Take the bus towards Ekenäs, Raseborg or Hanko and get off in Ekenäs. Travel time about 1,20h-2h.

By car: Drive to the west along road 51. After about 74km turn right to road 25 towards Hanko. After about 16km you will arrive in Ekenäs.
Duration: 1h 15min
Distance: 92,5km


Turku- Karjaa

By train: From Turku towards Helsinki. Get off in Karjaa one hour after departure.

By car: Drive along E18, take exit 16 towards Muurla. Drive along road 1861 and then turn to the left on to road 186, after about 26km turn right to road 104 and drive for about 3km. Then make a left turn to Lönnhammarvägen and continue along it for about 14km.Turn left towards Karjaa. 
Duration: 1h30min.
Distance: 118km 

Turku- Fiskars

By train and bus: Train from Turku to Karjaa. From Karjaa take the bus to Fiskars.

By car: Take road 1, E18 and 186 towards road 104 to Raseborg. Drive to road 1 and continue on road 1/E18 for about 30km. Turn to the left to Kiskontie/road 186, follow this road and after about 15km you will reach Fiskars.
Duration: 1h 20min
Distance: 110km


By train: InterCity train from Turku towards Helsinki. Change to the local train towards Hanko in Karjaa. Get off in Ekenäs.

By car: Drive along road 1, follow the road and continue down E18. Turn to Halikko, take the first exit in the roundabout and continue along Vaskiontie, Meriniitynkatu and turn right to Tehdaskatu and drive along Kirjolankatu. Drive along road 52 for about 50km, then turn left to Hangövägen /road 25 and take the exit to Ekenäs after the bridge.
Duration: 1h 30min.
Distance: 111km

To Raseborg by boat

Ekenäs Guest harbour: 59°58,7' P, 23°25,7' I
Jussarö: 59°49,9' 23°34,4'
Sommaröstrand: 59°54,1' 23°24,5'
Predium: 59°54,5' 23°17,8'
Bromarv: 59°59,3' 23°01,8'
Sandnäsudd: 59°56,5' 23°43,6'


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