Karis is known as the transportation center of Raseborg, that has good transport connections to other parts of the municipality. The city is around one hour away from both Helsinki and Turku. Karis is the second largest city in Raseborg after Ekenäs, for both its population and area. The most beautiful parts of Karis are around Pumpviken, the lush park in the center of the town.

Guided tours

The best way to learn about the history, people and sights of Karis is to join a guided tour. The bus tour will show you the small-town idyll in Karis, the eventful history of the town, the beautiful shores of Svartån and interesting architecture of Hilding Ekelund and the beautiful church built already in the Middle Ages.  

You can book a guided tour from the guide club of Västra Nylands guideklubb: https://www.raseborgsguider.info/in_english/ or contact directly Göran Fagerstedt, who is a guide specializing in Läppträsket area, Hilding Ekelund and Grabbacka (goran.fagerstedt@gmail.com).  
Raseborg’s Tourist information can help you to find a suitable guide. For information, contact tourist.office@raseborg.fi + 019 289 2010. From Monday to Saturday the price is 85€/1h, on Sundays 128€. Invoicing fee 5€.  

St. Catherine’s Grey Stone Church 

On the shores of Kirkkojärvi lies the Medieval grey stone church of St. Catherine’s, built in 1470’s. The sacristy is from the 14th century and the crucifix from 1450’s.  
Contact information: tel. For the doorman 044 300 2342 or the office tel. 019 279 3030.  
Address: Lärkkullantie 26.  

Architecture: Hilding Ekelund

One of the main sights in Karis are the wonderful functionally designed houses planned by the architect Hilding Ekelund. The earliest of his works in Karis is the pharmacy built in the 1930’s and the latest designs are from 1970’s. Other buildings designed by him are for example the former city hall, cemetery chapel and the water tower.  

Läppträsket, Grabbacka and Brobacka 

Läppträsket is a paradise for bird lovers, as the nature area attracts thousands of migratory birds every year. On the eastern side of Läppträsket lie the ruins of a late Medieval stone building, Grabbacka, and on the shores of Läppträsket archaic ruins called Brobacka can be found. To explore these areas, check out the nature and culture path of Läppträsket.  


Raseborg’s photo centrum is a photo gallery with versatile and high-quality exhibitions in the center of Karis. Gallery Centrum and Promenade are administered by the city of Raseborg, and are located in the new Culturecenter Fokus.  


Luckan Raseborg is an information service that helps tourists all year-round. Here you find maps and guides for the different sights in Raseborg. Address: Dalgatan 3 (Culturecenter Fokus), 10300 Karis. Raseborg’s tourist services can be contacted by mail, phone and chat on Monday to Friday at 9-16. Tel. 019 289 2010, mail tourist.office@raseborg.fi.  

Restaurants and cafés