Weddings in Fiskars

Fiskars Village provides a magnificent setting and plenty of different options for weddings and other festive events. The scenic milieu and the rich cultural heritage make Fiskars a unique locale in Finland for weddings and festive events. 

The Treshing House   

The old Threshing House is suitable for weddings and other parties under the summer season; from May until September. The space is big and hosts perfectly both big weddings, and also smaller parties.

Equipment and features:

      Black Hall

The BlackHall in the old Coppersmithy is a 395 m2 industrial style space that can be used for private events, such as weddings and parties.

Info about the space

White Hall

The White Hall in Kuparipaja, the old copper smithy, is a 440 m2 space that can be used for both private events, such as weddings and parties, but also for company events, concerts and exhibitions. The large, open layout allows for a variety of table arrangements and structures.

Assembly Hall

The Assembly Hall in Fiskars Village has worked as a meeting place since 1896. The Great Hall is well suited for festivities and other events. The Great Hall fits 120 persons seated. The indoor spaces including restrooms have been restored 2016.

Great hall 124 m²

Catering can be ordered from the local restaurants. For booking and information, please contact us on or +358 (0)19 277 7504.