Helene Schjerfbeck

Helene Schjerfbeck (1862-1946) is one of the most important and respected artists in Finland and the entire Nordic region. During her life, she produced an extensive oeuvre including oil paintings, watercolours, drawings, lithographs and textile designs. Ekenäs, the town loved by Helene, served as a source of inspiration for the artist. Come follow the footsteps of the world-famous artist!

Helene Schjerfbeck was very fond of the sea, walks in the Old Town and excursions to the Ramsholmen forest park area. She spent much of her time in Skepparträdgården park painting and watching people. Helene did, in fact, paint a lot of portraits of ordinary people with interesting facial features in Ekenäs. Nowadays the memorial The Finnish Untuned Bell, which children like to ring, is set into the park. It was created as a permanent monument to celebrate the artist’s life’s work.

Ekenäs, the hometown

Helene Schjerfbeck lived in several locations in Finland and abroad. The artist spent the summers 1918-1920 in Ekenäs, and lived permanently in the town during years 1925-1941. She chose to live in Ekenäs because she wanted to live close to the sea. Her first apartment was in the old Juslin house on Långgatan (Raseborgsvägen 2). The house was demolished a long time ago, but there is now a memorial and Helene Schjerfbeck Square. For some time Helene also lived in the yellow house next to the Fish Market in the Ekenäs Old Town as the tenant of Sigfrid Nyberg. This house still stands.

Dramatized walks with Helene Schjerfbeck 

Dramatized walks are held in Ekenäs where Helene herself will guide you through the interesting phases of her own life and the history of Ekenäs. She will show you the parks and buildings that she was inspired by and tells about her friends that modelled in her portraits. See more about the dramatized walks here.

In addition to the dramatized walk, groups can book a guide to the Schjerfbeck exhibition in Raseborg Museum, a letter read, or painting with the artist. The museum’s permanent exhibition presents Helene’s works and items that belonged to her.