Autumn in Raseborg

Raseborg is a well-known summer town, but few know that autumn also is an excellent time to experience the best of Raseborg. During autumn annual foodfestivals, events and a variety of activities are organized. Raseborg's nature dresses beautifully in autumn colors, which can be enjoyed on nature trails or at the beaches of lakes and the sea.


Raseborg’s autumn has a lot to offer for both locals and visitors. There are activities and events for all tastes.

In September, Ekenäs’ traditional Autumn Market is held in Ekenäs near the public pool at Flemingsgatan. The market is a popular meeting place for both children and grown-ups. At the market you can buy locally produced products, ride the carousels at two funfairs, and get into a nice autumn mood.

Lähiruoka Raaseporissa - Annika Carlsson

For those who are passionate about food, the Slow Food Festival at Fiskars Village in October is a must-see. Take the opportunity to combine the localfood market with other Fiskars attractions: visit the museum, breweries and various art and design shops, shop local delicacies and enjoy nice cafes and restaurants.

For literary lovers, the annual Swedish literature event, Bokkalaset, offers a chance to take part in discussions with various authors and attend seminars. The content varies from year to year.

Kulturhuset Karelia in Ekenäs and Tryckeriteatern in Karis are excellent places to enjoy culture during the autumn. They organize events in the forms of concerts and theater performances.

Exercise and outdoor activities

Enchanted Forest path on the Västerby recreation area

What could be better than combining exercise with fresh autumn air? Autumn is an idyllic time to hike in Raseborg, for example in Västerby’s outdoor recreation center, where you can, among other things, stroll along the popular Enchanted Forest path. It fits perfectly for families with children, since you can find small charming gnomes hidden along the path. In the area there are also lean ons and fireplaces with ready-made firewood that are free to use for hikers (remember to bring matches and touch wood). Print or save your own Västerby map here.

Find more nature paths here.

If you are interested in mountain biking and want to challenge yourself, Fiskars Village Trail Center may be something for you. Here you will find several bikingtrails on different levels in beautiful landscapes. When cycling you can enjoy the autumn landscape and then enjoy lunch at Fiskars restaurants. If you like fast-paced challenges in terrain, the newly opened Påminne Bike Park offers fantastic downhill biking trails.

Activities for rainy days

On rainy days you can visit Raseborg’s retro cinemas Bio Pallas in Karis or Bio Forum in Ekenäs. Raseborg also has a rich selection of museums and galleries. Remember to also check out Raseborg’s flea markets and other stores.

Watch a video about what Raseborg looks like at autumn and winter time.

Raseborg’s autumn events

Here are our favorite bits from this autumn’s range of events. See more events in our event calendar.

14.9 Ruukin Syksy Soi – Autumn concert, Fiskars Village.
19-21.9 Ekenäs Autumn Market.
– Amusement parks Tivoli Sariola and Tivoli Seiterä.
20.9 Pamela Brandt & Susanne Gottberg – Dialogue exhibition opening. Elverket, Ekenäs.
20.9 Akvavit tasting, Svartå Manor.
21.9 A life as Elvis – an evening with Henrik Åberg, Kulturhuset Karelia, Ekenäs.
28.9 Bikes, Burgers & Beers, Fiskars Village.
29.9 Funduro Cup # 5 Påminne, mountainbike competition.
29.9 Classical violin music, Sigurd Snåresalen, Ekenäs.
4.10 Paul Oxleys Unit, Thank You and Good Night Tour 2019, Kulturhuset Karelia, Ekenäs.
5-6.10 Slow Food Festival, Fiskars Village.
11.10 Red Wine Tasting, Svartå Manor.
16.10 Silent film night with accompaiment, Svartå Manor.
25.10 Labero – Unexpected Visit. Kulturhuset Karelia, Ekenäs.
26.10-23.11 TuliValo, light art at Fiskars Village.
7-11.11 Bokkalaset in Ekenäs. Swedish literature event.
8.11. Dinner for one, Svartå Manor.