Billnäs Village

The eventful history of Billnäs reaches nearly 400 years back in time. What once was a successful ironworks became a center for modern industry, and has now turned into an idyllic, peaceful village admired by tourists all-year round. The village’s history is still clearly visible: the oldest houses date back to the 18th century and the traditional handicraft professions are still practiced. There are several entrepreneurs offering services for both locals and tourists in Billnäs.

Billnäs Ironworks Village

The idyllic village offers an inspiring attraction for groups, suitable for everything from conferences to events and memorable festivities. For information and reservations, contact, +358 40 3563745.  
Address: Ruukintie 8, 10330 Billnäs.  

Billnäs Village Restaurant & Scarlett O’Karis 

Billnäs Village restaurant has been integrated to an old industrial space and offers a fascinating milieu for a dinner made of local delicacies. The restaurant serves groups and hotel quests, but also other tourists. Alongside the restaurant there’s a new terrace called Scarlett O’Karis. The terrace is located right next to the Svartån river, serving food inspired by the southern states of the US. The terrace has 150 seats and is open every day.  
Address: Ruukintie 8, 10330 Billnäs

Building Pharmacy

Building Pharmacy in Billnäs is a shop specialized in traditional building materials and methods.  
Inquiries and information:, tel: +358 (0) 19 233 975 
Address: Forsbyntie 70, 10330 Billnäs 

Ratiashop Boutique

Ratiashop is a storage shop for Ratiashop online store, that sells clothes, accessories and furnishings.  
Ruukintie 9, 10330 Billnäs. Tel. 044 278 6119 

Billnäs Village tourism organization

Billnäs Village tourism organizes guided tours, explorations, meetings and daytrips. Learn more here.

You can also book a guided tour by booking directly from the guide association Västra Nylands guideklubb

Other organizations and events

Billnäs Lokalen – Pinja house, organizes meetings and events. 
Billnäs has an active village association, that arranges events in the village all-year round.  
Yearly in July the Antiques Fair gathers tens of thousands of visitors from all around Finland.  
In Christmas it’s worth visiting the Billnäs Village Christmas fair, when events and markets are held around the village.  


Billnäs Village hotel serves quests with luxurious rooms and excellent services. The hotel is located next to the river, and the rooms have been renovated from the old main office of the ironworks.  

Bed & Breakfast Eden Billnäs.
Villa Solbacka
Accommodation in Raseborg ja restaurants and cafés