Pojo is a small town on the shores of Pohjanpitäjänlahti bay, by the historical King’s Road. The idyllic Fiskars Village lies only 5 km away from Pojo, Ekenäs 25 km away and Karis 10 km away.

There’s a lot to see and experience in Pojo and its surroundings. For example, we have a medieval stone church, grave from the Bronze Age called Kasberget and Skarpkulla Museum. There’s plenty of opportunities for sports lovers, as near Pojo we have two golf courses and the ski and bike center Påminne.

St. Maria’s Stone Church

One of the must-see sights in Pojo is this beautiful church from the 15th century. The church has several historically valuable details: a historical pulpit, beautiful stained glass, sculptures and other artworks. An interesting person, the mother of Finnish Marshal Mannerheim Hélène Mannerheim is buried beside the church.  
Address: Vanha Turuntie 79, Pohjankuru 


Kasberget grave from the Bronze Age. The grave is quite impressive and well preserved, as it’s about 1,7m in height and 16-19m in diameter. The view from the grave is almost as impressive: you can see Pohja church and further away the glimmering Pohjanpitäjänlahti bay. 
Guideposts: From the crossroads between Vanha Turuntie 47 and Kasavuorenkuja 1.  
Unfortunately, the sight isn’t accessible for wheelchairs etc., as the path is steep and uneven. 

Skarpkulla museum 

Skarpkulla homestead museum is located in the small and idyllic Skarpkulla village, around 10km from Pojo. The exhibitions present the history of agriculture and its development in the Pojo area. The museum consists of seven buildings and a collection of over 3200 items. There’s also a collection of mopeds in the museum hall. The museum is owned and operated by the home association of Pojo with the help of volunteers.  
Open: from June to August on Saturdays and Sundays at 14-17. Otherwise on request. 
Entrance fee: 3€/ person, outside the opening hours from 50 €.  Please remember to check the prices and opening times beforehand, as they might have changed after this article was written.
Address: Skarpkullantie 301, 10420 Pohjankuru. Klas Österlund tel. 040 507 4306. 


There are two well-kept golf courses in Pojo. Nordcenter Golf & Country Club offers their high-quality Benz and Fream courses, that guarantee a memorable golfing experience. The fairways wind in the changing scenery, showing both the old park area of the Manor, lush seashore and a forest plateau full of steep elevation changes.  
Ruukkigolf is found from the lands of Brödtorp Manor. The heart of the course is the homely red country clubhouse, and the atmosphere is very welcoming. The course has 18 holes and offers challenges for both novice but also for more experienced golfers.  

Restaurant Åminnegård 

The renowned restaurant Åminnegård serves in the old, stately manor building alongside the Nordcenter Golf & Country Club. The restaurant has 120 seats and has in addition to the main hall a large cabinet and a lobby bar. The terrace has as many as 200 seats and has a marvelous view to the Pohjanpitäjänlahti Bay. The restaurant is suitable for various events from corporate conferences to birthday parties and weddings. In the second floor of the restaurant there are several more cabinets and conference rooms.  
Contact information: Åminnen kartanon tie 4, 10410 Åminnefors. Tel. 019 2766 890.  

Mörby organic farm 

Mörby farm is one of the oldest farmsteads in Pojo. It has operated as a family estate since the 18th century and nowadays functions as a farm enterprise, that includes forests, fields, vegetable gardens, domesticated animals, a mill and a farm shop. The shop sells the farm’s own organic products, such as grains, honey and beef, and the supply changes according to the season. The shop can be found in the middle of the farm, you can check its opening times here. To ensure that the products you need are available, it’s recommended to preorder them beforehand.  
Address: Mörbyn kartanon tie 80, 10620 Pohja. Tel. 040 56 46 092, morby@morby.fi 

Restaurants and Cafés in Pojo

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